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Myths and truth about the reforms of Lee Kwan Yu: life in Singapore through the eyes of an outsider.
1. Singapore has 3 million people. Basically, the Chinese, famous for their obedience. Lee Kuan Yew & mdash; ruler of Singapore from 1959 to 1990 & mdash; possessed there almost unlimited power, which enabled him to create a “state-computer”: a totalitarian state in the style of Orwell. Significantly contributed to this and the island situation of Singapore.
It’s true, Lee Kuan Yew managed to create a state with a robotic-like population that will live the ideal lives and bring the maximum return to their state. In terms of population composition, indeed, even now the Chinese make up a significant percentage of the population – around 77% – and indeed modern Singapore was built on their workaholism and zeal. But most importantly, it was by what methods and limitations this was achieved, how a whole generation of the inhabitants of the port city was deprived of its habitual life. This can be called a successful experiment, now Singapore occupies a leading place in the world economy – but it was set on living people, which is horrifying. It is enough to talk with any of the taxi drivers for 60 to understand how much they do not encourage the policy of the ruling party and the LJC itself in the past.
2. Singapore consists of three zones & mdash; tourist, economic and sleeping. Each zone is separated from the other by a boundary & mdash; an impeccable lawn five kilometers wide.
At the expense of the lawn, of course, now it is not so noticeable, because the territory is increasingly built up by new buildings, but as for the three zones, so they really exist. There is an economic business zone – called CBD, where all major offices of banks and companies are concentrated, and indeed, there are no residential or tourist quarters nearby. There is a tourist zone – this is Sentosa island or, for example, a zoo. In general, there are no such zones and not two, but as a rule there are no sleeping quarters nearby, everything is made especially for tourists. And there are sleeping quarters, of which there are a lot and they are really fenced with lawns from each other – not 5 kilometers, but beautiful and big.
3. Violations of public order are strictly punished. Penalty for spitting on the ground & mdash; 500 dollars. Penalty for smoking in public places & mdash; 500 dollars. Throwing a garbage such as a piece of paper & mdash; a fine of 500 dollars. Penalty for leaving water in the saucers under the pots while watering flowers & mdash; 500 dollars (water attracts mosquitoes).
Here everything is true, Singapore is a city of fines or as they say in English – fine city – that you can transfer both a beautiful city and a city of fines. As for the water in the saucers under the pots, there used to be a commission that chose to go home and selectively to check that there was no water in the saucers (maybe even today). This important rule helped the country get rid of epidemics of fever and malaria, because they almost got rid of mosquitoes. Indeed, for 1.5 years in Singapore, I have never been bitten by mosquitoes – their drainage systems and fines are coping with the task perfectly.
Absolute truth, except for interest. Time goes on and the numbers have, of course, changed. But the essence remained the same – because of the size of the state, they were forced to introduce artificial restriction of cars on the island, and to create a competent and convenient infrastructure – as well as establish significant taxes on imports and services. Therefore, a car in Singapore is the lot of wealthy people.
But in fact the car is not needed there, urban transport works very well, very affordable taxi. Therefore, there is no discomfort from the lack of a car there.
For a year and a half, nirazu did not hear the barking of dogs, day or night – like the dogs themselves – very, very rarely and very good breeds. Probably already all perezali. But it’s very likely that once there was such a rule, it’s very LKY style. At the expense of clothing for men and women – now is not so strict, especially if you are a visitor – you can walk in anything, no one will make you a remark. But, again, when the island turned from a port city into a financial center – it was necessary to force people to disguise themselves from what fell into trousers and stockings – even if on the street +35, so that Western people saw something similar to a civilized society. And now, of course, the people are used to everything, and he understands himself – especially with the advent of large corporations. This law is no more.
I think this system should be in every car, designed for use in urban conditions. But in Singapore I did not see this, I used to take a taxi and drive 100 km / h – there was no siren. Maybe earlier I had to train people to ride carefully.
They say that there used to be such a rule when you are in the zone of the business district. Now you can also go to one, the road system is established and working and without this rule is very good. There is a system of toll roads, plus taxi drivers charge an additional fee for entering the zone of the business district. In general, they beat this rule with money.
8. Each Singapore driver must place a special sensor under the car’s bottom so that the police are always aware of all his movements. The police monitors traffic on special monitors. Pedestrians, however, entering the house, are obliged to report their name to the guard, who is constantly on duty at the door. In addition, the whole city is awash with video cameras.
It’s all true. Only at the expense of the dacha under the bottom of the car – a little substituted for the concept, the main purpose of this datch is to pay for travel on toll roads. There are a lot of places in the city where the fare at certain hours is paid. Here such a sensor allows in automatic mode to make payment, and of course to control the movement of the car. And yes, the sensor in our time is located on the front of the machine, and not under the bottom.
Did not vote, but do not rule it out. Nevertheless, there should have been methods for the LJC and his party to win the elections all this time and at the same time play in democracy.
Absolute truth, for drugs and weapons in Singapore, the death penalty – through hanging. It is enough just to exceed the maximum allowable zone and everything is already over, life is over. There were indeed cases when people were executed from the Western world, but they are isolated. Basically, they execute Asians trying to smuggle drugs across the border with Malaysia. Several dozen cases every year.
For minor offenses they can punish with whip or blows with rods. And this, indeed, a painful feeling. This is done under 2 meters of pumped-up comrades, who put all their power into every blow. They say that this skill is passed from polonium to generation, there are even whole dynasties.
It’s true, I would even say, you can only write about what they say or allow. Neither about any opposition or intrigue scandals of investigation, in the Singapore Gazette you will not see anything. But in places, it happens, absolutely perverted jokes about sex or politics slip. In general, these are very boring directions in Singapore life.
Yes, it was. LKYu even arranged a public speech about this – which was met ambiguously, but this experience was put above the people. As a result, this policy has led to the fact that now in Singapore, a critical decline in the birth rate and the state plans to fill the losses of the population at the expense of immigrants. Women with higher education were not very few, they did not plan to marry after they received an education.
In general, now marriage in Singapore is associated, as a joint purchase of housing, and not as a love union for the purpose of having a family. People marry because they simply have nowhere to live.
I did not encounter this, but it is quite possible, proceeding from the policy of the LJC on encouraging the right choice of partners and fine for a second child.
In general, a lot can be thought about the structure of Singapore, in our time it is, indeed, an advanced civilization. Perhaps a prototype of the civilization of the future. A genius invention of the LKJU and its associates. Their model looks very viable and promising, but unfortunately it does not allow a person to feel themselves, to be confident in the future. This model is only able to use a person, squeeze out all the juices from it and send it back home.

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