Work in China is a green light for immigrants.

Work in China is a green light for immigrants.
The prospects for working in China really inspire optimism. According to experienced immigrants, it is really beneficial to work in the People’s Republic of China. The main factors for a successful future are the demanded profession, high qualification and solid practical experience. Under such conditions, it is quite possible to find a specialist with a salary equivalent to that in the United States or the United Kingdom.
Ways to find work in China and Hong Kong.
The most powerful in the world is currently estimated the Chinese economy. The new superpower confidently bypassed such economically developed countries as Germany and Singapore in terms of employment of citizens.
In China, it is much more profitable to do business. In turn, on the wave of settlement of the country by foreign business, broad prospects for immigrant specialists opened up. All they need is to seek and find work by vocation.
In the search process, various methods are applicable, including recourse to recruitment agencies, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China, as well as to Internet sites that specialize in seeking work in China:
Resources for job search in Hong Kong:
Obeying the laws of the People’s Republic, employers give preference to local candidates for employment. The second in the queue of choice are ethnic Chinese, who decided to return to their homeland. Finally, the third in the preferences of employers are foreigners. Immigrants can very well expect to find interesting posts, including positions of leading cadres. However, without experience of work, high qualification and knowledge of at least two languages – Chinese and English, it is extremely difficult to get to such places.
… Work without knowledge of Chinese in China can be found, although difficult. Mostly non-speaking professions – cooks, musicians, artists, they do not need it. In Beijing, a huge Russian community and a fresh-minded district of Yabalu. Resource Hemisphere is the most authoritative in China. In relation to the topic starter, even without the knowledge of English, sometimes the Russian company is looking for accountants to keep inventory in the offices, the main reporting is in the RF – hence the need …
Video on how to find work in China.
Demanded professions in 2016.
In 2016, the following were in demand:
Approximately 85% of all invitations to employers willing to recruit immigrants belong to international companies operating in China. Of this amount, about 40% of jobs are offered in the areas of sales and marketing. Approximately 20% of vacancies fall on the machine building sector. About 10% of offers for foreigners are consistently issued by international firms, whose work is related to finance and accounting. Approximately 5% of the total mass of immigrants is ready to accept foreign business in China, where there is work for IT professionals.
A very small percentage of the demand for immigrant workers is noted solely by Chinese companies. Foreign workers here are, as a rule, highly skilled engineers and managers engaged in technological processes.
… Well, here I am in China. Everything turned out not so bad (for now). Wait and see. In the meantime, go to school, where I still need teachers for the kindergarten and primary school. Geographically, Jiangmen, Guangdong. If you or someone you know is interested in this work, write to me …
The most common jobs and wages in China.
One of the most common vacancies in 2016 is the position of an English teacher. And the range of applicants for such vacancies is 22-60 years. Teachers are usually required for three types of posts: public schools, private schools and pre-school institutions.
The salary for teachers of public schools is on average 6000-8000 CNY per month (900-1200 $). Teachers of private schools are paid almost twice as much as 9000-15000 CNY (1350-2275 $). Teachers of preschool children’s institutions receive 5000-12000 CNY (760-1820 $) per month of work. CNY – the international abbreviation of the Chinese yuan.
Similar proposals, but already to professors at the professors level, are also often found in the lists of popular vacancies. For example, the post of teacher of Arabic language at the University of Changchun. For 12-18 hours of work per week there are willing to pay 5000-8000 CNY monthly salary and provide free of charge a comfortable apartment for the duration of the work.
If you are interested in finding employment in the countries of the Far East, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the situation in Japan: //
Many open vacancies in marketing and PR-internship. Often on such proposals, it is possible to work for university students as trainees. For this category of workers, the average salary is 3000-5000 CNY per month, whereas professional candidates can expect a payment level of twice as high.
Technical engineers in the field of web-applications and software are always in demand in China. There are vacancies for different levels of specialists. The average salary is 6000-8000 CNY per month. However, for professionals, the level of remuneration can reach 30,000-40000 CNY (4500-6000 $).
According to official statistics, the average wage level in early 2016 was 4,930 CNY ($ 750). The minimum wage in China is very different from region to region. Therefore, the minimum salary range is 1,250-2030 yuan per month ($ 190-310). For such a salary, work for immigrants also exists – for those who do not have any qualifications and in-demand profession.
… Not for abstract object researchers, but for specialists in basic equipment MPT1327, trunk relay, IP telephony, CISCO certified specialists. And then these guys in China in bulk, who will take a foreigner without knowledge of the language …
Working conditions and knowledge of the language.
The length of the working day established by the Chinese legislation (article 36 of the Labor Law) is 8 hours. The amount of time worked per week should not exceed 44 hours. The schedule covers the entire spectrum of state-owned companies, including private business entities. Foreign companies or firms with foreign capital must also comply with the requirements of the law.
Meanwhile, the Chinese employer has the right to increase the duration of the working day, if the nature of production so requires. However, such actions must be coordinated with the trade union organization and the work collective. In case of unforeseen circumstances (a natural disaster, an accident) daily working hours are allowed to increase without agreement, but not more than 3 hours and not more than 36 hours during the month.
The same law “On Labor” defines the system of payment for overtime. If over hours hours were worked out on a working day, processing is paid at the rate of 150% of the salary. Overtime, dropped out on weekends, is paid from the calculation of 200% of the salary. Employment on non-working holidays assumes payment at a rate of 300% of monthly charges.
One of the important criteria that helps to quickly find a job that satisfies the needs of applicants is knowledge of the Chinese language. Good language knowledge at the level of the so-called Mandarin is considered good. In Russian society, such an interpretation of the name of the Chinese language is extremely rare. “Mandarin” is a collection of Chinese language dialects – Putuanhua, huayu, goyu. This is the basic training, which should be guided by job seekers in China.
Stage of official employment.
The subtleties of processing a work visa to China.
Immigrants intending to go to the Middle Kingdom for work, to enter the country will have to issue a work visa (classified as a Z-visa). Before applying, a foreign citizen must acquire a work permit in China. As a rule, the Z-visa provides for a one-time visit to the country and does not indicate the length of stay.
Video about obtaining a work visa.
After receiving the Z visa, the immigrant must enter the territory of China within 90 days. A foreigner who arrives in the country is given 24 hours to fill out the Temporary Residence Registration Form and not more than 1 month to permanently register a temporary residence permit with the local Public Security Bureau. This service issues a residence permit in China (China Residence Permit) on the basis of the Z visa. The permit gives the opportunity to repeatedly enter the country during the year and determines the specific period of stay of the foreigner in China.
passport, filled in the blank application forms (forms V2011A, V2011B), three photographs 35�45 mm (the limitation period of the shooting is not more than 6 months), permission to work in the original, the original invitation letter from the employer, a copy of the educational document (diploma, certificate) contract, medical certificate of health.
�Hello colleagues. I live in a small (by Chinese standards) provincial city, not far from Hangzhou. A couple of weeks ago I signed a contract with the English First English school with a salary of 6500 yuan per month + apartment compensation + two flights a year home + visa, because it urgently needed to extend the visa and pay the apartment …
Requirements for the applicant for a work visa.
The applicant for visa Z (Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh) must fulfill a number of requirements:
pass the procedure of interviewing the employer, get an official invitation from the host party, receive a copy of the original employment contract, provide a certificate confirming knowledge of Chinese or English, provide an educational document confirming the availability of qualifications.
Rules for the extension of the work visa.
The extension of the work visa is again carried out through the Public Security Bureau. To perform the operation, you must apply to this service no later than 30 days before the end of the current visa. The package of documents for renewal is required the same as for initial design.
… I am an English teacher with a good teaching experience in China (but part-time). I’m going to go to Shenzhen to a private language school for a full day (6 days a week). Now I’m in Hong Kong. My boss is trying to get me a Chinese visa. I was told that mine would be 10.000 hkd. This, I understand, is about 8,000 yuan …
Work permit for foreigners, including for Russians.
Any foreigner who intends to work in the Middle Kingdom, you need to have the appropriate permission. In fact, it is directly the employer. However, the applicant for the workplace must prepare and send the employer a package of documents:
copies of pages of a foreign passport, copies of certificates, diplomas, a resume of a job seeker, one photo 35×45 mm, copies of pages of a work record book, a copy of a medical certificate of health.
The entire package of documents must be translated into English or Chinese (preferably both). It is recommended to notarize documents. Particular attention is drawn to a medical certificate, which must be with a photograph, notarized and confirmed by the signatures of key specialists.
… A medical examination for a foreigner in Russian, but at the moment it is already impossible to find it there, ask the employer what information he will need to obtain a work permit. We asked for a form with a photo on it and seals, but maybe 82nd with the translation is suitable …
Consequences for trying to illegally work in China.
Immediately it should be noted: foreigners found guilty of illegal entry into China, illegal residence or illegal employment, can eventually be deported and get a ban on visiting the country for 5 years.
According to the new immigration law, for every illegally employed immigrant, an employer faces a fine of 10,000 to 100,000 yuan. The new version of the law provides for the obligatory availability of documents from a foreign worker:
identity card, work permit, residence permit in the country.
If they are not available, the immigrant can be fined from 5,000 to 20,000 yuan. In some cases, in addition to the penalty, detention is applied.
Foreigners living in the country illegally, for the first time, can get by with an oral warning. However, if you ignore the warning, the offender will be fined up to 10,000 yuan and imprisoned for 5 to 15 days.
Table: the pros and cons of working in China.
Internship in China: reviews of trainees.
Probably more than in any other country, it is possible to study in China. Actually, this is easily explained by the economic upturn experienced by the Celestial Empire. Internships are available in a variety of ways:
tourism and hotel management, management and PR marketing, finance and trade, engineering and interior design, journalism and TV-Media, art, communication, sports.
There are many programs that any interested person can choose from for a suitable practice option. The duration of the internship in China can be 3, 6, 12 months. Practitioners are usually offered simplified conditions for obtaining and extending visas. Most of the internship is paid from the calculation of 300 – 1000 $ per month. Foreigners are provided with temporary housing. Go on an internship in China – this is a great chance to get acquainted with the realities of life in a new country and even earn some money.
Getting an internship in a Chinese company is much easier if you are a student of this country. More information about the education situation in China can be found on our portal: //
To participate in any program related to the practice, the trainee must:
apply, attach a resume, pass an interview (usually by phone, through “Skype”), get an offer to practice.
�I am fine. Attitude from the staff is also good. They give a lot of information, explain everything. While studying in different departments, and after the second month I will work alone without help and tips …
�Hello everybody! I passed an internship in Tsitsikar – 2 hours from Harbin (Heilundzyan). I really liked it. Before the trip you need to decide – why do you go there? If you combine study with parties, then choose a better center, although in the presence of cash – all roads are open. And in our university we studied under the Beijing program and on the Beijing textbooks. BUT! cheaper training was 2 times …
Business immigration as a way to move to China.
Moving to the Middle Kingdom through investment methods is an option for acquiring a residence permit, which involves significant investments in the Chinese economy. On this score, the authorities put forward proposals, the cost of which is from 500 thousand to 2 million dollars. Everything depends on the region of the country where the businessman is ready to invest. These funds are usually considered as the authorized capital of business created on the territory of the country.
Video about business in China.
Wealthy aliens Chinese authorities are always ready to receive and serve the upper class – quickly register a permanent place of residence. Investors do not even need to provide proof of language knowledge. Temporary residence permit can be obtained together with the purchase of Chinese real estate. However, it is almost impossible to become a citizen of the Celestial Empire.
Immigration in business involves the issuance of a visa type “M”, which requires documents:
an application from a foreign investor, one color photo of 35×45 mm, a foreign passport in the original and copies of important pages, an invitation from the Chinese business community, a confirmation letter from authorized Chinese institutes, a license or a certificate confirming the applicant’s status as an investor or owner of the company.
Plans of a potential immigrant with Chinese employment – the venture is quite justifying itself. Many of those who now comfortably settled in the Middle Kingdom began with a work visa and a work permit. The work is interesting and opens up wide horizons for foreigners. It remains only to go forward, in order to achieve the intended goal.

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