Work and employment in India for Russians.

Work and employment in India for Russians.
India is famous for its ancient culture, rich in nature and original civilization. People come there to know themselves, to plunge into the atmosphere of tranquility and comfort reigning in Buddhist temples. Often after the first visit, a person decides to move to India for good. The main difficulty is to find a job. The country is poor, but the work and vacancies in India for Russians in 2018 will be for everyone. Among the Asian countries, India is the second fastest growing economy, after China. Therefore, new qualified specialists are appreciated there.
Where and how to find work.
The most popular city among foreign workers is the capital of Delhi. There are concentrated large world companies that are willing to hire citizens of other states. In addition to the capital, there are other important economic centers, such as Calcutta or Mumbai, where international firms are also located.
In large tourist centers, such as Goa, Agra, Kerala, seasonal work is available & # 8212; guide, translator, bartender, animator. But in such places there is very much competition, as in all other vacancies that do not require qualification. Bonus will be knowledge of English and Hindi.
The websites for finding work in India for Russians will help you to find a job. Mostly there are vacancies from the it-sphere, doctors, pharmacists, financiers, biotechnologists.
If there are difficulties with the search, it is recommended to contact the recruitment agency, which will easily select the appropriate options.
The average salary in India is $ 4 per day, as a large part of the population lives below the poverty line. International companies offer a salary of $ 2,000 per month. Working illegally in resort cities, foreigners receive an average of $ 300.
Conditions for obtaining a work visa.
India primarily defends its laws and citizens, so without a set of requirements, the visa will not be issued:
Qualification and education of the employee correspond to the position held. The salary is not less than 25 thousand dollars a year. The citizens of India do not pretend to a vacancy chosen by an alien. In the company, a maximum of 1% of employees & # 8212; Foreigners. When obtaining a visa, a contract signed by an Indian company is required. For a foreigner there are no debts, unpaid taxes or fines.
Compliance with these requirements will increase the chance of getting a job.
Registration of a work visa.
To get a type E visa, not everyone can. Indian employers primarily take their fellow citizens, so for employment by unskilled labor, the visa will not be given. List of professions applying for a visa:
Translators and teachers of foreign languages. Engineers. Athletes and coaches. Artists. Consultants for Indian companies. Entrepreneurs planning to open a business.
The visa is opened only under the condition of the already concluded contract with the employer. Since November 2014, there are two options for registration – online and through the consulate.
Online application for a work visa is filed on the TVOA website, where it is necessary to fill out a form and attach copies of the passport. The questionnaire is in English. Not later than 3 days after filling it is required to pay a fee of $ 60.
If all the data is filled in correctly and the visa is approved by e-mail, a special code will come that needs to be kept and ready to be presented at the first request to border control officers.
For those who do not want to apply online, a standard way is available – a visit to the Consulate.
Package of documents for registration:
Copies of the completed pages of the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. International passport. Signed contract. A copy of the diploma of a Russian or a foreign university. A medical certificate confirming the absence of HIV.
At the end of the validity of the visa, the visa is extended for another year, but the total term can not be more than 5 years from the date of the initial visa. The decision to extend the visa is made by the migration service on the basis of the following data:
Documents that give rise to a visa extension. Absence of violations of the law. Payment of taxes by a foreign specialist.
Work permit.
Working visa is of two types, for a period of up to 6 months and for a period of more than 6 months. In the first case, a temporary work permit is issued for a period of up to 180 days. In the second case, it is necessary to register with the Regional Office in the first 14 days from the date of entry. To register, you must provide the following information:
Statement. International passport. A photo. 4 pcs., 3,5×4 cm. Confirmation of the place of residence in India. A copy of the signed work contract.
After registration, a special PAN card is issued, which is a document authorizing working activity in India.
Illegal work.
Legal work in India is available only to those who have a work visa, all who work without it are illegals, and for this they are fined. The fine is about 100-150 dollars. However, you can get a more serious punishment, up to imprisonment for up to 5 years.
For those who are not satisfied with the proposed work and vacancies for Russians in 2018, there is another option for immigration to India – their business. To organize it is very simple – an LLC is opened, the founders can be only 2 and the authorized capital is $ 2000.
There are differences in different states, but in general, everything will not be difficult. Having registered the firm, the foreigner immediately receives a residence permit for 5 years. At the end of this period, in the absence of any problems with the law, you can apply for citizenship.
Before you go to work in India, you should carefully weigh everything and analyze it. For a Russian person, the living conditions, way of life, and indeed the culture of Indians are very unusual. It’s one thing to come as a tourist, albeit for a long time, and quite another – to move to live. It will take time to adapt and change the way of life. Being a highly qualified specialist in demand, the probability of getting an excellent offer is growing, but still, there are not so many vacancies as we would like.

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