Why you can not live in the US.

Why you can not live in the US.
Here in Oakland, I kind of gathered with strength to write why, it seems to me, you can not live in the US. If it’s even more accurate, why would not I like to live in the USA personally?
In short, the US is working deeper, and in New Zealand, breadth is. America is such a big, big Moscow with a lot of opportunities and without any pity for cogs.
I’ll start with a very rude story about how medicine works in the US. Just for an example. These are the & # 171; hooks & # 187; for the disclosure of the topic of the post can be found much more (pensions, for example). The medical system is only one of the weaknesses of the system.
The medical system is spoiled by insurance corporations, and treated in the US super-expensive. He broke his hand in New Zealand (Canada, Australia) – 0, if in a private clinic and right now – $ 6000, broke his hand in America – $ 60 000. Already a long time ago, doctors used to get money from insurance corporations. If I understand correctly, this is how the usual insurance works: the crumpled wing of the new car can be changed from the craftsmen for $ 400, and they will inscribe on the insurance in the account of $ 4000 – the corporation will pay for it. Thus, without insurance in the United States to hurt, to put it mildly, unprofitable and financially difficult.
Monthly payments for optional health insurance in New Zealand are personally in my case $ 33 (Plan Wellbeing). In America, something like this costs, if I’m not mistaken, from $ 500 (here, someone has painted family spending). Or here: “For health insurance, we pay $ 5,700 a year.” & # 171; But & # 187; taxes are lower.
Familiar American doctors sincerely believe that people without money need not be treated, that is: medicine for the elect is normal. The situation with higher education is approximately the same – it’s good, there are no questions, but very expensive and not for everyone.
Now imagine the situation for a second. For example, you are a good young specialist, working in a clear company, you have a stable income, which allows you to pay a loan for a house ($ 200,000 somewhere), insurance ($ 500 a month somewhere) and a debt for education ($ 25,250 on average , reaches $ 80 000), but suddenly a terrible thing happened – you, having rolled with friends on the testing grounds, earned radiation sickness and turned out to be an incapable invalid without work. If the allowance is enough for renting housing, then to pay student loans and even more so on medicine – it is unlikely. As a result, you find yourself on the street, becoming an addict and robbing the homes of those who have everything in order.
A country in which such a scenario of developments is possible with respect to me or to my relatives or people I do not know (who, arbitrarily, robs me) does not suit me personally for life.
At the same time, if you are an American, then most likely because of individualistic education (the United States goes over this parameter in the metrics of Hertha Hofstede), you blame yourself exclusively for all your troubles. Maybe even attend specially created for this course of assistance, which methodically explain, they say, anything can happen – shit happens & # 187 ;.
In general, everything is in the conception of developed capitalism, without questions. You work, you twist business – there is medicine, there is education in children, there is a service, there is a big car, nishtyaki and gadgets with duty-free import from China. A popular place for people with money. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer – they themselves are to blame, blasphemy.
If the cogs can not work and get sick, it’s a bad cog. In San Francisco homeless people are three times more than Russians in all New Zealand – 30,000. In a rich city, everyone does not care for sitting around at every corner of idlers, crazy and disabled. In Los Angeles in the center in general, fucked. To me, a person from, if I may say so, socialist countries, this state of affairs is not only not clear, but also unnatural. Is it really nice to live and earn a living in a city where at every crossroads there is a small change? The Americans said that they are OK, they are not their problems, it is in some respect freedom. In short, the repetition of the individualistic model traversed in school: each for himself in the harsh world of capitalism. The contrast between the rich and the poor is great.
The United States is world Moscow. There’s all the money, there’s the whole business, there’s the whole economy, there’s all the innovation. A self-sufficient world in which democracy and capitalism have won. If there is an ambition to take over the world, then it is necessary to live and work, of course, in the USA. There is more – it means better. Country of opportunity, no questions asked. The question of the polarity of the world during a visit to California looks rhetorical. The GDP of this state is almost twice that of Russia, Australia or Canada.
If we sum up, in America they are working to raise the standard of living of the rich. In New Zealand, they are working to improve, or more accurately, a balanced model of life. In America it’s cool. – means more, higher, stronger. In New Zealand, it’s cool. – it is primarily harmonious. New Zealand Zen is called “Kiwi lifestyle”. Here, leisurely conduct business, do not strain, help your neighbors and so on. Do you like it in Moscow? Go to the USA, bypassing all sorts of Australia, Canada and Zealand.
The goal of America is to make the life of the rich better, fix it with inequality.
The goal of New Zealand is to make the life of the middle class better, to work to reduce the stratification of society.
Why you can not live in the US: 30 comments.
To tell the truth, in my opinion, they overran socialism in the NZ. Stupidly grow a galaxy of beneficiaries-freeloaders, ready for any changes, just to avoid the freezing of freebies.
Suitcase, shoe, USA! 🙂
It is very difficult to enter into discussions with people who live in prosperous socially-countries, because they are convinced that socialism is working & # 8212; on their own experience. If you look at the map, socialism works only in relatively small countries (and sometimes not always), which, in fact, function as private insurance companies. Civilization has nothing to do with socialism. Many Americans go to Singapore for treatment, for example, where the cost of medicine is several times lower, and capitalism is flourishing (the scheme of insurance companies in the US is somewhat more complicated than you describe and is even tied to the state, but I will not talk about it right now).
The fact that the state picks up money from some people and pays doctors, for example, to cure a person who can not afford treatment? Do not make doctors or you personally somehow morally and honestly. Now, if you independently, without state involvement, brought money to a fund that treats poor people, or helped a hospital for the poor, or doctors voluntarily stayed longer at work and treated poor people. this is another matter. And so your state acts as an intermediary and takes money from people (does dirty work for you). Some of these people do not mind, but give them a choice & # 8212; pay or not pay & # 8212; and many will refuse.
Well, I do not really care about the size of the country. The amount of comfort is important.
Again, the concept & selects & # 187; not quite true. I chose this country and give my taxes for my own and the common good. That the roads were better and the children did not get sick.
You & # 8212; Yes, I chose. But did they choose the people who were born there? Are you sure that if tomorrow all taxes are made unnecessary, 100% of the population will continue to pay them? If not, then at least part of the population of the money is selected by force.
These are some non-real reasoning, as it seems to me. Here such a system, & # 171; tomorrow & # 187; it will not change, here is not Iran.
Again, if we look at the map, socialism works only in relatively small countries. I wrote somewhere that in all countries there should be socialism? I wrote somewhere that in any country it would work? I did not seem to even mention that it is not a fact that the most stable system. Personally, I say, I do not want to live in the American model of happiness and government. In a small country fuck, cho.
And one more thing: the problem of good roads and healthy children is perfectly solved within the free market. Nothing prevents you from donating money to charity voluntarily and cooperating with other people to raise money for a new road. That is, the state is not the only institution capable of building roads and treating children.
May be. Nothing hinders me, however, my money is small, it is necessary that everyone fold. Equalization on this principle with low corruption, etc., guarantees me the roads unlike the first. These are general conversations that I do not so much like and understand.
I will say, as an employee of the Auckland Council, you would be very angry to learn how exactly these taxes are spent!
I do not idealize, somehow they are wasted. The other day wrote to the Auckland Council letter, they say, the water flows through the property. A man has already come, he made an assessment of the situation.
They perform the work indisputably, but the number of people performing this work is clearly overstated. Take, for example, the IT department in which I work. It employs 800 people for 9,000 employees throughout the Auckland Council, one third of which do not use IT. It really is A lot.
At the same time, there is really an interned country here, a lot can be done online.
Yes, only this Internet, or rather its speed is amazing with its poor quality. But this is more of a state matter. By 2015, we must lay a new cable in the UWB. We’ll heal.
By the way, I’m writing from the phone, because IE is dying when I open your blog. This is where we have IT in the IT department of Oakland Consul.
IE, of course, should be banned legislatively;)
But what is normal browsers to download then? =)
I live in the US, in the same San Francisco with homeless people. The article is absolutely true. It’s ironic that the author relaxedly writes an article from New Zealand’s Oakland, whereas in 20 minutes drive from me is our Oakland, the most dangerous city in the US, where the number of violent deaths is as much as if there is a war.
In the SF, I would come back, a very unusual, diverse city.
I now live in Oakland, there is already no this adventure, as the prices for housing space, here already the IT people live only.
but what happened to the post in & # 171; it’s time to bring down & # 187; ?
The post was removed, as it says.
What does it mean to work on reducing the stratification of society? Do you seriously believe that an American physician who has been intensively engaged in self-education, treatment and teaching all his life is equal to a “molek” who, in thirty years, did nothing but work on the project “Govnopislimo”?
Are you talking to whom now?
You wrote about your vision of the goal of New Zealand (whatever that means), I asked a clarifying question, specifically indicating the idea you expressed and the idea that interested me. If I ask for additional comments on the first level of comments on the post written by you, then who do I speak to in your opinion? Not with the Prime Minister of New Zealand.
Ahah, that’s right, word by word. only it became worse with homeless people. in san frans in the center everywhere stinks with urine, heaps of shit in the street right outside the administration building. people sleep on the streets. I live in Oakland, it’s across the bridge from San Frane. There is a lot of money in the economy. You can get rich quickly if you are an IT person. I do not know how in other spheres. With honey insurance and others you can handle. I personally could not cope with loneliness and wildly terrible calves. They are not here at all. For me, and I’m from St. Petersburg, this is savagery. I’m used to when I’m in the rustic area, and around all the tables are occupied by women, and beautiful.
Tell me 37 years, already 1year as in the US with documents, but I do not like it here. How does IT work in New Zealand?

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