Why Portugal and not Spain?

Why Portugal and not Spain?
For many, Portugal still remains something like the province of Spain, and the only associations caused by this country are vague memories of the great geographical discoveries that we took place in school, and football in the person of Cristiano Ronaldo.
In fact, Portugal is a small but distinct country, with a unique nature, culture, history and way of life. If you have a choice between real estate in Portugal and in Spain, remember the following:
1. Portugal is one of the most peaceful and secure countries in the world. The crime rate here is the lowest in Europe. Portugal is not involved in any internal or external conflicts, is not a target of terrorists, does not participate in wars and can boast of a stable political situation.
Spain is famous for its internal conflicts, the loudest and protracted of which is the conflict with the terrorist organization of the Basque separatists ETA. In general, the criminal situation in the country is far from successful, especially in recent years, when many immigrants from the third world countries were left without work and went on the streets to make a living by robbery.
2. The Portuguese people are surprisingly tolerant. They are little interested in nationality, faith or race. If only a person was good, as they say. Almost every family has or had emigrants, so they know perfectly well how important it is to hospitably accept a foreigner, how to make him comfortable and comfortable. In Portugal itself there are a lot of immigrants from all over the world – Brazil, Ukraine, England, Holland – and the local population is very nice to them. In particular, Russians are very respected, they are considered to be educated, intelligent and cultured people, pleasant interlocutors.
While in Spain, satiated by unwanted immigrants from African countries and torn by internal conflicts between different provinces, few people are tolerant.
3. Golf. Algarve, in the south of Portugal – officially the most popular destination for golfers in Europe. Beautiful and varied golf courses located by the sea or in the hills, bigger and smaller, but all of the highest class and with optimally developed infrastructure. The territory occupied by golf courses in Portugal is the largest in Southern Europe. So if you are a golf fan, your choice is obvious in favor of Portugal!
4. The time of crisis is the ideal time for successful and promising investments. Real estate prices have fallen all over the world, but in only a few countries they are guaranteed to grow in the near future. And Portugal is one of these countries. The demand for Portuguese real estate, especially located in the south and in the two main cities of the country – Lisbon and Porto, is already very large, and there will be even more. According to statistics, over the past 10 years, property prices in the Algarve have doubled. So your investment in Portugal today, in times of crisis, when real estate has become cheaper – it’s a winwin option!
In Spain, the situation is almost the opposite. In recent years, Spain has experienced a construction boom, which, in fact, led it to today’s crisis situation. Demand for real estate is small, and the supply is huge. Therefore, in the coming years, house prices in Spain will not grow, and in terms of investment, Spain is not the most successful choice.
5. Portuguese houses and apartments are very high quality. They are always spacious and well lit, built using the best materials and technologies, they almost always have a pantry or laundry room, one or two places in the garage, a fully equipped kitchen with basic equipment.
Whereas in Spain, housing is much closer and of poor quality, more expensive (in recent years, house prices on average in Spain have doubled, and on average in Portugal – by 20%), less comfortable. What in Portugal is considered an average apartment, in Spain refers to the elite housing.
6. Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, with a very high standard of living. Here you can live well, without spending too much. Restaurants, transportation, clothing and footwear, products – all of this of excellent quality and inexpensive.
In Spain, for the same, you will pay more, and this applies to the main spheres of life – from home Internet and going to the movies to fruits, red meat and business lunch.
7. Most Portuguese of middle and young age speak English, which should not be expected from the Spaniards.
8. Portugal is famous for its diverse gastronomy and fine wines. The country is clearly divided into regions that differ from each other not only by landscape, culture and pronunciation, but also by cuisine. It is worth traveling 20 km – and you are already in a completely different area, as if in another country. But the food everywhere is excellent and inexpensive. Typical soups, cheeses, smoked meats, a variety of dishes from fish and seafood – octopus, shrimp, mussels, sardines, flounder, swordfish. A huge number of excellent meat dishes – stew, grilled meat, suckling pig, baked veal. And of course – wine. Portuguese wine is improbably cheap and surprisingly high-quality, it annually receives international awards and awards and is in high demand around the world.

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