Who is available for business immigration.

Who is available for business immigration.
It is quite natural for a person to search. Better life, new companions of life, ways of realizing in the professional sphere, opportunities to earn. Not possessing any unique profession or specialty, many people rely on their own business, sometimes even choosing to move abroad. Business immigration today is a very real way to legalize your status in an economically more developed country, as well as a good chance to invest money prospectively.
What is business immigration.
The change of residence on an interstate scale always entails a number of difficulties. Most of them are of a legal nature and concern the issues of legalizing a new status. Everyone who decided to move should clearly understand that the usual tourist visa process will not be limited. In addition, that you will need a special permission to enter, it will also be necessary to prove that there is a certain basis for successfully claiming the status of a citizen of a new homeland.
The essence of business immigration is quite simple. Each state, without exception, is interested in attracting investments from foreign sponsors that help raise the domestic economy and contribute to its healthy development.
The main thing you need to do before you go abroad is to find out if you have a travel ban, this will help the proven service of our partners, which, within minutes, will provide you with information on the existence of debts for loans, fines, maintenance, utility services and so on, as well as assess the likelihood of banning flights abroad.
Moreover, the authorities of the countries concerned are doing everything possible to maximize the attraction of all those who have the resources, capabilities and desire to develop a foreign market. It is the latter that is the basis of any modern state.
Among the bonuses that the state receiving the investor receives is:
increase in the level of competitiveness, which invariably entails qualitative improvements in the products and services produced; increase in the amount of tax contributions; an increase in the number of jobs and the solution of unemployment.
There is no country that does not have economic difficulties at one time or another. Business emigration may well be considered the best way to overcome them, even in the most developed world powers.
What are the features of legalization as a businessman.
The most important factor that ensures the popularity of this method of legalization, & # 8211; this is its reliability. This is due to the fact that foreign investment is never superfluous. Relying on this circumstance, most countries are developing special programs designed to ensure a constant flow of foreign investors. One of such instruments for attracting financial masses is a simplified procedure for obtaining residence permit, and later for permanent residence and citizenship.
Being an employer and not a hired employee, a foreign sponsor does not risk being fired and deported from the country due to the absence of an employment contract and the expiration of the work category visa.
In addition, many more countries open their doors to business migrants than to applicants who want to compete with local labor.
We must not forget that in the process of business migration, two parties – the state and the investor – are necessarily taking part, and therefore both participants benefit. Otherwise, this whole undertaking would not make any sense.
Given the fact that each state has geopolitical and cultural characteristics, the programs in them have a number of differences. Only one thing remains unchanged: each of these interested powers periodically improves their migration legislation, taking into account the interests of investors. At the same time, the greater the hopes placed by the authorities on the latter, the easier and easier it will be for them to settle in the given territory.
Immigrant investor programs enable wealthy people without undue formalities to obtain permission for temporary or permanent residence, and in some cases also acquire a second citizenship in the first world countries that have a good reputation.
Negative consequences this process will have only for the exporting country of such sponsors of the foreign economy. This will mean the outflow of capital from the local market.
Possible difficulties.
The way of migration considered by us has two varieties: professional immigration and economic. The first one is fraught with a brain drain, the second – with finance.
At the same time, migrants who travel to realize themselves are not always employees. It is quite successful in the presence of some funds, they can become founders of their own companies. But in this case it will be necessary to have not only money, but also a special education to prove their awareness in this area.
Most often, migrant entrepreneurs prefer to open companies in the following direction:
construction firms; private medical consultations; IT services; consultations in the field of accounting, evaluation, audit; engineering offices; private educational institutions.
List of professions in 2018 as part of emigration from Russia can also be supplemented by advertisers and agrarians.
The second group of migrants relies on investing in a ready-made business or creating their own, but without binding to their specialty. And here it is necessary to take into account some obstacles that may arise in the way of the investor.
To become a participant of such a program, it is necessary to fulfill a number of requirements put forward by the host party:
the main condition is & # 8211; this is the amount of capital that is to be invested in the local economy. Often it is an amount that only wealthy people can master. But there is such a trend – the more this indicator, the faster you can get a view of temporary residence; most of the countries, offering favorable conditions for migration for investment, do not release the applicant from a complex bureaucratic procedure for registering a business. Practice shows that sometimes this process looks much more complicated and more expensive than at home; the language barrier. In some countries, to get an opportunity to become an entrepreneur, even for very large sums of money, comes to nothing due to ignorance of the local state language. So, let’s say, you can move to Canada as an investor only by speaking English or French. This requirement is provided for by the migration program; the development of business in a foreign country can move much more slowly than at home. This may be due to the lack of knowledge of the local market, laws, features of consumer demand. Experience shows that most of the companies became bankrupt precisely because of the inability to establish business in an unfamiliar society. Many simply forget that what is good for Russians, for a resident of the same Europe, may not be of any interest; the laws of some powers are quite severe: an investor will have to employ a certain number of local citizens, prove that he has experience in business and education, and then show the proper level of income so that local authorities recognize the feasibility of his business on his territory.
Of course, not all countries treat foreign candidates with such rigor. In some enterprises open only on paper, the main thing is “# 8211; so that the funds invested were credited on time and in the proper amount. It is for this reason, when choosing the direction of migration, it is necessary to carefully study what local legislation says about this.

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