Which country is better to live in? Prompt TOP 5!

Which country is better to live in? Prompt TOP 5!
A person who wants to live better than now, sooner or later wondered about which country is best to live in. Together with this question, another arises, about where to find the very place in which it will be good for the soul and the body. Many solve this issue by moving to another city and even a country. In search of a “good life” & raquo; basic criteria are the level of security, the possibility of obtaining prestigious education, highly qualified medical care, developed transport infrastructure, ecological background, climatic conditions, political and economic stability. This is just an incomplete list of weighty arguments for moving to another country.
In each state, you can find that & laquo; paradise corner & raquo ;, which seems ideal. According to most people, the most suitable for a successful existence are the cities and regions of the United States. But this is not the only country in which the living standards of the population are high, in comparison with others.
TOP 5 most prosperous countries for life.
1. Norway. This country is the most prosperous economically and politically. Various social guarantees are provided there, and economic programs operate. It’s quite difficult to settle there, but there is still a way out. It is easier to obtain a residence permit by going to Norway for training or work.
2. Denmark. Which country is better to live in? If your goal is to earn good money, then a direct road to you in Denmark.
It is this country that can boast of high wages.
But, despite this, the standard of living is also great.
Although you will not lose a penny for training and medical care.
Also an important factor in deciding the question “in which country is better to live” are methods of combating unemployment and controlling inflation. In Denmark, they are at a low level.
3. Australia. More recently, scientists have found that living in this country is easier than in others, and the average life expectancy of a person is 82 years, with Russian 56. The unemployment rate in the country does not amount to 5%. Australia & ndash; it is a politically and economically stable country, and if it is subjected to serious crises, it is easily rehabilitated after them. This country is also good in terms of climate. There is not a single active volcano on its territory. The ecological background is quite favorable and is at a high level.
4. New Zealand. This country has good climatic conditions and little populated. There are favorable laws for people in the country, which concern insurance and a phased reduction in payments. In New Zealand there is a need for good entrepreneurs and scientists.
5. Sweden. This country will help you to find stability. The developed transport industry, the education system and medical care have a positive impact on the standard of living of the population.
But, despite the wide choice of countries, the question arises as to which country is better to live in Russia? Finland. Although it is not listed in the top five, for Russians it is an analogue of the motherland. In the ranking of the best countries for living, she takes the seventh position. First, Finland is the richest country in the world. Secondly, it has enough quiet conditions for life, without wars and economic instability. Thirdly, the climatic conditions are somewhat similar to ours, so the acclimatization period will not take you long. Which country is better to live in? In general, favorable conditions for life are observed in Australia, although due to the remote territorial location, very few people consider it.
Knowing all this information, you can easily decide which country is better for you and your relatives.

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