Where to buy property in Bulgaria?

Where to buy property in Bulgaria?
From the answer to the question “Where to buy a property in Bulgaria?” Depends entirely on the success of such an acquisition. To facilitate your choice, we offer our own rating of the regions of Bulgaria, based on the criteria of attractiveness for the buyer.
South of the Black Sea coast.
Human settlements and resorts: Burgas, Nessebar and Sunny Beach, Sozopol, Saint Vlas, Ravda.
The average cost of 1 m of apartments: 500-700 euros.
The largest of the local cities – Bourgas, built by the ancient Romans and preserved in the guise of much of its glorious past. It is a large industrial center, one of the centers of the Bulgarian business, but without harmful production. In Burgas there is an international airport, from here you can easily get to any part of the country.
In this part of Bulgaria is located the most picturesque of its cities – Nessebar, which is under the auspices of UNESCO. The old part of it was built on an island connected to the land by a narrow isthmus. Probably, it is thanks to this isthmus that the city retains an amazing atmosphere. Here the phenomenal concentration of churches per square meter, the mass of interesting ruins and constantly being excavated.
In the small coastal restaurants of Nessebar, the most delicious seafood in Bulgaria and the best spicy Bulgarian wine are served. And all this generously season with old sailors’ bikes and sincere hospitality. Nessebar – from the category of those cities that captivate the soul and force them to return to familiar streets again and again, as if repeating the first date. It is not surprising that here it is always full of tourists, even in the off-season. The mild maritime climate of Nessebar does not allow local residents to feel what a real winter is, so it’s a pleasure to live here.
Almost next to Nessebar is one of the most popular Bulgarian resorts – Sunny Beach. Administratively it belongs to Nessebar, but it feels like a separate planet with an ideally clean sea, golden beaches, air, sprinkled with salt and pine needles. This resort is quite extensive, very actively developing and no less actively built up. And the diversity of development pleases: everyone here can buy real estate in accordance with their budget. Here, as in Burgas, there are always a lot of tourists from different countries. Excellent infrastructure, sometimes even within the same apartment hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay.
Nearby is perfectly pastoral St. Vlas – “relaxed” coastal city where the siesta never ends. And where always full of sailors, because here is one of the best yacht clubs in Bulgaria. The city began to be built up quite recently, but from those who want to buy apartments here there is no release. It is the fault of the unique landscapes and curative spicy air, filled with mountain purity and sea power.
The idea to buy an apartment in Bulgaria in the southern part of the Black Sea coast has many advantages:
Relatively low prices for real estate. Pleasant climate throughout the year. An extensive infrastructure that allows you to live, teach children and receive quality medical care. Favorable ecological situation. Most of the local resorts regularly receive the “Blue Flag” award, which is given only for the cleanliness of beaches and care for the environment. 24-hour tourist activity. No problems with transport.
North of the Black Sea coast.
Human settlements and resorts: Varna, Golden Sands, Kranevo, Albena, Saints Constantine and Elena.
The average cost of 1m apartments: 700-1000 euros (500-700 – in small towns near the sea)
The highest prices for real estate in this region are found in Varna, Bulgaria’s largest seaport with a population of almost half a million inhabitants. This city combines the features of a popular resort and modern business center. However, the proximity of the port infrastructure and a number of industrial enterprises do not have the best effect on the state of the sea and air in the vicinity of Varna.
At 10 km from Varna is a large Bulgarian resort Golden Sands. The resort is developing very actively, but in the pursuit of European standards is gradually losing its exclusivity. In the region there are several other good resorts, which are slightly inferior to Golden Sands: Kranevo, Albena, Saints Constantine and Elena.
Large selection of apartments. Well-developed tourist infrastructure. No problems with transport. Favorable ecological situation.
Central and Western Bulgaria.
Human settlements and resorts: Sofia, Plovdiv, Hisar, Gabrovo.
The average cost of 1m apartments: 700-1000 euros.
It is in this region that the capital of Bulgaria is Sofia. The city is very old, interesting, gathered together all the strings of the country’s historical past. In 2011, the capital of Bulgaria was given priority in the ranking of the most accessible European cities for tourists. Because any visitor can see the city and rest for only 25 euros. And after 2011 the situation has not changed too much. But the most expensive property in Bulgaria is located in Sofia, especially in elite complexes in the city center.
Far from the capital and the sea there is another large city – Plovdiv. In its environs many factories are concentrated, therefore this city is vain. There is always something happening here – definitely not the cozy place that the inhabitants of megacities are looking for in Bulgaria. Not far from Plovdiv is the oldest in the country balneological resort Hissar. In the same region is the first Bulgarian capital – the city of Veliko Tarnovo.
Mountainous Bulgaria.
Human settlements and resorts: Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo.
The average cost of 1m apartments: 500-1000 euros.
The Bulgarian ski resorts are in no way inferior to the French or Swiss: here too there are routes of various levels, including “black”. But the prices for services and real estate are several times lower.
The most popular of these resorts is Bansko. A modern, well-equipped resort of European level, but not impersonal. A bit closer to the capital is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria – Borovets. And to the south, in the center of the Rhodope Mountains, there is a haven of professional skiers and snowboarders – Pamporovo. The region has its advantages: they are obvious for fans of winter sports.
If we talk about the current state of things, then of all these regions in terms of the number of properties sold, the south is leading the Black Sea coast. There are hundreds of explanations for this, but the key points are the reasonable cost of real estate, the constant growth of prices for it, the high demand for apartments for rent, the European level of development of the tourist and public infrastructure and this Bulgaria is sunny and friendly!

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