Where and how do Russian migrants live in Israel?

Where and how do Russian migrants live in Israel?
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Life in the Jewish state is unique in every respect. First, being on its territory, with awe, you realize that the first settlers appeared here long before our era. Secondly, you have the opportunity to touch the most ancient shrines of the three world religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Thirdly, you understand that everything is done in this country in order for its citizens to live better and more comfortably. We can say that the Holy Land remains one of the most developed countries with the highest level of legal and social protection of the population. But whether it is good to live Russian in Israel, we will try to find out.
Features of life in Israel.
The residents of the country are mainly responsible for their welfare by three principles that local authorities adhere to:
Scientific developments and their wide implementation in all spheres of life; attracting foreign investment (about $ 10 billion annually); intensive work.
The result of this policy was the fact that over the 60 years of its development the state of Israel has taken leading positions in such areas as medicine, education, agriculture.
List all the features of life in Israel for the Russian is quite difficult. But the first thing that catches your eye is the life expectancy: for men it is 78.9 years, for women it is 82.4 years. At the same time, all citizens (men from 67 years old and women from 62 years old) receive pension benefits regardless of how long and fruitfully they worked.
In general, people are encouraged to work in every possible way. The more and more hard-working each member of society, the faster the state develops, which returns to the Israelis the taxes they paid in the form of excellent roads, free schools and kindergartens, various benefits and one of the best medical facilities in the world.
Israel for Russians is also amazing because children here are a national treasure. And this statement is fixed at the legislative level. That is why everything that a child needs, from basic necessities to education, goes to him free of charge.
Considering Israel through the eyes of Russians, one can not fail to note the attitude in the local society towards a woman. It is she who carries the identity of the nation. By this circumstance, perhaps, it is possible to explain the fact that by the blood of a Jew here is considered the one who has a mother & # 8211; Hebrew. This position of women reduces all litigation due to quarrels in the family to the usual formalities: a man who raised his hand on a woman, very quickly finds himself behind bars.
And another important feature of local society is patriotism. Almost all young people – both girls and boys (including repatriates) – are eager to serve their assigned 3 years in the army. Young people believe that if not they, who else will protect their home and parents.
Advantages and disadvantages of the life of Russian migrants in Israel.
To get an answer to the question why there are many Russians in Israel, you can only carefully study all the pros and cons of life here. Immediately note that the Russians here are called all those who speak Russian, regardless of which particular former Soviet republic they came from.
Comfortable climate and environmentally friendly environment. Contrary to its small size, this state makes it possible to choose a place of residence in any natural conditions – from the desert to the Mediterranean climate. Security. The country has an extremely low crime rate. Democracy and high civil responsibility of every citizen of the country. Developed infrastructure, which includes roads, transport, recreational areas. This suggests that if, for example, life in Tel Aviv is a bit expensive for Russians, one can settle in the suburbs, from which the capital will have exactly as much as from one metropolitan area to another. Rule of law. Most Russians find it very difficult to understand that this is necessary for the development of the state and society, but they quickly get used to it. Russian TV in Israel. Here you can easily find a provider who will connect the channels of interest. But do not forget that in this country, residents pay tax on television. A decent standard of living, one of the best medicine in the world, the social security of citizens. The world’s largest concentration of monuments of history and religion. A large number of migrants, including from the CIS countries, so it is easy to find not only Russian restaurants in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, for example, but even shops and hairdressing salons founded by immigrants from the former Soviet republics. Tolerance and peace of the local population.
Disadvantages of life in Israel:
Very strong wind, especially in winter, sometimes with sand. The state is at war, which increases the likelihood of terrorist attacks. As a result & # 8211; Strong check at the entrance to any public institution. The need to learn Hebrew. Without knowledge of the official language, it is more or less comfortable here only for tourists who can find Russian shops in Israel and be serviced in them. It will be difficult for migrants not only to work, but even in everyday life. Definitely a strong influence of religion on public life. The need to work hard. This is what local people learn from childhood. Expensive real estate in big cities, which is due to small land resources. Isolation of the state. In fact, borders with countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon are closed. Departure to all other powers is possible only by air or by sea.
Attitude to the Russian in Israel.
When it comes to changing its citizenship to Israeli, it is necessary to understand that Israel, like any other country, can accept, or may not accept, immigrants from other states. Much in this matter will depend on what position the migrant will take in the process of integration into the local society.
In general, the attitude to the Russian in Israel is difficult to call affable. Most likely, it is not much different from what the Israelis show to other foreigners. Of course, there is no such apparent confrontation as with the Arabs, but there is no need to expect much enthusiasm either. Let’s put it this way: Russians are used to it here.
There is practically no discrimination against Russians in Israel. In disgrace, only those who intend to live here as a dependents’ wife can get in. & 8211; refuses to work and contribute to the development of the state.
Of course, the way in which immigrants from Russia live in Israel is somewhat different from that of other citizens in other countries. If you can prove your Jewish identity, you can take advantage of all the benefits of the local society:
meeting at the airport by an authorized person; allowance, which is quite possible to rent inexpensive housing; monthly assistance, until you can not get on your feet in the new conditions; the opportunity to get a free education and learn Hebrew; a chance to confirm an existing diploma and work in the specialty.
It is worth noting that the main reason why Russian women love Israel is that they are hardy enough to work and adapt quickly to new living conditions. That’s why the Israelis prefer to hire Russian women for the positions of a nanny, a nurse, a housekeeper.
Maximally quickly assimilate with local residents can only be if immediately stop nostalgia, go to Russian nightclubs, spend time in Russian areas, watch Russian channels in Israel and read Russian newspapers. Instead, you should study Hebrew. After all, Israel is not a country of Jews or a country of Russians. Israel is the state of the Israelis.
Where do Russians live in Israel?
Before we find out how many Russians are in Israel in 2018, it should be noted that about a quarter of the population of the country is & # 8211; they are migrants. In addition, even Jews who use this language can be called Russian here. For this reason, if you hear that there are about 2 million Russians in the Israeli state, it should be remembered that it is a question of the entire Russian-speaking population, and not only about those who came from Russia.
As for ethnic Russians, there are about 200 thousand of them here. These include:
Orthodox Christians who moved here before the revolution, whose descendants already speak Russian badly; citizens of the former USSR, professing Judaism and living for the most part in kibbutzim; family members of returnees; migrants who have obtained the right to work; illegal immigrants.
To become a legitimate citizen of Israel, you need to have a reason for this. The most weighty argument is the presence of Jewish roots.
To say unequivocally, in which city of Israel most Russians are, it is rather difficult, as well as to determine which settlement is better to choose for arrangement. Everything depends on the mentality of the migrant, his aspirations and financial possibilities. If the main goal of changing the place of residence is full integration into the local society, then the choice of the city by and large has no special significance. In this case, determining factors will be such factors as the cost of living, the opportunity for employment and the development of infrastructure.
Most often Russian Jews in Israel choose on the map of the country:
Tel Aviv is the political and cultural center of the country. The city is divided into several districts with the most diverse public. There are usual sleeping areas, elite, which are preferred by the rich Russians in Israel, tourist and unfavorable. Haifa is the third largest city after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, located in the northern part of the state. The industrial center of the country. Housing is relatively inexpensive, and opportunities to find work are higher than in other regions. Bat Yam is a small city, located a few kilometers from Tel Aviv. Its population is 150 thousand people. It was here that a large number of migrants from the countries of the former Soviet Union settled. This area attracts low prices for housing, as well as good job opportunities, which is due to the proximity to the capital. Raanana, Netanya, Hadera – cities located far from the fighting.
If the Russian roots are already making themselves felt, it is better to choose those settlements in which Russian-speaking communities were formed, such as the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv. Its main task is to popularize Russian culture, spread the Russian language and support fellow citizens who moved to Israel.
In general, it is very difficult to talk about the existence of the Russian diaspora in Israel.
Despite a significant number of Russians here, yet most of them are hereditary Jews, trying to become typical Israelis as soon as possible.
The remaining amount for the creation of any social institutions is clearly not enough. One of the largest such associations is the Russian Palestine Society in Jerusalem.
Education system.
This sphere of Israeli life has undergone some changes in recent years. Until recently, about 55 pupils could study in one school class, which did not give children the opportunity to fully develop. Today the situation has changed dramatically.
In general, the education system is divided into 4 stages:
Preschool period in the life of the child lasts only 1 year. The school stage takes 10 years, of which the first 6 classes are compulsory.
As for higher education, it does not depend on the ministry and enjoys absolute autonomy. Students themselves can decide whether to continue further education or not. And since the higher school in Israel – a fun paid, everyone who wants to study at such an educational institution early starts to work.
One way to get work in Israel can be called state programs to attract foreign labor. At the same time, such projects are designed not only for specialists of the highest category, but also for those who are not afraid of work and are ready to do what the Israelis themselves refuse to do, for example, caring for sick or elderly people.
As a temporary job, seasonal vacancies are offered here in agriculture or in resorts. The most fortunate is the one whose specialty and work experience are of interest to the country’s economy: physicians, engineers, IT specialists. The main condition for entering the country for work is the availability of a permit and a contract with the company, and the last one is # 8211; Also, the license for admission to the state of foreigners. The recruitment agency “Sokhnut”, specially created for this purpose, helps to find a job for repatriates.
With regard to pay, the average earnings here reach 10 thousand shekels a month ($ 2,781). Less than all receive stevedores, drivers and laborers at the construction site. But the remuneration of doctors and engineers starts from 15 thousand shekels a month (from 4 172 US dollars).
Summarizing, one can say that successful emigration to Israel depends on many factors, the main one of which is the readiness to join the environment with completely different cultural traditions and way of life.

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