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What is our life? Just the way!
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How to get to Donetsk?
How to get to Donetsk today? I do not imagine 🙂 Personally for me & # 8212; it’s just an extremely complicated logistical task, similar to how to get to the Crimea or from Lviv to Warsaw. But, the task is quite feasible. Proved by Ksenia Gak;) So, her story about how to get to Donetsk on the territory of Ukraine.
How to get to Donetsk, if you really need?
In late June and early July 2016 I visited the city of childhood and adolescence – Donetsk.
How to get to Donetsk citizen of Ukraine?
I need permission to go to the SBU. It is designed easily and simply on the site https://urp.ssu.gov.ua/
It is important to independently check the site for information about the permission, notifications to the mail do not come. Also, you will not receive any confirmation letter or special form. Print a page for yourself from the site when you get permission. I did not need it, but who often drives, they say that periodically the program hangs and the printed page from the site can speed up the passage.
The reason for the trip to Donetsk should be: availability of real estate, accommodation of close relatives, graves of close relatives, etc.
You can read all the terms here at this link https://ssu.gov.ua/ua/pages/32.
When there is a permit, you can search for a carrier or buy train tickets. The most popular post in Novotroitskoe settlement, Volnovakhsky district. To date, it is designed and equipped more or less normally. The important point is that the checkpoint closes at 19.00, and opens at 7.00. Neither before nor after, you will not be able to pass. Therefore, when you are looking for a carrier, keep in mind that most often in and out of Donetsk go in the morning. I managed to find a carrier who was leaving late at night and at 4 am we were already standing in line before the fast.
If you go by train, then from railway station Volnovaha there are minibuses and taxis to the checkpoint. The cost is 50-70 UAH per person. Also from the railway station you can reach the bus station in Volnovaha and from there there will be more transport.
Toilets are installed in the area of the pass points. In the morning, locals offer food: they wear pies, patties, vegetables-fruits, eggs and meat. But it is better to have a supply of food and water with you. Situations are different. It happens that the checkpoint closes and you can hang for an indefinite number of hours. My friends-acquaintances got at least 5, at most 24 hours. And, of course, it’s good when you are by car or with a carrier. Hang in a pedestrian tourist in this situation is extremely uncomfortable.
From the main road can not go, all the fields are mined.
If you do get there not with the carrier, but you yourself reached the checkpoint (from the railway station on the minibus). Pass the control and take a seat on a special bus that will take you to the dividing line, and there it will be necessary to transfer to the next bus to the point of the pass of that side (I do not know how to correctly call them, good words about these at her with weapons I do not).
Prepare yourself morally, that it will take at least an hour, or even 2-3 hours, for verification. Take into account the weather conditions. This is the Donetsk steppe, blown from all sides in autumn and winter, and merciless sun in spring and summer. If possible, take with you what you can sit on, something like an underbody.
If earlier on a trip to Donetsk took 12 hours, now they will leave at the best 18-24 hours.
I was lucky on the way to Donetsk. I was traveling with the carrier Alexei. I left at 22.00 from Kiev and at 9.00 am already went to my apartment in Donetsk, which was located in the city center (next to the Covered Market).
Conversely, the carrier with whom I was traveling, the militia militia-militia deployed and put on the penalty area. And I had to go my own way straight from their post. First I loaded the bus and drove to the dividing line, then moved to another bus, which brought me to our (Ukrainian) roadblock. After checking the documents, I stopped the car, which drove me to the railway station in Volnovaha. You could have gone on a minibus. The price is the same – 50 UAH per person. I was lucky with the driver until I bought a train ticket, he was waiting for me. Since I did not expect to go by train, and on the street was July, I could not buy a train ticket. But I was lucky.
I described my route and shared my experience.
I know that there is a checkpoint on the part of Konstantinovka. But I heard that it is often closed.
A) direct carrier Kiev-Donetsk – 700-800 UAH / person in one way. Search for blablacar or through friends.
B) the train to Volnovaha is reserved for 120-150 UAH, the coupe is 250-300 UAH / person.
C) minibus to the border crossing point 50 UAH.
D) the bus to the dividing line – 20 UAH.
E) the bus from the dividing line to the next. item – 100 rubles.
F) bus to Donetsk – I do not know how much it costs.
It is important to buy rubles. With you should be a minimum of 500 rubles, preferably with small bills.
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