Weekend tours.

Weekend tours.
If you are still working and working before your vacation, and the accumulated fatigue is already spoiling your mood, if you want new emotions and adventures, go on a weekend tour! It’s a great way to unwind and distract, for a moment plunging into another fascinating world. Choose the main means of transportation, it can be a bus, a railway or an airplane. Depending on the transport, you can already decide what to do & # 8212; go to numerous weekend tours around the cities of Russia, go for a short time at sea or even make a sightseeing tour to Europe.
Weekend tours at sea.
A trip to the seaside is an excellent choice for those who need to be constantly at work, while wanting to change the situation and bask in the rays of the resort sun, to show off on Monday a fresh sea tan. Organize a trip to the sea as a romantic gift to a loved one or celebrate your birthday in a new setting. Good suggestions for weekend tours at sea should be sought among the burning offers of travel agencies in the visa-free countries. But be prepared for the fact that you will need to gather quickly! Want to go on a budget trip on Saturday, get a burning tour on Thursday, time for collection – one day! Among the visa-free sea resorts the most common are Crimea, Georgia, Turkey, Israel, Thailand, Egypt, Malaysia, Seychelles, Montenegro and Croatia. If you still do not want to leave the country, choose the resorts on the Black Sea coast.
The most popular destination for our tourists is weekend tours to Turkey. Earlier on Bambino Story we already wrote about what Turkey is attractive for. Now we will focus on what to do in Turkey, if you only have 2 days. Turkey will delight you with a wide range of entertainment. You can, for example, dive with scuba diving, go rafting or sail. Ride your horse, especially as the horse trails pass more often through picturesque historical places and trails. And in the end, let yourself lie on the cleanest sand and swim in the warm sea! A pleasant moment – the lack of a visa for Russians and favorable prices – from 10 000 rubles. However, if you plan a trip on holidays, then book tickets and hotel in advance. At the same time, you can save a lot on the cost of living, as in the hotel you will most likely just spend the night.
Where to go to Turkey, you decide, we only give a very short list of interesting attractions:
Troy is the ruins of a legendary state. Bursa, in which several mosques are built, built in different styles. Even in them are the tombs of the first Turkish sultans, and near the city hot sulfur springs are beating. In Perge, there are ruins of a huge stadium surrounded by columns. In Aspendos, look at the amphitheater, which has survived to the present day in the best possible way.
Weekend tours to Europe.
Weekend tours to Europe are now available to almost everyone. Traveling this way regularly to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain, France, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Austria, you will be able to travel all over Europe without interruption from work and study! Various excursions, biking and hiking, mini-cruises, visiting cozy European cafes and restaurants, studying masterpieces of world architecture, painting and sculpture – you will agree, quite a good way of emotional and physical relaxation in the midst of a working routine. After spending your weekends not after traditional cleaning and washing, but on a trip, you will surprise your colleagues on Monday with their shining cheerful and rested look! Of course, the best option to travel to Europe for the weekend is air travel, save time on the road!
The nature of the tour to Europe can be completely different: from the traditional excursion to the extreme! You can go to the master class of a cooking school in France or Italy, a shopping tour of London and Milan, or a beer festival in Munich! Are you planning a romantic weekend? Choose Paris, Venice, Verona or Prague.
Weekend tour in Russia.
A weekend tour of Russia will be remembered for a long time. At the same time, you do not need to fly anywhere. The ancient cities of Russia are a real storehouse of wonderful churches and monasteries, examples of ancient Russian wooden architecture and unique preserved traditions. The most popular tourist routes are & # 8212; The Golden Ring (Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl) and the Silver Ring (Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, Vyborg). Both of these tours are better divided into several parts, because it will not be possible to cover everything in two days!
Quite nice routes – weekend bus tours to Myshkin and Uglich, where unique museums of vodka operate. Still worth a look at the beautiful monasteries, the exact copy of the Kremlin and the great river Volga. Do you love nature? Then go to the city of Ples and visit there the museum of Levitan. Here are only the most famous tourist routes of our country:
Altai Lake Baikal Valaam Veliky Novgorod Great Ustyug (where Santa Claus lives) Kazan Kaliningrad Volcanoes of Kamchatka Karelia Nizhny Novgorod Ryazan.
Of course, a separate story & # 8212; weekend tours to Moscow and St. Petersburg! A weekend trip to Moscow or a sightseeing tour of Moscow is a very budgetary event. In Moscow they lead a lot of excursions. Bus tour in Moscow will cost you 170 rubles. A pedestrian walk – in 50 – 70 rubles! Among the traditional routes: “Moscow – the capital of our homeland”, “The Stone Chronicle of Moscow” and “History of Education in Moscow.” All of them are overview and cover the most significant sights of the city. In addition, there are thematic routes, for example, the religious “Miraculous icons of Moscow”, the literary Pushkin in Moscow, or the routes for the works of the classics of literature (Mikhail Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita, Ilf and Petrov’s 12 chairs).
It will also be great to go on a weekend tour to St. Petersburg. This is a magical city! However, be prepared for the fact that you will return there again and again, since it is impossible to get to know him and to know him in 2 days. We wish you a wonderful weekend and good impressions!

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