Ways of immigration to Sweden.

Ways of immigration to Sweden.
Ways of immigration to Sweden.
Ways of obtaining a residence permit and citizenship in Sweden.
The most accessible ways to obtain a residence permit and the subsequent citizenship are business immigration and labor immigration. Another common case is marriage to a citizen / citizen of the country. Many students of day departments of universities use international student programs for study and subsequent legal work in the state – as a result they have the opportunity to become full citizens. And, finally, quite a large number of immigrants in Sweden are refugees.
For residents of neighboring countries, at the same time to obtain citizenship should live permanently in the Kingdom only 2 years. But for residents of Russia and CIS countries, this period is increased to 5 years. Persons who have been granted refugee status are reduced to 4 years. Adopted by Swedish parents a child under 12 years old automatically obtains citizenship. The spouses have a five-year term, too, can be reduced.
Business immigration and labor immigration to Sweden.
The government of the country is interested in foreign deposits and the development of entrepreneurial activities in the territory of Sweden. Here you can open your own business, both as an individual individual and as a group of founders. In the second case, according to local rules, it is mandatory to have an authorized capital (joint-stock company). Its minimum amount for an open joint stock company is 55 thousand euros, for a local analogue of an LLC – 12 thousand euros. Entrepreneurs, as well as members of their families, are granted a two-year residence permit with the possibility of extension. At the same time, from the very beginning of activity there is a five-year countdown for the possibility of obtaining citizenship.
Many entrepreneurs in Sweden seem particularly difficult difficult compared with Russia’s tax system. Having opened his business in this country should be ready for multiple payments to the budget up to 45% of the total income of the enterprise.
It should be borne in mind that state bodies engaged in the registration of firms assess not only the authorized capital, but also the funds necessary for the life of the new resident and his family in the territory of Sweden. The process of registration of a new enterprise is very laborious and exacting to all small nuances. For successful procedure it is necessary to use the services of a professional lawyer, the cost of his hour work in Stockholm starts from about 400 euros.
With regard to the legal residence of an employee in Sweden, there is a chance for residents of the CIS countries if they have a profession that is scarce for this country. Basically, these are technical specialties with the requirement of high qualification. The opportunity to obtain a residence permit, and subsequently permanent registration is simplified if the employer signs out an official invitation.
It should also be taken into account that for entrepreneurs and employees engaged in activities in Sweden, it is often not enough only to know English. Both employers and partners in business, and potential clients prefer the Swedish, the study of which for natives of the CIS countries is often a difficult obstacle. Many concluded contracts and social obligations require residents to know the local language, at least at a conversational level.
Migration as refugees.
For residents of the CIS countries to emigrate at the legal level as a refugee to Sweden is extremely difficult, since for obtaining at least a temporary residence permit, military conflicts or other emergency situations in their home country are necessary. Until recently, the methods of applying for political asylum were successful, for example, for natives of the Republic of Belarus or Kyrgyzstan. Now, taking into account the influx of immigrants and negative public utterances from conservative personalities, this method has small results.
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