Visas and immigration to Cyprus.

Visas and immigration to Cyprus.
The cardinal changes in the immigration legislation of Cyprus occurred after the country joined the European Union.
New benefits will be granted to holders of a permanent residence permit in Cyprus, and it is also planned to introduce free movement within the EU soon. Thus, the attractiveness of Cyprus, as a country of temporary or permanent residence, increases significantly.
The group consists of a Cyprus lawyer and an immigration consultant who provide professional advice on immigration law, obtaining a different type of visa for Cyprus and all issues related to legal stay in Cyprus. Consultations are held on an ongoing basis by appointment.
Feod Group accompanies clients in obtaining the following immigration categories:
Temporary residence permit for Cyprus.
Temporary residence permit (also known as Pink Slip) is a renewable residence permit in Cyprus for a certain period with the possibility of renewal for a permanent residence permit.
Validity . Permit permits to live in Cyprus all year, but limits the absence on it – no longer than four months. The period of residence permit in Cyprus ranges from 1-4 years. In the case of obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus for the first time, it is issued for 1-2 years. After the expiration of its validity, a quick and easy extension is possible.
Attention: Simplified visas to different countries of the world. It is important to note that even with a temporary Cypriot residence permit, it is much easier to obtain visas to various countries around the world. For example, to get a visa to England or Australia, it will take only a few days (if you have a document for ownership of the property and account in any bank in Cyprus). The temporary residence permit for Cyprus – the status of “Visitor”. In the event that the residence permit is marked “Visitor”, the period of permitted stay on the island is 1-4 years. At the first registration it will be issued for a period of 1-2 years. Foreign citizens (including Ukrainian citizens) who have this status can not work in Cyprus. Citizens of Ukraine and other CIS countries, when acquiring property in Cyprus, automatically receive a temporary residence permit – the status of “Visitor”.
The temporary residence permit for Cyprus – the status of “Employment”. If you intend to work on the island, you must have the “Employment” mark in the residence permit. Such a residence permit is issued to the management and staff who meet the requirements or private entrepreneurs working in certain sectors of the economy of Cyprus. Foreign workers who receive a work permit and a temporary residence permit are divided into categories A to E, each of which has its own specific requirements. And most importantly: the Charter of Civil Rights defines persons of these categories as citizens who “are offered permanent employment in the Republic of Cyprus, provided that it does not create inappropriate competition in the local labor market.”
Attention: Getting a temporary residence permit for Cyprus – the status – “Employment” – the procedure is rather complicated and multi-stage. We recommend that you consult the specialists of Theod Group before starting the procedure for registration for this status.
The temporary residence permit for Cyprus is a “Student” status. All foreign students who take a long course of study in the educational institutions of Cyprus, immediately upon arrival to the island must apply for a residence permit – the status of “Student”. The initial application is submitted to the administration of the chosen educational institution. Later on the student will be transferred to the Immigration Department. Immigration law has the right to establish the minimum number of courses that foreign students have to attend.
Permanent residence permit in Cyprus (Permanent Resident Permit)
All foreign citizens staying for a long time in Cyprus in accordance with the immigration requirements of the country can obtain a permanent residence permit for Cyprus.
Local permanent residence permit for Cyprus.
The local permanent residence permit in Cyprus (also known as category F) is most interesting for those foreign citizens who have an independent income sufficient for living in Cyprus without the need for work, trading or other business activities, property owners in Cyprus who receive income outside the country or retired.
The following requirements are imposed on foreign citizens of this category:
Mandatory availability of annual income for the main applicant, as well as for each dependent person; The ability to provide confirmation of the availability of additional funds at the request of the Department of Immigration Control.
Long-term residence permit in the European Union (EU Green Card)
A long-term residence permit (also known as the EU Green Card) is governed by Council Directive 2003/109 / EC of 25 November 2003.
Apply for EU Green Card can any citizen of a third country who has lawfully and continuously lived in Cyprus for at least 5 years and has a valid residence permit in the country. It should be borne in mind that the period of absence of the applicant in Cyprus is strictly regulated and should not be more than 10 months in total.
Attention: students, interns, refugees, seasonal and domestic workers, employees of diplomatic missions and diplomats do not have the right to file such an application.
Requirements for the applicant:
the existence of a permanent income that allows the applicant and his family members to live at the appropriate level without applying for social assistance to state bodies; the existence of a contract for the rental of housing or the title of the owner of property; the applicant and his family members must have full medical insurance and not suffer from diseases that prevent their entry into the EU countries; absence of violations of immigration, administrative and criminal legislation of Cyprus; ability to integrate into local society (for example, knowledge of the national language, laws of the country, etc.)
a number of other mandatory documents, including documents on education, a contract for work, etc.
The basic rights of the holder of the EU Green Card:
EU Green Card holders and their family members have equal rights with EU citizens in:
employment (except for state institutions), conducting business activities; tax incentives (if they are stipulated by the legislation of the country); education (including scholarships); social security; freedom of movement across the territory of the country of residence, within the borders of the EU and a number of other rights.
A EU Green Card holder can reside in another EU country if he has a job in that country, he has registered his own enterprise or is being trained.
Members of the EU Green Card holder’s family have the right to live together in another EU country if they have lived together in the country receiving the EU Green Card.
Acquisition of the citizenship of Cyprus as a result of marriage. Spouses of Cyprus citizens and family members of EU citizens (Spouse of a Cypriot Citizen).
The procedure for registering marriage today is a fairly long and complex process. A foreigner who wishes to marry a Cypriot citizen must submit documents defined by law, namely:
confirmation of the absence of a previously registered marriage in the territory of Cyprus (Affidavit); confirmation of the absence of a previously registered marriage in the country of which the applicant is a citizen; various certificates (about birth, divorce, etc.) issued in accordance with the requirements of Cypriot legislation.
Usually, the date of the wedding ceremony is appointed no earlier than 15-60 days from the date of submission of all documents to the municipality.
Cyprus residence permit for spouse.
To obtain a residence permit as a spouse of a Cypriot citizen, it is also necessary to provide a number of documents and evidence of the actual cohabitation of the spouses. After three years in the status of spouse / citizen of Cyprus, a petition for entry into the citizenship of the country is possible.
Attention: on all issues related to the registration / dissolution of the marriage in Cyprus, the division of property, the adoption of children, etc. in Cyprus, we recommend that you consult a Cypriot attorney in the office of Theod Group.
The changes in the rules for the stay of parents of foreign spouses of Cypriot citizens have come into force. Please consult the staff of Theod Group.
Ways of obtaining the citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus.
As a result of birth; As a result of a marriage with a Cypriot citizen; As a result of naturalization, including the Cyprus passport for investment.
Acquiring the citizenship of Cyprus “by birth” implies that one or both parents are citizens of Cyprus. The child receives citizenship regardless of the place of his actual birth.
Acquisition of the citizenship of Cyprus as a result of marriage with a citizen / citizen of the Republic of Cyprus assumes a joint residence in an officially registered marriage for at least three years. To apply for the citizenship of Cyprus, you must provide a number of documents prepared in a suitable manner.
Attention: the process of reviewing the application and accompanying documents for the granting of citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus is a lengthy procedure and can take up to 1 year.
Citizenship of Cyprus as a result of naturalization.
Acquisition of the citizenship of Cyprus as a result of the naturalization procedure is possible if certain required conditions are met:
the applicant must be over 18 years of age; stay in Cyprus for at least 7 years from the last 8 previous applications and be in the status of a permanent resident of the country. In the last year before filing a petition, the applicant must be in the country permanently. the applicant must be a law-abiding citizen, have no (immigration, criminal or administrative) offenses.
financial independence of the applicant. This requirement assumes the availability of housing and a stable legal income, providing accommodation on generally accepted criteria. desire and ability to integrate into the Cypriot community (knowledge of the Greek language, desire and motivation for living in Cyprus, etc.). in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers of 19/03/2014 a person who is not a Cypriot citizen is entitled to acquire Cypriot citizenship by naturalization as an exception. In this case, the need for proof of residence in Cyprus does not apply to the applicant. For more information on citizenship for investments, see the Citizenship of Cyprus for Investments.
The granting of citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus by naturalization entitles the alien to all rights and obligations provided for citizens of the country. Cyprus allows dual citizenship.
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