Visa to Thailand for retirement.

Visa to Thailand for retirement.
Before that, how to enter the country in one of the possessions or the consulship of Talanda does not need to pay the documents on the issue of a visa to Thailand for the benefit of the pence, visa & mdash; “O” of the class Non-Immigrant.
In the first time, a visa will be issued for a single entry to Thailand for a stay of more than 90 days. On the expiration of this period, if you are against the rulers of the Kingdom, or on the site, it may be necessary to give the documents for a multi-annual visa.
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1. The full announcement of the T.M.7 form;
2. A copy of the passport or document;
3. One photograph is 4 x 6 cm;
4. Payment of the embassy fee (the amount should be clarified);
5. Proof of a sound financial situation or a lifetime pension;
6. A letter from the embassy of the country whose resident is applying for a visa, that he (she) wants to move to retire to Thailand (it is necessary only if you are applying for a visa while in Thailand).
7. For applicants over 50 years of age, proof must be given of the presence on his (or her) account in one of the banks of Thailand of an amount of 800,000 baht or confirmation of monthly income to the applicant’s account of at least 65,000 Thai baht. A combination of both of the above methods of confirming financial solvency is possible. For example, 400,000 Thai baht on the account and monthly contributions of 32,500 baht.
8. If the applicant is sick, weak in health, sensitive to a cold climate or who has resided in Thailand for a long period of time, and is in the age group of 50 to 59, additional documents may be required. For example, medical examination and proof that the applicant lived in Thailand for a long time.
If the applicant intends to apply for this visa class, he / she must submit proof of financial solvency to the embassy or consulate of Thailand at the time of the initial application for a 3-month non-Immigrant visa.
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The law of “O” of the labor migraine & raquo; � 225 passed 30-W dekabrya 2010 g. CHAPTER 1 OBSCHIE POLOZHENIYA Statya 1. Osnovnye terminy, primenyaemye in nastoyaschem Zakone and THEIR opredeleniya For tseley nastoyaschego Zakona primenyayutsya sleduyuschie osnovnye terminy and THEIR opredeleniya: vneshnyaya trudovaya migratsiya & mdash; Departure from the Republic of Belarus for labor and the fulfillment of the labor activity on the hard labor in [. ]
Zakon Respubliki Belarus o grazhdanstve opredelyaet pravovye osnovy gosudarstvennogo regulirovaniya in oblasti grazhdanstva, reglamentiruet osnovaniya and poryadok priobreteniya, soxraneniya and prekrascheniya grazhdanstva Respubliki Belarus, acceptance, ispolneniya and obzhalovaniya resheny Po voprosam grazhdanstva, opredelyaet osobye sluchayah Change The and soxraneniya grazhdanstva, ustanavlivaet kompetentsiyu gosudarstvennyx organov, as well as the right and duty of the citizens of the Republic of Belarus. Be in good health in this matter. GLAVA [. ]

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