Visa to Myanmar for Russians in 2018.

Visa to Myanmar for Russians in 2018.
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Registration of a visa to Myanmar for Russians.
Myanmar, formerly Burma is a mysterious country of Asia with an inexpressible charm that lies at the intersection of two ancient cultures of India and China. Being next door to the already classic for a Russian tourist, Thailand, she has not yet had time to embark on a stream of sales in travel agencies. To visit Myanmar, Russians and residents of the CIS countries must have a confirmed visa. A visa to Myanmar for Russians in 2018 is opened at the consulate of Myanmar in Moscow, at the diplomatic consulates of countries neighboring Myanmar or on the official website of the Ministry of Immigration of Myanmar.
For each purpose of travel, a type of visa is drawn up with different features of the papers, terms of registration and the size of the consular fee. Detailed information about each type of visa is provided below.
Electronic Visa (eVisa)
A visa to Myanmar for Russians in 2018 can be issued online on the website of the Myanmar Ministry of Immigration. Russians in this way will be able to issue only a tourist trip. The application is to be filled online at:
Select the airport of entry into the country. E-visa allows entry through 3 airports: Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw and 3 points on the Thai-Myanmar border: Tachili, Myavadi, Cotown. Entry by land or by ship on this visa is not possible. At the next stage, enter personal data: name, date and place of birth, series and number of the passport and information about the place of work. Specify the date of crossing the country’s border, the accommodation facility and the name of the selected hotel. If the voucher was issued in a travel agency, you need to provide his contact details. Enter the phone number and email to send the visa by the embassy. Attach an electronic or scanned color photo to the questionnaire. When the questionnaire is ready, pay a visa fee of $ 50. Payment is made using VISA or MasterCard. In case of refusal, the fee is not refundable.
The processing time of the application by the consul is about 3 working days, after which, subject to confirmation, an electronic visa to Myanmar comes to the e-mail indicated. It must be printed out and provided at the airport at the time of registration. In the passport put stamp. E-visa is intended for single entry with a time of staying in the country no longer than 28 days.
All other types of visas are registered in the consulate of Myanmar in Moscow. Personal presence is not necessary for this, documents can be handed to a consul without a power of attorney by a friend or relative. If a group trip is expected, the documents of all tourists are provided by one member of the group.
Tourist visa.
A tourist visa or guest visa is issued to citizens whose purpose of travel is to travel or visit friends or relatives. It is single-entry and operates for 90 days from the date of receipt. In the country, you can continuously attend up to 28 days.
Documents and fees.
To obtain a visa for a tourist trip, the following documents are submitted to the Consulate of Myanmar in Moscow by a tourist:
Foreign passport with a validity of 6 months after returning from the country. Photocopy of the passport page with the personal data of the tourist. Application for a visa in English, certified by the applicant’s autograph in the designated box. 2 quality color photos on a white background measuring 3 4 cm. The applicant must look exactly at the camera. Proof of a return flight (air ticket from Myanmar). In some situations, it is acceptable for the embassy to request a travel plan or proof of hotel reservation.
The consular fee is paid by the applicant when receiving a passport in US dollars. It is $ 20 for a regular visa and $ 30 for urgent registration. The processing time of the application does not exceed 3 working days, in case of urgent registration the passport is issued in a couple of days.
Traveling with a child.
If you are going to cross the border of Myanmar with children, for everyone it is required to present a copy of the birth certificate in the embassy. Inscribed in a foreign passport of the father or mother to a child of up to 7 years of age does not need a personal visa.
For children who have reached the age of seven, it is necessary to supplement the application with two photos that meet the requirements. It does not matter if a seven-year-old child has his passport – for him, a visa is compulsory.
If a child crosses the border with one parent or in the presence of only an unauthorized person, a power of attorney is issued for the trip from the second parent or both.
Transit visa.
A transit visa to Myanmar is required when crossing its borders to enter a neighboring country. It does not last more than a day.
List of securities.
List of documents for approval of transit visa:
Foreign passport, valid from six months after arrival, and a copy of the page with personal data. Quality photos with a clear image of the applicant’s face in full-face, on a light background, without corners. Size 3 4 or 3.5 4.5 cm – 2 pieces. A completed and signed application form, form and sample is provided on the official page of the embassy. Air tickets confirming that the stay in Myanmar will not exceed 24 hours.
The visa fee is $ 18, the processing time is 3 working days.
Business visa.
For businessmen planning a trip to the country with a business visit, I need a business visa for Myanmar. For it you will need:
An application for its execution in English. Valid foreign passport and its copy. Two clear photos without corners 3,5 4,5 or 3 4 cm. Letter from an organization located in Russia, with an inquiry to issue a business visa to Myanmar. Written arbitrarily on the letterhead of the company, certified by the seal and signature of the head. Request from a firm in Myanmar inviting the applicant. It is formalized on the official letterhead addressed to the embassy. This can be an original or a scan sent by e-mail to the consulate address. Confirmation of the registration of the Myanmar company in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as proof of full payment of all company taxes.
The visa fee is $ 36, with urgent registration – $ 50. The application is considered by the consul about 3 working days, for the urgent registration the time of readiness is discussed individually. The period of continuous stay in Myanmar on business visa is 70 days.
Meditation visa.
Myanmar is the concentration of the most ancient Buddhist sights and monasteries, therefore travel with the purpose of meditations is very common. For this, there is a kind of visa for which such a list of documents is required:
Foreign passport and its copy. An application in English. 2 clear photos 3 4 cm on a light background. An application for a visa in which it must be recorded that the purpose of the trip is exclusively meditation, and the applicant does not intend to be distracted by extraneous things. It is spelled arbitrarily in Russian or English. At the entrance by invitation – an official request from the religious Myanmar center or monastery, printed on the form with the contacts of the monastery. Permission is granted in an arbitrary form, but an obligatory condition is the presence of a seal and the signature of the person who took responsibility. Statement from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, guaranteeing the actual existence of the center and its location in Myanmar. Printouts of documents confirming the flight to Myanmar and back.
The consular fee is $ 36 for standard registration and $ 50 for urgent registration, are paid at the consulate upon receipt of the passport. It is recommended to submit all papers for registration of a religious visa in advance, as the review period can reach several weeks.
If, for some reason, return within the allotted period is impossible, the stay in the country is extended for a period of up to two weeks. The extension can be made in the migration service of Myanmar, otherwise the tourist who leaves the country must pay a fine of $ 3 for each day of illegal residence in the country.
Despite the fact that Myanmar is the only Asian country where it is necessary to issue a visa, this does not detract from its importance. The visa for Myanmar to Russians in 2017 is greatly simplified, and the impressions of this spiritually developed country with a rich history will remain with you for a long time.
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