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Visa to Armenia.
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Visa to Armenia.
filling in the application form.
verification of the package of documents registration of an invitation record for filing a form filling out an air ticket / hotel medical insurance.
Order a visa! plan a trip in advance.
No matter what the purpose of your trip, whether it’s a business trip, a guest visit to relatives with an invitation or just a hiking. The Embassy of Armenia thoroughly checks every application. They try to protect the interests of their citizens, because every non-resident who has arrived in Armenia, with a tourist or any other visa, can try to stay in the state on a permanent basis.
Documents and visa support.
Registration of visas for Armenia – specialization of our visa center, we offer our clients a full range of visa support services in more than 50 countries. Great experience in this area allows you to issue visas through most consulates.
Registration of visas to Armenia is carried out both on your invitations, and without them.
Our services will help you to save your time and nerves, making a turnkey visa to Armenia will allow you to get the right to go to Armenia or to apply for a visa to any other country without leaving your own home.
Our services in registration and submission of documents: from 900 to 1250 UAH. (from each passport)
Consultation on preparation of documents for the Embassy includes:
providing a complete list of necessary documents, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client; verification of the correctness of the execution of documents; consultation on the invitation drawing; preparation for all types of interviews in the Consulate; modeling and study of complex situations.
Also our specialists are ready to provide you with general information about the country, information on the rules of entry and exit, medical requirements and much more.
Services in the preparation of documents for consulates:
Preparation of documents for consulates, includes separate services for the translation of documents, advice on the design of invitations, the creation of personal letters to the consulate, etc. In each consulate, the specificity of registration and visas and not always the requirements prescribed in the information provided by the consulate is a complete list of documents. Also in each individual case, this or that document can positively or negatively affect the decision of the consul. Competent specialists of our company will correct the submitted package of documents and, if necessary, together with the client, will supplement it with necessary papers.
The application data should contain the following information:
photo must have a size of 3.5 cm * 4.5 cm. Place of birth (settlement). Registration (city, street, house number) Work (position, name of the enterprise, address, phone number) Full name of parents and mother’s maiden name Marital status Phone working and home (mobile)
* Everywhere you need insurance – from 3 UAH per day.
For CHILDREN who travel by themselves or with one of the parents, a notarized authorization from the parents to leave the child abroad is necessary.
Personal submission to the consulate of Armenia.
The standard examination of the application in Armenia is 10 working days, but in some cases the consideration can be increased. In addition, at the discretion of the visa officer Armenia, a decision may be made to hold an interview and request additional documents.
consultation with the complete set of documents support in completing the application form hotel booking, ticket reservation support during the interview, assistance in writing to the embassy.
Additional services:
Registration of medical insurance Transfers of documents Payment of consular fee.
How we are working.
We choose the right package of services We prepare the necessary package of documents We are submitting documents for the visa You receive a visa.
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Hello. I’m interested in one question, I am a Ukrainian citizen, but recently I lived in Russia before for a new migration card, I crossed the border with Armenia. What has changed for me now? and does the visa apply to me? how does it work and how much does it cost? Thank you.
Hello, Albina! We recommend that you apply to the Armenian Embassy in Russia to clarify the most reliable information.
Hello, please tell me, now the entry to Ukraine for citizens of Armenia for foreign travel, I wanted to clarify whether the passport of a citizen of Armenia is suitable as a document for overseas trips now, as it was, or we still have to do and travel abroad now, and I also wanted to clarify whether it is necessary make an invitation for a citizen of Armenia from a citizen of Ukraine.
Hello, Oksana! We advise an Armenian citizen to apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in the territory of Armenia to clarify the most reliable information on your issues.
Hello, I am a Ukrainian citizen who married an Armenian citizen. We want to go to Armenia with my husband to live there, what documents I need to take myself and what visa I need to make and after how many weeks it will be ready.
Hello, you need to apply to the immigration service, so that in your specific situation you will be told the documents and terms of registration, as each country has its own rules for obtaining the citizenship of the country.
And how to get citizenship and how long it takes to get it.
Good afternoon! You need to consider the option of obtaining citizenship, as the spouse of an Armenian citizen.
But I’m interested in the fact that I’m the wife of a citizen of Armenia, what kind of visa I need to make and after how many weeks she will be ready.
Good afternoon! We recommend you to apply to the Consulate of Armenia in Kiev for obtaining information on the visa. Without a visa, you can stay in Armenia for no more than 90 days in a half-year.
Hello please tell me I am a citizen of Armenia I am in Russia I want to go to Ukraine that I need to create something to go there and who I can contact.
Good afternoon, Anita! Between Ukraine and Armenia there is an agreement on visa-free regime, up to 90 days of stay, entry on foreign passports. This information can be clarified in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Armenian Foreign Ministry or in the consulate of Ukraine in Russia.
Good afternoon. Help understand, I gr.Armenii wife Ukrainka and a child 2.5 years old want to leave for 3 months in Armenia. What documents are needed for the wife and child? Please help.
Hello, Gagik! Between Ukraine and Armenia there is a visa-free regime. Travel is made on foreign passports.
Hello. I am a citizen of Ukraine, now I am in Yerevan. How long can I stay in Armenia without leaving?
Nina, according to the legislation, a citizen of Ukraine has the right to stay on the territory of a foreign state for not more than 90 days for one entry.
Good afternoon. Tell me please if you need a visa for Ukraine from Moscow to Armenia and back.
Hello, Christina. For citizens of Ukraine entry to the territory of Armenia is visa-free. Travel is carried out on foreign passports.
Good afternoon! Tell me, please, the procedure for filing and the list of documents for a business visa to Armenia for citizens of other countries (not a resident of Ukraine). Thank you in advance.
Citizens of Russia can visit Armenia without a pre-arranged visa. Citizens of Turkey can apply for a visa upon arrival at the airport.
For example, a citizen of the Russian Federation or Turkey, with a residence permit and an invitation.
Good afternoon, Alexey! Specify, please, the citizen of which country requests a business visa to Armenia, and also, does he have a residence permit in Ukraine and an invitation from Armenia?
Hello. I am a citizen of Armenia needed to come to Ukraine for a visa? I went several times to a visa-free regime. I would like to clarify now the same way, or there is a change?
Good afternoon, David. Armenian citizens do not need a visa to Ukraine until 90 days.
Hello help me please please urgent information. I am a citizen of Armenia in Ukraine I want to go to my homeland, but I have a visa in my passport, do I need a visa so that I can leave for Armenia and how much will it cost?
Good afternoon. Contact the Consulate of Armenia in Ukraine on this matter.
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