Visa in the USA for citizens of Uzbekistan.

Visa in the USA for citizens of Uzbekistan.
Interested in how to get a working visa to the US citizen of Uzbekistan in Moscow? We answer: the solution of this problem has only 2 options:
1. Try to open the visa yourself. However, for this you need to live quite a long time in Russia, stable work and a long record of cooperation with the last employer, as well as an impeccable tourist history.
2. To entrust the registration of a visa to the United States for citizens of Uzbekistan to us. Perhaps this is the easiest way, because we know how to help you get an entry permit even if your situation does not meet all of the above requirements.
Why is it better to entrust us with a visa?
Obtaining a visa for Uzbeks in the United States is not an easy task, but the rich experience and impeccable legal literacy of the employees of the visa agency “Vizakhod” make it possible to find an outlet even from the most difficult situations. Our specialists will develop for you an individual strategy for applying for a visa, will collect the package of documents required for obtaining a visa, and also help fill out the questionnaire DS-160. Moreover, immediately before the interview with the visa officer of the US embassy, we will advise you on how to answer questions and conduct yourself in an interview in order to create the necessary level of trust in yourself.
What types of visas can we offer you?
In addition to working, our agency offers assistance in obtaining a visa to the US citizens of Uzbekistan of the following types:
� Tourist. This type of visa is suitable for those who plan to visit the country for tourist purposes;
� Guest. It is intended for visiting relatives and friends on an individual invitation;
� Transit. Such a visa is needed in case of travel through the country. For example, if you fly to Cuba by plane with a transfer at the airport in the United States.
How much are given a visa?
A tourist visa for the United States to a citizen of Uzbekistan is issued for 1 year. Under this visa, you can freely fly to America during the entire visa validity period, and is in the US for 180 days without violating the law.
What documents are needed?
The Embassy of America does not require a specific list of documents when considering a visa application in the United States for a citizen of Uzbekistan. You do not need help from the bank, you do not need plane tickets or invitations from America.
All the documents that you need at the Embassy we will do ourselves.
Take only your passport to us!
How long do the visa take?
We can make a visa in 2 days.
The usual period for our clients is 1.5 weeks.
Assess your chances of getting a US visa.
online test Visadhod.
We are often asked by phone: “what are my chances of getting a visa in the US”. We always explain to the client that this chance depends on the specific case and very many factors – subjective and objective. Often it depends on mutual understanding between the applicant and the visa officer. Often from simple luck.
But, there is statistics. And we have been collecting it since the very beginning of the company’s work. Thousands of customers, hundreds of complicated cases. Each client is unique. And all our clients are united by one thing – the questions in the questionnaire are the same for all. Different answers.
The data collected in the table, together with the results of all interviews, show that from one answer the chance for a visa falls by 50%, and from another it increases by 12%. The combination of some answers deprives the chance to receive a visa by 100%. And what questions do not affect the visa at all. Unfortunately, not a single combination of answers gives a 100% chance in our statistics.
Now this data is available to you. Take an online test of 11 questions and find out what your chance of obtaining a visa in the United States. This test does not replace the visa officer, he does not take into account the individual characteristics of the filing. There is always a chance of randomness, so the minimum chance in the test is 10%, and the maximum is 95%. It’s just statistics.
If it’s short.
We advise you for free and assess the chances of a visa in the US.
We prepare all the documents, take a photo and fill out a questionnaire for the embassy.
Our advantages.
We work 9 years All employees have completed training at the Embassy Our denial of visa is 0.1% Only we return the consular fee in case of refusal No queues only an individual approach Office of Class A in the center of Moscow Own guest parking And an excellent coffee 🙂
News about visas in the USA.
Visa in the US for Russians in 2018.
Get a primary US visa in the US to the Russians in 2018 is still very difficult, or rather – impossible. Consulates and Embassies open single dates. In total, Russians are offered 30-50 seats per month. Who can not sign up on designated days, there is an opportunity to obtain a visa in the US in another country. Visashod gathered for you a list of countries where you can get an American visa within a month, and somewhere in the third.
New system for tracking social networks of visa holders in the United States.
The US Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) has turned to the largest innovative companies to introduce a new system for tracking social networks of holders of valid visas in the US and Green Card.
Enhanced customs control at the Russia-Ukraine border.
Since the new year for the crossing of the Ukrainian border, in addition to presenting a passport, Russians will have to undergo a biometric control – to hand over fingerprints.
FAQ on visas in the USA.
Good afternoon! I ran out of the Work and Travel program. Now I would like to issue a tourist visa in the United States. How should I do it? I heard that it is necessary to wait, before applying for a tourist visa in the US after Work and Travel.
Hello, Hope. Waiting before filing for a tourist visa in the US after Work and Travel makes sense. If, after the end of the program, you immediately apply for a visa to the United States, the officer at the Embassy will have questions.
Hello. How to get a work visa in the US? I want to go to work in America.
Good afternoon. Unfortunately, obtaining a work visa in the US is now impossible – the limit of working visas is exhausted.
Hello. Help me please. I already had a visa to the US, but I was there only 2 times for 4 months. Can I extend my visa without an interview?
Good afternoon. Very likely that you will be summoned for an interview. The US Embassy will want to clarify what you did in America for so long, on what and from whom you lived.
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If you have any questions, please call Vizakhod in Moscow.

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