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The procedure for issuing visas in this country is not at all complicated. As a rule, they are issued in special private offices, and this service is on average from 40 to 120 US dollars.
To immigrate to Vietnam for the purpose of further employment, you need to issue a long-term working visa category B with a validity of 3 months, which is issued with the right to further renewal.
The employment of a foreign citizen in this state depends on his perseverance and & laquo; track record & raquo ;. The most relevant vacancies for foreigners are connected with oil, geological exploration and ship professions. Also, with an ideal knowledge of English, and even better, Vietnamese, you can get an interpreter: in Vietnam there is a huge number of foreign offices, where Russian can always find a job.
Immigration to Vietnam for the purpose of education.
Immigration to Vietnam for education is not popular among Russians. Children in Vietnam can attend one of the following schools:
School VietSovPetro, created by the Russian organization. Training in it is free, so getting there is quite difficult. Foreign school. Training in this institution costs about twenty thousand dollars a year. The quality of education is very high, and is taught in English. The child at this school is comfortable to study, because a well-constructed training program helps children in just a few weeks to get involved in the English-language learning process.
With higher education, the situation in the country is somewhat worse. Education in most universities is conducted in Vietnamese.
Recently, the state has become more attractive for foreign investors: immigration to Vietnam for the purpose of further investment is also of interest to Russians. Particularly active is the interest in Vietnamese real estate: this is due not so much to speculative opportunities due to the rapid increase in prices for real estate, as the prospect of recreation on the beach.
On January 1, 2009, a resolution on the acquisition of real estate by foreigners came into force, according to which only foreigners who can meet apartments in Vietnam can buy apartments that meet one of the requirements:
They make direct investments in the Vietnamese economy; They are married to Vietnamese citizens and permanently reside in the country; They have a university degree and work in specialized enterprises on the basis of labor immigration to Vietnam.
Under Vietnamese law, if the marriage of a Vietnamese and a foreign citizen is registered by a foreign body abroad and complies with the law of that country, it will be recognized in Vietnam provided that the Vietnamese citizen does not violate the law on the conditions of marriage and prohibitions on him.
For the conclusion of marriage and immigration to Vietnam it is necessary to submit the following documents:
International passport; Passport; Birth certificate; Certificate of marital status; Certificate of divorce (if it is not 1 st marriage).
At the same time, marriage with a Vietnamese citizen is not a basis for obtaining citizenship.
Information from unofficial sources.
It will be interesting for you:
South Africa & ndash; This multiracial state located in the extreme south of the African continent, which is distinguished by its excellent infrastructure, political stability, amazing nature and beautiful roads. If a person is employed, then he can easily afford comfortable accommodation, a car and travel. Residents of South Africa have the right to a visa-free visit to 67 countries around the world. Actually, it is the last factor that leads to the fact that immigration in South Africa is becoming increasingly popular.
Finland & ndash; a country of vast forests and deep lakes, ultramodern buildings and ancient castles. Its main wealth is forests, they are called the “green gold of Finland”. This country is famous for its achievements in the field of architecture, as well as industrial design. Being one of the youngest states of Europe, Finland, however, managed to acquire rich cultural traditions.
Peru & ndash; It is a preserve of antiquity and historical sights. This is a wonderful country, in which you can see mountains, jungles, and deserts; and on the coast you can find flamingos, penguins and sea lions.
At the end of the XIV century. Prince Sumata, fleeing from the storm, landed on a sovem ship on the island of Temasek. As a result of an optical error, he saw on the island’s territory a terrible mystical creature with a red body, a black head and a white breast – it seemed to him a lion. That’s why the prince named the new island “The City of the Lion”. (& quot; Singa Pura & quot;), deciding to subsequently establish a settlement on this island. The town of the prince, thanks to its favorable geographical position, began to develop rapidly – by the 12th century. the island became a flourishing center of commerce. Today Singapore attracts not only traders, but also businessmen, investors and immigrants wishing to find work in a prosperous region.
Immigration to China was previously impossible & ndash; The state was closed to immigrants. Today, investors, businessmen, pensioners and spouses of Chinese (and also their close relatives) can quite successfully live here. On the main options for immigration to China & ndash; Further.
Sudan & ndash; a state located in North-East Africa. The north-east of the country is washed by the waters of the Red Sea. Sudan neighbors many countries: with Egypt & ndash; in the north, with Ethiopia and Eritrea & ndash; in the east, with Uganda, Kenya and DR Congo & ndash; in the south, and also with Libya, Chad and the Central African Republic & ndash; in the West. The highest point of the country is Mount Kineta (3187 m).
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