To Finland for food.

To Finland for food.
You can get to Finland by air, by train, by bus, and by private car. Before Lappeenranta and other nearby cities people go by buses and cars. Automobile communication between Peter and Lappeenranta is established very well. In addition to large regular buses, mini-venues run for 8-9 seats. Such minibuses early in the morning (at 5-6 in the morning) take passengers from the house, they bring them to Lappeenranta (the long and difficult city of Petrograd was cut to Lapa), they take them to the shops and in the evening they are taken to their homes in St. Petersburg. There is such a pleasure 1200 rubles.
I went to such shop tours 2 times. There are people who travel 2-3 times a week, buy products, household chemicals, clothes on huge lists, and in St. Petersburg they distribute orders for customers. Naturally, they do some cheating. But often it’s still cheaper than buying in St. Petersburg. And the quality is incomparably higher.
Even in St. Petersburg, purchases of children’s clothing in Finland are common, especially for overalls, hats and shoes. Such brands as Reima, Lassie, Lenne, Kerry are familiar to every mother.
Russian tourists can return the tax imposed in the cost of goods. For this, a tax free or invoice is issued. Large stores, as a rule, make out tax free, and small ones – invoices. For example, in the case of registration of tax free when buying goods worth more than 40 euros, 10-16% of the purchase price will be returned at the border. When making an invoice, the money at the border is not returned, but they can be received at the next purchase in the same store. Invoicing is more profitable. the return amount is 18%.
In Lapa, everyone has become accustomed to the Russians. Finnish border guards speak Russian. At least, they all learned such words and questions as “good afternoon, thank you, goodbye, where are you going.” In stores, sellers also speak Russian. As a rule, these are Russians, but Finns can also say a few words. Somewhere I read that the Mayor of Lapa really wanted to make Russian the second state language.
The first store that meets on the way from the border to Lapa, is called Lapland.
There are solid Russians. Well, maybe one Finn who has come by chance will flash by. In Lapland, usually buy food, household chemicals, some accessories for the house and dacha, thermal underwear.
In the toilet hangs an ad in Russian.
After Lapland, they are taken to the Disa’s fish store.
This is happiness. Such a delicious fish, I have not eaten anywhere! For some reason, the Russians did not learn how to salt and smoke fish. Here you can buy whitefish, trout, salmon, eel, sturgeon. Usually I buy hot smoked hogs. It is very delicate and delicious. Somehow tried salmon cold smoked. Tender and very fresh! And there is trout caviar. The taste is as if the caviar had swam yesterday and it had literally been pinned. After the Finnish caviar and fish, Russian is difficult – the taste is not the same, and it seems that there are a lot of all sorts of preservatives.
Heard how one man told about this fish. The landlady of this store came to Finland from the Baltic States a long time ago. And she smoked fish in her own farm. Everyone knew her, and you could have knocked late at night or early in the morning and bought fresh fish. Now the smokehouse works for several large stores. But the quality remains on top.
Even in the fish shop there is a cafe where you can taste delicious Finnish soup with cream.
Next, they take me to Lapu. First, the bus stops at three stores – Prism, Raimarket and Liddle.
From the buses tourists fall out and with square eyes run around these shops. And many travel with huge carts, filled with food and bottles of chemistry to the top, and they have huge lists in their hands.
Vegetables and fruits in Finland are expensive, yet not fruitful is a country. Still very expensive beef: 20-30 euros per kilo. Pork is cheaper. Usually I buy a pork neck for a boiled pork. Swine costs 5-7 euros per kilo. Boiled pork from Finnish swine is more juicy and soft.
What else do I buy in Finland: Lavazza coffee beans (cheaper than in Russia), olive oil, butter, cheese, yogurts, household chemicals (Finnish Fairy is consumed 2 times more sparingly), vitamins for Fox. Our pediatrician advised us to buy fish oil. Remember the Soviet childhood with smelly fat in a spoon? Finnish fish oil is another story. It is made in the form of fish and looks like marmalade. The fox just loves to eat these fish. I give her 2 pieces a day. If it was possible, she would have eaten the entire pack at a time. I also buy Lisa vitamins for teeth. It’s not really vitamins, but rather a medicine – a sodium photidol, which helps strengthen enamel.
On my last trip I bought Guinness’s beer in the bank. Oh, what a beer it is! It’s not the Guinness that sells from us. Our Guinness, nadyadzhenny somewhere in St. Petersburg, it is impossible to drink, because it reminds us of some burnt sugar. But in Finland they sell real Irish Guinness! Next time you need to buy more.
There are shops in Lap where clothes are sold. For example, this is a shop Gallery. There are presented such Finnish brands as Lindex, HM, Seppala. The Finnish fashion is quite specific. Therefore, the clothes look a bit strange, and sometimes even old fashioned. And the prices for this hoo!
In the same Gallery there is a store specially for Russians, where they sell expensive down jackets Canada Goose, Moncler. Down jacket Canada Goose costs, for example, 800 euros, and Montclair – 1500. Russian sellers, buyers are also Russian.
Somehow I was sad to walk around this Gallery. They say that in Lapa there are good second hands with cheap prices. That’s interesting to visit them.
We also went to Lapu to fly from there to Italy. There is such a budget airline Ryanair. Flights depart from Lappeenranta, Tampere. Especially for these flights from St. Petersburg go minibus, which bring people to the airport. Even considering the delivery to the airport, to fly to Europe from Finland is cheaper than from St. Petersburg. For example, in May we flew to Italy. Ticket tudu-back from Lapa to Milan cost 150 euros. So you can fly. Yes, and for food you can sometimes drive!

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