Those who traveled: Singapore.

Those who traveled: Singapore.
The life of Krasnoyarsk for the “bugrom”
The life of Krasnoyarsk for the “bugrom”
Stories about Krasnoyarsk residents who decided to change their life abruptly & mdash; go to another country, find work there, housing. In the summer of 2011, 21% of the population thought about emigration. For comparison, & mdash; Twenty years ago, those were only 5%. According to VTsIOM, a fifth of the population of Russia wishing to “dump” & raquo; & mdash; mostly highly educated young people.
Many people know them in Krasnoyarsk. Here they have relatives and friends. But they preferred to leave. Online conversation, 10 questions. Ekaterina Kolmakova. Krasnoyarsk & mdash; Singapore.
Do I need to prepare for the move? Or impulsive decision & mdash; the only way to leave with a 100% probability?
It’s not always the same. Someone manages to “catch” & raquo; accidentally hitting the country. However, I think that we must prepare for the move. It is necessary to do the “homework” to be ready and not be surprised by the obvious events. When you come to another state, you must understand the way of life, the internal rules of the country, as well as the main risks and dangers that you will face.
The idea to move to another country appeared in my second year at the university. Studying Chinese, I learned to exchange in Harbin, traveled a lot around the country, visited the largest cities. and I realized that I really do not want to live in China! However, I was definitely drawn to Asia, in Europe at that time I did not see any prospects for myself, and even in 2009 it was m & a; a crisis. Therefore, Singapore has become that “golden middle”, where Asia meets the West. I graduated from SFU, and it was necessary to determine what to do next in life and, most importantly, where to live. We with my young man (now my husband) discussed everything in the “& raquo; and & amp; l & amp; moving to Singapore. And came to the conclusion that it is worth a try. We bought tickets at one end, made tourist visas and drove off. Were enrolled in language courses to obtain student visas for three months already, during this time they wanted to try to find a job. Thanks to perseverance and, probably, luck, we did it. We were offered to start creating the magazine & laquo; Russian Singapore & raquo; (glossy edition for Russians about Singapore and neighboring regions). With pleasure for it undertook, and in 2 years have already organized their own business in the same field. Now we have our own design studio (graphic and web design, copywriting). We make various publications in any language. By the way, many Singaporean companies that want to enter the Russian market or already have a lot of Russian clients turn to us for various corporate magazines, catalogs, because for them we can immediately write articles in Russian.
Moving abroad in your case & mdash; is it to go there? Or leave from here?
I do not want to talk about my move as & laquo; leaving there & raquo; or & laquo; leave from here & raquo ;. I love Krasnoyarsk, with great pleasure I come to Siberia every year to visit my relatives and loved ones. But then I realized that I could do more, I just wanted to try myself. I was also aware that as long as & laquo; did not take root & raquo; I could do this step. For example, now it will be much harder to leave somewhere from Singapore, there is a favorite work, interesting projects and a completely different level of life that exists not in every country.
As I mentioned, 4 years ago, and now Singapore is one of the most stable states. Then I was attracted to the Asian component, 75% of the Chinese live on the island, and I thought that I could apply the language and practice it constantly. By the way, this was one of the few disappointments. They all speak English, even among themselves! Still attracted the standard of living and salaries, as well as the absence of winter.
The five biggest differences between Russia and your new country?
Singapore & mdash; a country with a very low crime rate. The laws are very harsh, even the death penalty (distribution of drugs, aggravated murders), and for many crimes punishments are provided for with sticks. Therefore, in Singapore, walking late in the evening in the park, I do not have to be afraid. Here I am amazed by the pace of development and construction, over the years that I live in Singapore, the city has changed very much and changed. I can not help mentioning the cost of private cars in Singapore, this fact surprises all visitors. The cost of cars is four times higher than Russian prices. Yes, it is very expensive, but city residents do not stand for hours in traffic jams, drive on roads of excellent quality and have very developed public transport. Very pleases the cleanliness around (for garbage too, serious fines are envisaged) and summer all year round. Here you do not think about the wardrobe. You put on what you want, in the mood. And even if it’s raining heavily in the street, you can safely go out in white trousers and sandals & mdash; clothes and legs will remain clean.
Do you feel like a stranger in a new country?
Never. Singapore in general is a unique country in this regard. Here there is no indigenous population, the ancestors of today’s Singaporeans once moved here from China, India, Europe and other countries. Singapore & mdash; a very cosmopolitan city in which different cultures and religions coexist peacefully. Here we celebrate Catholic Christmas, Chinese New Year, Indian Dipawali and Muslim Hari Raya Poissa & mdash; the end of Ramadan.
Is it difficult to find work / housing?
Arriving in Singapore on a tourist visa, finding a job is extremely difficult, just might not have enough time. Most of my friends and acquaintances came here on contract, or received a transfer from the company. I would recommend looking for work in advance. You can also come to study, for example, enrolling in language courses that will give you a student visa for a period of 3 months. During this time you can get to know people, find out a better city and decide for yourself how to proceed. As for housing, then, in general, everything is easy. Main & mdash; you must have a work visa, without it you simply will not sign a contract. The cost of rent and purchase is very high. To rent an apartment with two bedrooms, you will have to pay from 2200 Singapore dollars (57 thousand rubles) to HDB (municipal housing). If you want to have on the territory of your residential complex a swimming pool, gym and arbours for barbecue, for such a “two-piece” & raquo; already it will be necessary to pay 3200 dollars (83 thousand rubles). The purchase of real estate starts from a million dollars.
Leaving Russia, with whom / whom was the hardest part to give up?
Of course, with family and friends. Especially with my mother, with whom we are very close. However, thanks to modern technologies, such as Skype and WhatsApp, sometimes you do not even notice the distance. Moreover, there is no time difference between Krasnoyarsk and Singapore, so we have the opportunity to communicate on a daily basis. In addition, we constantly go to visit each other, I & mdash; every summer in Krasnoyarsk, my parents and friends & mdash; every winter to me in Asia.
The economy of your life in a new country: more / less salary, more / less spending. Is it easier to live in terms of money?
Before moving to Singapore, I worked part time as a Chinese language tutor, so it’s hard for me to tell by my example. However, I can say for sure that after graduating from the university in Krasnoyarsk, I could count on a salary in the region of 15-20 thousand rubles. When I arrived in Singapore, I began to receive several times more. Yes, it became easier to live, but not only in terms of money. Here I have the opportunity to travel every two months, go to good restaurants at reasonable prices, and can afford much more in terms of monthly purchases. Here, expensive housing, transport and medicine, but the level of salaries is appropriate, in addition, medical expenses are covered by insurance.
How long have you lived in Singapore? Were there any thoughts to return to Russia?
In Singapore, I have lived for more than 4 years and never wanted to return to Russia. It’s not in my nature, I’m not used to retreat. And then, why take a step back, when it is necessary to go only forward?

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