There are relatives in Germany how to leave

There are relatives in Germany how to leave h1>
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I want to go to Germany, most likely, on a study visa (also consider others), but the goal in the future – to obtain permanent residence. German – I’m learning! There are relatives in Germany. Aunt, who received permanent residence last year. I already went to her, opened a visa in the autumn for a month. True, the invitation was not made by her. So, how is it easier for me to leave? I can certainly enter a university in the journalism faculty (say) or something musical.
It’s good that there are relatives. You go to college and you need money, well, you know how much, and you can help. In any case, this simplifies somewhat when there is someone to come to. Especially with the courses, that’s where, of course, your aunt would simply have helped out.
Probably, it is possible and the journalist will be able to work, but the level of German should be simply stunning.
I myself understand that this simplifies everything! My aunt is planning that I will be on her, say, neck, until I get a job! But I plan to rent another apartment in Kiev. I’m frightened by the fact that when I get a study visa, I need to have a bank account, and it’s not a small one. I do not have that.
Yes, the point is that this is not Russia, where anyone can work. This is Germany. To start working, you need to know German or go to a Russian firm, but knowledge of German is necessary in any case. And then they (the firm) will then have to crucify before the Germans, why they took on this place a foreigner, not a local one. Take only with the diploma if the EU. And it still needs to be received. You’ll have to work as a laborer until you learn.
Yes, there must be 7760 euros on the account. Unfortunately this is the case. You can first get a job at least 600 euros, and then apply for studies. And then take a loan for this amount. When working, you will be paying a loan + I think you can earn additionally.
Anna_e, the presence of relatives in Germany your permanent residence in any way will not bring it closer and get it will not help. I’ll have to do it myself. Through study – the best. If you do not already have 24, you can try it through au-pair, if a good family gets there, then they will give you a guarantee (which will provide you with a financial solution when you get a student visa). If you do not want to, then save money for a student visa. You can also apply for a DAAD scholarship.
I, probably, will disappoint you, but having studied in Germany on the journalist, chances to get a job and to remain simply are not present. The majority of journalists here are “free artists”, not to mention chances in journalism in a foreign language – Marmusha wrote everything about it clearly.
anna_e, if you have serious intentions about Germany, then go first as an opera, and then go to school, after studying look for work and stay in Germany. While you are working here, you will be able to sort out which specialties to do better, then to find a job. This scenario is the most realistic for you.

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