The situation with the prices of services on residence permit.

The situation with the prices of services on residence permit.
Hello, dear compatriots!
Recently, more and more people from the countries of the former Soviet Union have been thinking about immigration, and increasingly they are looking to Slovenia. This is not at all surprising. Slovenia is a beautiful country located in the south of Central Europe in the Schengen area, with fantastic nature and calm, measured life. But we will not discuss the topic of immigration itself, but only try to understand the situation that has developed in the market of services for obtaining and extending residence permits in the Republic of Slovenia.
All of us are perfectly aware that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. For everything you have to pay: for registration of residence permit, for registration and maintenance of your company, for medical insurance – in the end, just for a decent life. It is necessary to pay, and not a little, but how much? How to calculate the financial costs that are coming to those people who decided to move to permanent residence in Europe? Here, the company registration, and timely tax deductions, and payment of the legal address, and accounting support, and the address of the individual’s registration, and medical insurance and much more. And it is necessary to calculate this, because no one knows what awaits us in the future, and how our new life will develop in the future.
During the whole period of the work of ICC “Dialogue” for the provision of services for obtaining and prolonging residence permits, there was not a single case of refusal to issue it and prolong it. There was not a single criticism about the quality of our work. But, here and there, we hear the responses: “Yes, you are qualitatively, but expensive!” … Qualitatively – it’s good, but how expensive? How do our prices differ from the prices of other companies providing similar services?
And we decided to compare our prices and services with the prices and services of individual companies offering residence permits. We tried to find out: what is expensive, what is cheap and what kind of service does it cost? What remains behind the scenes in the policies of many companies and, what is the real amount of financial investments per person per year?
First you should make a reservation that all the companies we have chosen are not one-day trips, which in private for 2000-3000 � will promise you to arrange everything that is possible. These are solid companies that have been working in the territory of Slovenia for several years, and using services that, in most cases, you will get the desired result. But let’s deal with everything in order together. Having carefully analyzed some sites on residence permit in Slovenia, we ran into this:
“Permit for 6000 – 7000 �. All inclusive!”
In our opinion, the main disadvantage of many firms is the lack of information to their customers. They always write about their transparency and openness, but for some reason they never sound summed sums. In general, everywhere only the costs for the registration of the first permit card are specified, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. All the main expenses fall just for a further year. And to freely extend the residence permit, you will also need additional expenses. But why then did not a word say about it?
“Working permit for 2 years, residence permit for 1 year”
What is the logic in this? Why do you, who receive a residence permit for one year, receive a 2-year working permit? In the future it is understandable: after a year of living in Slovenia you can get a residence permit card for 2 years. That’s when you need a working permit for 2 years. And before, why?
Do you have no money for money?
“Having received a personal working permit for 3 years, you get a residence permit for 3 years”
Everything seems to be right, but the fact is that the residence permit for 3 years (based on a 3-year work permit) will be given to you only if by that time you have already lived in Slovenia for at least three years. That is, you may need this service only in the future, and not at the initial design. And this should warn people in advance!
“The minimum costs for the company – 315.00 �. Calculated for w / n for 3 people”
Forgive, but with such minimum expenses, deductions from your salary will be enough for the support of the residence permit only 2 people! And even in this case, the expenditure part will be a large amount – this will tell you any Slovenian accountant. And for 3 people, respectively, this amount will increase by another 50%. What is it, an obvious lie or simply ignorance of the laws?
“Subject to filing for the status of a tax resident six months after the date of registration in Slovenia, the income tax: a) decreases by 1.5 times”
An interesting word game! Even if you submit to the status of a tax resident in 6 months, by law the transition to this status takes place not earlier than a year after receiving residence permit!
“4680 � – working permit for 2 years, residence permit for 1 year, purchase of fixed assets for your company for the amount of 22500 �”
Well, we already mentioned the work permit. Using the data published on the website of one of the companies, let’s try to calculate what is not included in the cost of this package: 1) supplement for legal address – 900 � per year, 2) accounting support – 1140 � per year, 3) minimum expenses for ” the content of the company (social insurance, accountant, bank account) per month is from 435 � – this is from 5220 � per year.
Take the initially announced amount for the package 4680 � and add here 900 + 1140 + 5220 �. We get a more real amount of 11940 �. But you still need to add the cost of the address “propiska” nat. person (this is about 600 � per year), mail DHL, the cost of unforeseen situations that happen to everyone without exception, etc. And let’s not forget that the above amount assumes 22500 � of investment costs! It will be a car or a barn – it should be spent. Now we look further:
“10840 � – working permit for 2 years, residence permit for 1 year, without investment”
Everything is clear with the working resolution. Let’s sum up, the sums received by us above: 10840+ 900 + 1140 + 5220 = 18100 �. Wow! And it’s cheap? But, at least, it’s more like the truth. We look further:
“In addition to the services under this Agreement, the following services may be provided for an additional fee: … and among other things – consultations on various matters of the Company’s activities”
From this it clearly follows that the customer, that is, you will have to pay not only the extension of residence permit, but also all consultations on the activities of your company. How much do I have to pay? This is by agreement, i.�. in fact, any amount that you are requested. Is this transparency?
“360 � – prolongation of residence permit for one person, includes the cost of agency services (250 �) and overhead (110 �)”
360 � – prolongation of residence permit? And where is the real cost, taking into account the above tax deductions for the firm, legal address, accountant, etc.? Or was it only necessary in the first year of residence? Or maybe, it is implied that you now, taking care of all this yourself, also have to pay 360 � for something else?
“800 � – getting permanent residence without taking into account overhead expenses, as they can differ depending on your situation 400 � – getting permanent residence for each next member of the family, not including overhead expenses”
Everything is analogous to the above.
For some reason, this paragraph does not specify that you will have to pay more taxes when you renew, in accordance with a higher salary. This is about 3700 euros per person per year + the address of residence permit nat. persons 600 � per year + document transfers + medical insurance – 3360 � per year, etc. The result: 3700 + 600 + 3360 + “etc.” = 7660 � + “etc.” per person. The sheer inconsistency of the sums, and even it is unclear how much you will get “this, etc.”
By the way, if you are talking about translations:
“The certificate of non-conviction (with apostille) – 40 � for citizens of Russia and 60 � for citizens of Ukraine.
The certificate of marriage (with apostille) – 40 � for citizens of Russia and 65 � for citizens of Ukraine.
Sv-in the birth (with apostille) – 40 � for Russian citizens and 65 � for citizens of Ukraine ”
When reuniting, you usually need to translate 2-3 documents for each. This, of course, is not thousands of euros, but also the amount is not small. So what is 1050 �?
Like this! As a result, we came to the fact that the total amount of receipt and full annual maintenance of residence permit per person, will not be 6000 – 7000 �, as these companies claim, and 16000 – 18000 �. And the reunion will cost you not in 1000 �, but in 5000-7000 �
These costs are quite real – a residence permit in Slovenia is not cheap. Just to attract customers, many companies do not want to voice the totals, hiding them behind various footnotes, additions and services. And the person who first encountered business immigration and obtaining residence permit, it is difficult to collect all these figures together.
There is an ancient parable “If you give a hungry person a fish – he will be full one time, and if you teach him how to fish – a man will always be full.” We fully agree with this wisdom and at a certain stage we hold private consultations on business development and many other aspects of life in Slovenia. But before you can teach a hungry man to fish, you must first feed him!
After all for many people, immigration is the future of their children and a real chance to start a new life. And throwing a small kitten into the water (sorry for the comparison) is at least just cruel. There is a high probability that even one, not timely paid tax or not timely filed document, can serve as the basis for refusing you to extend residence permit. Are you ready for this? From our point of view, this is not permissible!
That is why, especially at first, we offer full support for residence permit, and packages of our services are targeted at different categories of people and include everything you need without any footnotes and supplements. We do not describe the step-by-step strategy of our work and do not offer you to pay for each service separately. We voice the final result and answer to you for the entire range of services included in the package you selected. Go to our sites and you will see: if you calculate the total amount for the design of residence permits from different companies, our services will not be more expensive, or even cheaper than others!
All of the above is not written for self-promotion. Our article is, first of all, information for you, our dear compatriots. Carefully calculate all the proposals from the company that you are going to choose as your escort – not always for tempting offers you can see the final amount, and not always behind these proposals is a qualitative work.
Slovenia is a small country, and it does not matter to us what kind of people will surround us in the future, and what they will think of us!
Ask us!
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