The residence permit and permanent residence in the Bahamas.

The residence permit and permanent residence in the Bahamas.
Residence permit and permanent residence in the Baghrami, the quality of the estate is seen as living and inexpensive documents.
For oformleniya permanent nA Bagamax strana interesna tem, that is in the etoy jurisdiction net lichnogo podoxodnogo naloga, korporativnogo naloga and net naloga nA profits, a takzhe prochix poborov: naloga with prodazh, nalogovyx uderzhany of zarplaty, naloga nA zanyatost, naloga nA darenie, naloga on the installation, the generals for the zapevlenie zavesheniya.
To say the truth, the state does not kill from the rezidentov anything, that, of course, did not dream of the congregation of Germany and Amerik. The Bahamian island is received in a friendly manner by the people, as well as the others, such as those who came to the constant estate.
Immigratsionnoe zakonodatelstvo Sodruzhestva Bagamskix Ostrovov in prioritetnom poryadke (uskorenno and polozhitelno) rassmatrivaet immigratsionnye zayavleniya (nA godovuyu or postoyannuyu rezidentsiyu) investorov in ekonomiku ostrovov or persons kotorye priobreli nedvizhimost nA Bagamax.
Investors can buy houses and villas on the Bagamas and land parcels to 5 acres without necessity to ask permission from the government. But when buying residences over 5 acres by area you need to have the approval of the Government.
Buying property in the Bahamas must be registered with the International Persons Landholding Act. Owners of real estate get the right to a residence permit (the card is issued for 1 year and is subject to annual extension).
This residence permit gives the right to visit the Bahamas and live there the main applicant, his wife and minor children. The investment promotion program allows wealthy foreigners to obtain permanent residence – permanent residence in the Bahamas in one of three possible categories of immigration.
Investment requirements start from the minimum amount of 150,000 USD. Preference is given to large investors or property owners worth more than 250,000 USD.
If you decide to settle in the Bahamas, but have not yet decided to purchase a property, you can get a temporary residence permit, which must be renewed annually. To do this, you must have a paid rental contract or be the owner of a company registered on the islands.
The cost of obtaining a residence permit is $ 1,000 for the applicant and $ 25 for other family members. An immigration form must be filled in, which is notarized. A birth certificate and a marriage certificate are also required (if the applicant is married or married).
In addition, the applicant must provide a medical certificate issued no later than 30 days before the application was filed and a certificate from the internal affairs bodies issued at least 6 months in advance. Also two photographs of the applicant, a copy of the contract and a payment of $ 25 for processing of documents are needed.
You can try and get a permanent residence permit. This is the most popular option, but it is suitable mainly for property owners worth more than 250 thousand US dollars. Those wishing to obtain the status of a permanent resident of the islands should have a good reputation and have evidence of financial independence. The fee for obtaining a permanent residence permit is 10 thousand dollars and 100 dollars for each member of the family. The remaining requirements are similar to the requirements for applicants for an annual residence permit.
However, the simplest and easiest option is & mdash; this is the receipt of the identity card of the owner of the property Of course, if you are already a happy owner of a house or apartment in this tropical paradise. According to these rules, a non-resident of the Bahamas who owns a house or apartment can apply to the director of immigration for an annual certificate of the owner of the property, a document with a photograph of the applicant that is an analog of an identity card. This card allows the property owner, his wife (or spouse), children, as well as other relatives, to legally stay in the Bahamas for the duration of the card (usually one year). The cost of obtaining a license & mdash; 500 US dollars.
You can get it without problems within a few days after applying. The purpose of this project is & mdash; To facilitate the entry into the Bahamas of those who have already acquired property there.
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