The path to success: how to find a job in London.

The path to success: how to find a job in London.
Foggy Albion beckons residents of the CIS with bright prospects and a decent salary. But is it so easy to find a job in London? The editorial staff of the Zagranitsa portal has prepared extensive material with advice from lawyers and “experienced” people on how and where it is easier to settle with immigrants from the former Union.
Method number 1 – simple.
Get a job in London without a work visa and a diploma from a British university is not that difficult – almost unrealistic. But if you still found yourself in the capital of Britain without a call to work and a local diploma, there are options. The right to work you can get if you have a student visa (it allows you to work up to 20 hours a week), marriage with an EU citizen or other legal grounds.
Employment in the UK without an appropriate right to work is illegal and can lead to very serious consequences, up to deportation and a limit on entry to the country up to 10 years. Each employer, when conducting an interview, is obliged to ask the candidate about his right to work in the UK.
The presence of English education is not so important, as, for example, “local” experience. Foreign graduates of universities – a lot, but the advantage is both knowledge of the language and work experience in the required field. Therefore, sometimes the best solution may be a temporary free internship at a company for the desired specialization (internship, work placement).
Nanny. Babysitter work is one of the most popular for Russian-speaking girls in Britain. They are hired both in English and Russian families. This way of earning can easily be combined with study, especially if you have a student visa, which allows you to work a certain number of hours a week.
Salary: from 7 pounds per hour.
Shop assistant in the boutique. Not as popular for Russian-speaking residents of Britain as a nanny, but also very common. Many London boutiques like hiring employees from the CIS countries to simplify communication with Russian tourists, who are here a lot.
Salary: from 7.5 pounds per hour.
Prestigious work in London is difficult to find. The seller-consultant is one of the simplest earnings. However, even for employees for such a vacancy, the Londoners have many requirements. First of all they pay attention to your experience – first of all in England. The second is the perfect level of English. Come from the street to the boutique and say that you want to work with them – not enough. Here you either need to contact the agency, or look for work through friends, or have good luck.
Guide. Russian-speaking guides in London are always in demand. For a start, you can get a guide in a travel company to get experience. Over time, many guides start to practice private practice – here your name and recommendations of tourists will already work for you. But, of course, in London, competition in this area is very high. Therefore, to become a professional, you need to be sociable, and most importantly – to explore the city perfectly.
Salary: from 7 pounds per hour.
Method number 2 – complex.
A longer way to the desired prestigious job in London is to get a diploma from a British university. The chances for university graduates of the United Kingdom to find a prestigious job are much higher than those of students from other European educational institutions. However, to pay for this will have a rather large sum: the minimum cost of training in London – 6 thousand pounds per year.
Upon graduation from the university in Britain, I was recommended to the position of risk manager at Deutsche Bank in London. After three interviews, I received a long-awaited work. I understand that a great role in my situation was played by a lucky chance – not many of my Russian-speaking friends were so lucky.
With a British diploma, of course, it is easier to find work, but even with a “crust”, immigrants from the CIS countries face difficulties. The main problem is the absence of a work visa.
It is very difficult to find a job in London, especially to people in post-Soviet countries, and to other people, so to say, sitting on a visa. Companies that have the necessary licenses for granting a visa are extremely few, the competition is huge, plus the number of visa employees is also limited. For the company, every visa worker is a necessity to show the level of his salary, insurance and so on. That is, the company should be very interested in this particular employee. Competing with alumni from Germany, Spain, America is quite difficult, especially if we take into account some snobbery of the English towards the Russian-speaking population. Recently I received an excellent job offer in Ukraine, so I will soon return to my homeland. In England, you can find a good job, but this requires a lot of time. And the career ladder here is several times longer than in the CIS countries. Although I love London, but big money, in my opinion, you will not earn here.
A few practical tips when looking for work:
1. Pull up English – this is the first thing that a potential employer will pay attention to, regardless of the vacancy.
2. Starting to search for work with ads in newspapers and on job sites is not the best idea. It makes sense to choose the company of interest to you and enter there as a volunteer or an intern. And then on the spot make friends and establish connections to move on.
The main thing for a successful job search in London is to decide on your narrow specialty. I know that this is not always pleasant to hear, but the summary from the series “drama circle, a circle on the photo” here all just laugh. You must have a clear and consistent career until you arrive in England, so that you are considered seriously. Here experts appreciate a narrow, rather than a broad profile. The second is to remember that this is perhaps the most competitive market in the world. One friend wanted to get a secretary for a modest payment and was puzzled: “Why do not they take me! I have three languages! “. To which she later responded the employer: “And we have a girl who has six.”
3. Let’s repeat about the links to fix the previous point: do not forget to make useful acquaintances! Find a job in London without any connections and recommendations is very difficult. You will have more chances, if someone will vouch for you.
4. Competently make a resume, avoiding long paragraphs: the British will not read much text.
5. If you are invited for an interview, it is important to make a good impression. Do not talk about your shortcomings – Londoners ask about it just for the sake of propriety, they absolutely do not want to hear about your negative qualities. Show yourself, here you love the specifics: try to immediately offer a specific development plan for the company and its role in it.
We told you a little about the vacancies available for residents of the CIS countries in London, as well as the difficulties and joys of working in the capital of Great Britain. But do not forget: everything is in your hands. Good luck searching!
If you still have questions regarding legal registration – ask them our expert Valentina Kolentsova.
Comments (11)
Thank you for the given direction of action. I’m looking for work in Britain for 5 years, but, apparently, there really was not a “focus” on a narrow topic. I have questions: How can I report in an essay for a job, that I am ready to come for an interview at my own expense? (Is he also ready to move to his place of work at his own expense?). I understand that the topic is complex and in many ways painful for the British. How will British hunters and employers react to this? How do you think, to put it most gently and accessible?
Anatoly, first you need to decide on the type of visa that you will potentially work with. This will determine the whole subsequent strategy. If you live in the European Union and you do not need a special visa, this simplifies the matter. Just apply for a job and tick the box where it is asked if you have the right to work in England. This is asked in almost all online ads. In principle, your place of residence can not be reported until you ask. If asked, you will answer and say that this will not be an obstacle. If you need a visa for work from the employer, you will first need to prove to the employer that your expertise is worth taking the necessary steps to issue a Tier 2 visa for you. You have understood everything correctly – you need to decide on the focus and what makes you irreplaceable for this particular employer. If you can prove it, the rest will follow. Good luck! The answer to the question was prepared by Natalia Kuznetsova, marketing and branding consultant, blogger of the Zagranitsa portal. If you have any more questions – you can ask them to our experts. =)
In short, without the EU passport you are nobody!
And with the EU passport?
What kind of garbage is written here by successful “right” people. And how did Veronika Belyaeva, tc “international business manager” come to London? Papik stole money and sent him to England. And we agree to wash the floors for a decent fee. Of course, there are many of them from all over the world. But everyone finds such work.
Good day! People with good intentions told me what to do if you are looking for work in England, and you are Nina Lisova, if you are not interested in this topic, why are you writing this? Veronica Belyaeva, you were present at the theft of “Papic” (which is slang?). If a person succeeds, does someone help? Even if they helped, is it bad ?! More positive and you are lucky!
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