The life of Russians in Canada: the pros and cons.

The life of Russians in Canada: the pros and cons.
A prosperous life in Canada, friendly to foreigners, has long and successfully been realized by fellow Russians and advanced neighbors in the CIS. The country without a stop develops and thrives, each year occupying the first positions in the ratings of the best places of life. The main advantage of the state in the eyes of immigrants is high salaries for all and loyal attitude towards visitors. But before you go collect things for a speedy move, it’s worth making sure that Canada is suitable for this from all sides.
Labor market.
Work in Canadians is not an example much, but only for those who are fluent in English, or at least capable of expressly speaking it. Without the knowledge of the language, there is nothing to do with the maple leaves. If English speech is present among other qualities, then it is possible to count on work on a specialty, especially if it is connected with technology and motor transport.
The unemployment rate in Canada is quite low. Information is provided by Statistics Canada.
There is a list where the most popular professions are displayed in 2018:
auto mechanics – their skills need to be confirmed by a profile document on education, as well as by having a 3-year experience; truckers – will need the appropriate driving rights operating on Canadian lands, experience from 6 to 18 months; service employees of hotels, hotels – work experience is also mandatory; cashiers – diploma, experience; kitchen assistants, chefs’ assistants; nannies; educators of kindergartens – special education, relevant in the country, experience; medical personnel – an international diploma, several years of experience; aircraft engineers – engineers with a higher education, experience in construction from 5 years, knowledge of not only conversational, but also technical English, the state is willing to immediately grant a visa with a kind of permanent residence covering the whole family.
Since early 2015, the government has further simplified the requirements for the length of skilled immigrant workers. Now in many cases it is enough one year of work activity by profession for the last 10 years of work.
Employment & # 8212; an extensive topic, so we dedicated her a separate article How to find a job in Canada ?.
Salaries and taxes.
The current average salary in Canada is not much lower than the average salary in the United States and is about 4 thousand US dollars before all taxes are paid. And they are rather big and grow every year. Nevertheless, compared to other developed countries, the tax policy of the northerners is considered to be sparing. Therefore, Canadians regularly report on their income, after which they transfer the state to 53% of their earnings without delay. As a result, Canadian workers receive on average about 2 thousand US dollars per month.
Statistics of average salaries in Canada according to Statistics Canada. Canadian dollars per hour.
Of course, taxes depend on the type of work activity, the size of the profit, and also on a particular province, since the Kingdom practices free self-government. Distinguish:
personal income tax; duties for sales; charge for net profit; interest for property; excises; taxes on wages.
Ordinary citizens are concerned only with those that are related to property, inheritance, wages. The remaining fees are intended for the taxation of production and entrepreneurial activities. Therefore, ordinary workers have to give only about 29% of income taxes. If the total profit for the whole year does not exceed $ 6,500, the tax is not collected at all.
The state provides a kind of cashbacks, which allow you to return a small percentage of deductions at the end of the year. If you buy necessary interior items, household appliances, other necessities of life, and then attach checks to the tax return, you can compensate for 4-5% of expenses from all purchases. So it’s better not to throw checks in Canada.
Level of well-being.
The Canadian kingdom is known for its lack of conspicuous social inertness. The standard of living is very high, the prices are adequate, the minimum wage is not below $ 1,500. An average full-fledged family with 2 children can easily manage three hundred dollars a week.
Dynamics of GDP of Canada according to World Bank Group. Billions of US dollars a year.
On the welfare of the hockey power is well said statistics:
70% of residents have their own homes; almost all the population owns modern household appliances, high-quality furniture; more than half of Canadians ride private cars; the country holds the first place in terms of the amount of computer and digital technology per capita.
At the same time, several layers of society with different levels of security comfortably coexist in cities and provinces. Therefore, housing of any price range is always available. Similarly, both local and tourist attractions are very accessible.
The most expensive are the northern regions – British Columbia, Alberta. The most pleasant “tariffs” are shown by Manitoba, Quebec.
A high standard of living in Canada is due not only to large wages, but also to markedly democratic prices for food. Although for Russians, the cost of the consumer basket may seem daunting, but against the background of incomes and pricing of other countries, this figure is lost.
The largest item of expenditure for all in Canada is payment of transport crossings. The state is northern, with wild nature, because its population is rather low, the distances are large. Hence the increased cost of hotel services.
If we talk about a tourist trip, then eating only in cafeterias, and living even in a non-profit hotel, you need to be ready to part with $ 50 each day. For the most part, 7% of the tax for any expenditure, whether food, transport or services, is responsible for this. Life in Canada is cheaper than a tour of it.
Canadian Education.
Undoubted plus – the ratio of the cost of education to its quality. For training here take much less than in the eminent American or British universities, but the received diplomas are quoted as highly. There is no state education system, but the quality of education is as deep, and graduates are as welcome around the world as specialists from Oxford or Yale. Teaching programs are similar to American and English counterparts.
Algonquin College of Applied Disciplines and Technology in Ottawa.
The authorities of the kingdom are very interested in foreign students, because from 2015 to get a student’s Canadian visa became a bit easier. The educational institutions themselves constantly launch special programs for entrants from abroad.
The main difficulty for Russians who have decided to learn from Canadians is the divergence in the study of basic disciplines. To avoid this difficulty, parents are introducing their children into Canadian education at the high school graduation stage. Then it will be easier to enter a university, and there are some benefits, including a simplified student loan.
Higher educational institutions are divided into:
universities (83 institutions); technical institutes (90 establishments); colleges (100 establishments).
The cost is set by the region, but in general, it is equal to Moscow rates, and often it is cheaper. There are no scholarships, but there is financial support for immigrants on a competitive basis.
Medical support.
The quality of medical care at the proper height, however, talk about the full cost of medicine is not necessary. Financing the work of Canadian doctors depends on insurance deductions, so without medical insurance, it is difficult to obtain the necessary medical care, even in emergency cases (very expensive). The cost of insurance is determined by the region of residence – residents of the province of Saskatchewan it gets almost nothing, but the inhabitants of British Columbia will have to pay about 130 dollars a month for a family of 3 people. True, even for those who receive minimum wages this is not much.
Canadian health insurance card (sample)
The health insurance often does not include:
emergency medical services; visiting dentists; massage, cosmetic procedures; reception of doctors-homeopaths.
Immigrants are entitled to receive their health card – this is the name of the plastic health insurance card – after 3 months of permanent residence. Before that, you will not have to get sick or buy a commercial social insurance package.
The cost of housing and real estate.
The housing problem for the Russians in the Kingdom of Canada is solved freely. The prices are very different, but there are more than enough offers for any purse. Each province itself takes care of the real estate market, setting its prices and taxes, but all prices are within reach. Of course, the most expensive property in the centers and major cities, more budgetary – on the periphery.
The cost of a standard separate house in the suburbs of Toronto is not inferior to the cost of luxury apartments. At the same time, prestigious condominiums from the city center can cost more than a decent house under the city. On average, the prices for apartments are often lower than those of the Russian capital. The category and value of housing depends on the number of bedrooms (1 bedroom = Russian two-room apartment). So, a 2-bedroom house in the market of Montreal will cost 300 thousand Canadian dollars, the same Vancouver house will cost 250 thousand.
No less affordable for Russian rental housing – from 400 to 1200 local dollars. The offered apartments are always with a separate bathroom, usually without furniture, except for studio apartments, where there is a kitchen equipment. It is supposed to make an advance payment and independently pay utility bills: about 100-200 cand. monthly.
The maintenance of own house manages less (if to judge proportionally). The cheapest rental and real estate in Quebec – one-third of the highest rates.
There is a special feature of renting a one-room dwelling: such a premise can only be taken away by single people or couples without children, since the state’s legislation obliges to provide children with a separate room with a place for sleeping. For violation of the rule, the penalty is levied on both sides – the lessee, the lessor.
The real property of the maple state is highly valued by investors, as a promising investment. Housing is only landscaped, without division into “poor” and “rich” inhabitants. By the way, the latter is typical for how they live in Canada as a whole. Namely – it is equally comfortable at any level of income. Snobbery canadians are not relevant.
The usual advertising article about a happy and rich life in a miserable and poor Canada. A lot of contradictions are visible to the naked eye. One advertisement of apartments from the outlying areas is worth it. It’s a shame, comrade author.
Especially since 18 years, the life of newcomers to Canada will be “easy.” To get a loan for real estate, you need to earn from 150,000 per year, and prices for apartments from half a million. It turns out to live in rent all your life. Slave life & # 8230; .. we personally return to St. Petersburg, where apartments of 60.000.

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