The HSMP program. Procedure.

The HSMP program. Procedure.
The HSMP program. Procedure.
On this page you can see the procedure for submitting documents for the program Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP).
An important difference of HSMP from other immigration programs is that documents in the UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate can be submitted by a lawyer on behalf of the client while the candidate is in his country or in the UK. Also, we draw attention to the main difference between HSMP and the usual work permit-the specialist is not required to have a specific offer from the employer. He can hire for work, and can open his own business.
1. At the first stage, to assess your chances of an immigration specialist (attorney), you need to provide drafts (drafts) in English of the documents listed below. This list should not confuse you, because it is a complete listing of all documents in all categories. Note that it is not necessary to score 65 points in all categories. If you do not have scientific papers and / or do not have the required level of minimum annual income, but you collect 65 points in other categories – you can participate in this program.
Documents required for participation in the HSMP:
Diplomas and certificates of education. Letters of recommendation from the place of study. Reference letters from the place of work. Evidence of owning a business. Inquiries about the salary. Inquiries about the payment of income tax. Accounting statements for the company, reflecting your earnings. A copy of the CV with supporting documents. List of published works and articles. Confirmations of scholarships for special funds. Professional prizes and awards. Patents and Intellectual Property. Scientific works. Confirmation of qualifications for the husband / wife.
Additional explanations on the presented list.
Education. Copy of the diploma with certified translation. If your education is not recognized in the UK, your documents must be submitted to the NARIC to assess the level of your education. Here, the number of points with which the level of your education may be associated will be assessed. For higher education institutions of the countries of the former USSR, scores are usually distributed as follows: 15 points are matched with a diploma of higher education, 25 points – a Ph.D. degree and 30 points – a doctorate. Experience. Reference letters, references from your employers, confirming the information contained in your Resume or Curriculum Vitae will be needed. The work experience in the managerial position should also be confirmed by the appropriate references from the place of work or references from independent persons in case you are a private entrepreneur. The level of managerial positions corresponds to the following: the director of a small enterprise, the head of a department or the head of a project, a link in a state or private structure, etc. For those who are not 28 years old.
-25 points will be awarded for 2 years of work experience,
-35 points correspond to 4 years of work experience,
-50 points accrue for 4 years of work experience of which 1 year at the level of a senior specialist or the head of the small and medium level. After 28 years.
-25 points are awarded for 5 years of work experience or 3 years if there is a doctoral degree,
-35 points correspond to 5 years of work experience of which 2 years at the level of a senior employee or manager.
-50 points accrue for 10 years of work in the professional field, 5 years of which were to pass at the level of a senior specialist or manager. Incomes and wages. To qualify for this program, the level of your annual income must match the minimum accepted within the HSMP for the country in which you work, or exceed it. Levels of earnings are reduced for those who are not yet 28 years old. With the table on the minimum income for HSMP in various countries, you can find here. Your income must be confirmed by a certificate of income from your place of work and a certificate of payment of taxes from the tax authority. The income received from activities not related to your main job, as well as income not declared in the tax authorities will not be accepted for consideration. Program participants who are in registered marriage or civil relations can earn an additional 10 points if their partners are also qualified specialists. In this case, the partner of the participant must also have the qualification and / or experience at the level of a graduate. If the participant wishes to use this condition, it is necessary to provide a marriage certificate or proof that the couple lived together for at least 2 years and assumes further cohabitation.
2. If the immigration lawyer assesses your chance as positive, ie the preliminary analysis of your documents showed that you are gaining 65 or more points, we send our contract (contact details on the Contact US page) and discuss the final cost of our service based on your specific case .
3. When the price is agreed and the contract is signed, we issue an invoice for payment and you pay 50 percent of the amount specified in the contract. Also you must provide us with certified copies or original documents for each point of the application. The second payment is made after confirming your diplomas at the NARIC Institute and before submitting documents to the Home Office.
4. After receiving the payment, we prepare and submit documents to the NARIC Institute to confirm the level of education. Approximate time for reviewing documents at the Institute is from two to four weeks.
5. After receiving a response from NARIC, we send the full package of documents to the Department of Home Office-Work Permits (UK). We compose cover letters. The final application is submitted by an immigration specialist (attorney) on behalf of the client. The lawyer conducts the subsequent correspondence with the immigration officer in the Home Office. You, therefore, avoid the difficulties of communicating with the Immigration Directorate and trust the receipt of a Work Permit for qualified professionals working with immigration laws. The term for reviewing documents in the Work Permits (UK) is two to four weeks.
6. After the positive decision of the Work Permits (UK), we will send you a courier post to you and you apply for an entry visa to the British Embassy. We also provide you with assistance and assistance in the correct filling of application documents and the procedure for obtaining an entry visa. This service is not paid additionally. Your family members can follow you, but you will need to provide proof of sufficient material resources to ensure not only yourself, but also your family members. When referring to a family, we draw your attention to the fact that only children who have not reached their eighteenth birthday can join you. Children can attend public schools, but they still have to pay for higher education. The cost of training in the English university will depend on the institution itself. Immigrants will be able to use free medical care in all cases except for cases of chronic diseases.
If you are interested and wish to participate in this project, please send information about yourself to our email address: [email protected]
Please note that our company provides immigration services, we are not engaged in the subsequent employment of our customers. However, after obtaining permission from the HSMP program, you can find an employer yourself, without any assistance, through the British specialized employment agencies, since you will already have the right to work in the UK. And of course, before you contact us please evaluate your opportunities and visit some web resources of employment agencies:
After the first 12 months of residence, no one expects the immigrants to report on the full implementation of all previously stated intentions. However, it will be necessary to show whether you have a job or job offer, and also to show what attempts were made to find one if you do not have a job at the moment. The most important will also show that you were “economically active” either as a hired worker, a free entrepreneur, or by combining both the first and second for a while, not necessarily all 12 months, and were able to provide for themselves and their family in the UK during the first year of residence.
Thus, to obtain a further status, you do not need to already have a permanent job in this country, but you must certainly keep serious intentions to find one, and also want and intend to continue to live in this country.

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