The firm in Montenegro & # 8212; what to choose.

The firm in Montenegro & # 8212; what to choose.
According to statistics, in recent years, about 1/3 of all registered in the territory of Montenegro firms. belongs to the Russians. In total, foreigners register more than half of all legal entities newly opened in Montenegro. What is the reason for such interest of Russians in doing business in Montenegro? How can a foreigner open his company and what form of organization should he choose for future business?
A bit of history.
The first wave of mass registration of foreign firms in Montenegro occurred in 2006-2007, when foreign citizens were refused registration of land ownership for themselves, that is, for an individual. Without hesitation, foreigners began to open firms and register land and real estate for them. In 2009, the ban was no longer valid and foreign citizens were able to acquire land and housing again. Moreover, the acquired housing became the basis for obtaining a residence permit (residence permit), and, accordingly, the basis for permanent residence in the territory of Montenegro.
However, the new version of the Law on Aliens took Schengen legislation as the basis (which Montenegro really wants to get into the last few years). As a result, foreigners were again denied residence permits on the grounds of owning real estate in Montenegro. Now you can obtain a residence permit only as a director or employee of a company in Montenegro, or as an individual entrepreneur. And in that, and in another case the foreigner gets a so-called radnu permission or work permit, on the basis of which the residence permit is issued.
Differences between LLC and IP in Montenegro.
Algorithm of opening a firm.
A company in Montenegro can open any legal or natural person from any state, there are no restrictions for foreigners in comparison with Montenegrins. First of all, it is necessary to determine the organizational and legal form of the future business, of all such forms 6: individual entrepreneur (forecaster), LLC (limited liability company), joint-stock company (AD), limited partnership (CD & # 8212; sovietno drushshtvo), partnership partnership (OD & # 8212; ortachko drushtvo), a branch of a foreign legal entity (DSD & # 8212; dio country of drushtva). In order to get a residence permit, and to reduce the real activity to a minimum or exclude it altogether (only to pay taxes), the LLC or IP best suits. What to choose & # 8212; decide yourself according to your conditions and plans.
Step 1: We collect and hand over the documents. You will need to prepare (independently, with the help of an accountant or with the help of an intermediary firm): a decision on the registration of a company, TIN (PIB), VAT number (MPE brake) and, if necessary, a license for export and import (tsarinsky bro). Naturally, even at the registration stage of the company you will need to rent a house, copy the passport and lease contract, and also make a licensed interpreter translate the passport into Serbian. This set of documents must be submitted for registration to the Commercial Court in Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro). Consideration of the application takes 7 working days. Step 2: get a work permit for the director. The future director needs to submit the necessary documents to the plant for the duty of the Princess Gore. Obligatory procedure will be required for the nostrification of the diploma (for employees it is not necessary to do it). After 1-2 days, two copies of the work permit are issued to the director, one of which must be submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for obtaining a residence permit (Borovka). Step 3: open a work record in the community at the place of residence. With a happy permission you need to apply to the local optishin, pay a fee of about 2 euros and get a work book with a stamp. Here you also need to register an office if you open it. Step 4: Get a medical book. Health care in Montenegro is free, including for foreign workers. Therefore, a health book (medical book) will be given to you for free, though only after your first taxes are paid. The mark is put on different terms & # 8212; from 3 months to 1 year. Registration at the Zdravie Foundation takes 2-3 days.
The entire procedure for opening a company in Montenegro with the subsequent obtaining of a residence permit (borrowing) takes about one and a half months. You do not have to prepare and hand over all the documents yourself & # 8212; in Montenegro, there are many accounting firms that, for a relatively small fee, will help you register a company in Montenegro without unnecessary complications, and will further maintain your accounting and transfer taxes. We recommend that you carefully consider the choice of the intermediary company, as this is a good opportunity for various frauds. As a rule, the cost of services of local Montenegrin accounting firms is much cheaper than offers from our compatriots. And to find an accounting firm in Montenegro you can without any difficulties in any city.
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