The doctor emigrated to Scandinavia: a decent salary and a half-year vacation.

The doctor emigrated to Scandinavia: a decent salary and a half-year vacation.
The doctor of abdominal surgery Virmantas Daubaras in Lithuania managed to work in five medical institutions, until one day he was offered a job in Denmark. After three years of learning the Danish language, the Lithuanians were lured by the Norwegians. Now Daubaras works full-time in one of the Norwegian hospitals and can not be proud that his vacation lasts six months.
In an interview with DELFI, Daubaras spoke about the working conditions of medical personnel in Scandinavia and expressed regret that the situation of doctors in Lithuania had not improved.
In his opinion, the situation will change only when doctors take to the streets.
Surgeon Daubaras left Lithuania in February 2010. Before that, he worked in the Kaunas Clinical Hospital, the Lithuanian University of Medical Sciences and three other institutions.
“I left after the crisis of 2008, when the situation in the country changed, I worked in five places, I earned, but I did not have free time, and left, having received a good offer,” Daubaras said.
First he went to Denmark, where his childhood friends had already worked. Upon arrival at the hospital in Thisted in the northern Denmark, Daubaras found 14 Lithuanian doctors. When he came to the interview, he was asked the same day when he could start work.
Daubaras did not speak Danish at that time, but it was not an obstacle: when Danes need doctors, they create good conditions and care for the staff. He was taught the Danish language by the teacher right in the hospital, and twice a week he attended courses at a language school. All this was free.
The Lithuanians needed to study not only the language and computer system of the hospital, but also medical subjects – for example, to learn to perform endoscopy. In Lithuania, this is done by a specialist in this field, in Denmark – the surgeons themselves.
In Denmark, Daubaras spent three and a half years.
It works full time, and half a year is free.
When the Lithuanian Lithuanian colleague traveled to Norway and began to praise the local nature and working conditions, Daubaras began to consider the possibility of testing the Norwegian health care system. In addition, the Danish and Norwegian languages are very similar. The Lithuanian found an announcement that a temporary worker is needed in the hospital in Trondheim for three months. The Orcanger Hospital, where he was supposed to work, is headed by a Lithuanian surgeon.
“I arrived, we became friends, the head of the department is one of the first people in Vilnius who left to work in Norway, I have been working here for exactly nine months and I am happy with everything in my work – high activity, a wide range of abdominal operations, hardworking and sincere team. all this in a small hospital, they paid for overtime work, but there were few days off so that you could go home to Lithuania, “the source said, after which he was offered to go to Telemark Hospital in Nototen.
Here Daubaras works with another Lithuanian surgeon.
“Good conditions, you do not have to worry about a lack of anything, if you want to try something new, if you need special tools, means, you say and everything will.” Nobody says anything about the required analyzes. have three to seven weeks of free days plus five weeks of vacation, and my schedule is special – I have almost half a year free.It is a result of active work and duty.I work 107% of the load, and probably created some of the best conditions in our hospital ” , – said the doctor, whose working day lasts from 8 to 15.30 h.
Surprising workload of nurses.
In Norway, as in all of Scandinavia, working conditions depend on how high the need for an employee is. Standard conditions – basic wages with small differences depending on the hospital – are the same for everyone, whether you work in a central or district hospital. In the meantime, additional payments depending on the degree, activity, travel and accommodation expenses, work schedule and overtime, as well as on duty are coordinated with the employer at work.
“Family doctors are paid the highest salaries, they get for every job they do – for a blood test, any intervention, sending tests.” Meanwhile, the salaries of family doctors in Lithuania are among the lowest, “Daubaras explains.
In Norway there is a large number of support staff – nurses and assistants. Sometimes Lithuanians think that they are more in the department than patients. For example, the nurse load is 6-8 patients, in the intensive care unit, one nurse usually serves one patient, and all have assistants. Meanwhile, in Lithuania, for 40 patients, there were 2 nurses and one assistant.
Thanks to the flexible schedule Daubaras comes to Lithuania every month. Usually he works two or three weeks a month. The schedule of work is drawn up a year ahead, so it is easy to plan.

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