The criminal wave covered the Swedish city of Malmo after the city became a shelter for an entire army of refugees.

The criminal wave covered the Swedish city of Malmo after the city became a shelter for an entire army of refugees.
The Swedish city of Malmo is one of Europe’s largest reception centers for refugees from the East. The fate of this ancient city is instructive. So it can become with the whole of Europe. Now in this third largest city in Sweden, with a population of more than 300 thousand people, 43% of migrant Muslims. In fact, this community already controls the city. The first to feel this control was the Jews.
Swedish reporter Peter Ljungrin conducted an experiment. He put on a pile, portrayed himself as a Jewish Jew, and began to walk around the city. From all sides, there were insults. Once he went to the physiognomy. And when he went into the Muslim quarter, he was started throwing eggs. In order not to get something more heavy on the head, the reporter escaped.
But Peter Ljungrin – not the Jew, he can remove a pile. And what should real Jews do? How do they regard this Swedish humanism? And what will Christians or atheists say about such humanism when they too will be driven into the neck without asking whether you are a liberal or not, and how you feel about refugees. And then, in fact, they will start killing. And no multiculturalism. Malmo becomes a symbol of the collapse of this policy, where drugs and skirmishes are a part of everyday life.
There is no safe place in the parking near a large supermarket. The car is after all the hooligans have worked on it, it’s all broken up. And this is not an isolated case. Shooting in Malmo is not surprising. The city now lives not according to the laws, but according to the concepts. Without a reason, the machine is burning. Security cameras and the inscription on the car “police” is not a hindrance.
In Malmo in 2016, 50 murders and 80 attempts were committed. This is the same as for the previous five years combined. About the victims of armed robbery here heard only in the news. Now they are themselves victims. Images from the surveillance camera store: criminals wearing masks, armed with knives, the attack wounded the seller.
“Three guys ran and took money. It happened very quickly, but I remember it well, everything is still standing before my eyes. Last week, robbed an electronics store and a gas station, twice, “says a store employee.
Yesterday a calm and cozy city, today a zone of increased danger. Anet Holmiyen lives in a prestigious area. Recently, she was robbed. Then they climbed into 12 houses.
“It’s like a real war! But we do not know what kind of war this is. Robbing apartments, the police come in 2-3 hours, because for them this is not a priority. And no one says anything, everyone is silent, because everyone is afraid “, – the inhabitant of the city Annette Holmeen considers.
They are afraid that everything can happen again. Olav now always wears a gas can. He agreed to communicate only from the back and only at home. The people who attacked him live side by side.
“They shot me, beat me with beats, threatened to kill me. And my neighbor was robbed by bandits with a pistol. A woman is 64 years old. All this was done by Arab migrants! “- he says.
The criminal wave covered Malmo after the city became a shelter for a whole army of refugees.
In the center of Malmo is a small Baghdad. This is the name of this area. Only on one street dozens of shops and cafes with names in Arabic. The Swedish province became a place of attraction for visitors from the East. According to official data, 43% of the population of this city are migrants. Of the 322 thousand inhabitants, 138 thousand are migrants. When the visitors decided to declare themselves, they went to the demonstration. The procession stretched for kilometers.
Entire areas are occupied. One of them is Rosengord. There are 8 migrants per 10 inhabitants. 63% are unemployed. Here in the supermarkets of the Swedes can not be seen. And this is a school in another district. Children communicate with each other in Arabic.
Boy: “All in my class from other countries!”
Journalist: “All of them? How many people are in the class? ”
The boy: “We are 24 people”.
Journalist: “And all of them? All, and not a single Swede? ”
Boy: “I think one or two.”
A fairy tale city, a dream city! In this remote corner of Sweden, refugees go by chance, they know: they will be met in a royal way.
The village is 80 kilometers from Malmo. There are four refugee accommodation points. One of them is in this old mansion. It used to be a school. Now 100 migrants live here.
Around the warning: drugs are prohibited, weapons are not worn. In the rooms there are one or two people. Conditions are more than comfortable. Migrants on full state support.
Daili Diabate emigrated to Sweden in the 60s. He is a boxing coach. The majority of pupils are migrants. Daili teaches them to keep the blow and survive, helps to adapt in Swedish society. Those who are traveling now do not recognize local customs and laws. And this is the root of all ills, considers Daili Diabate.
“They came here from the war, and instead of forgetting the war, they start it against those people who greeted them with joy,” notes Diayli Diabate.
The situation went out of control, politicians admit. A deputy of the Conservative Party demanded that a curfew be introduced in the city. Residents – for. On the question, can the police protect you the answer alone.
“I do not think so. The police can not do anything. We addressed many times, they said: “In the yard there are drug addicts”. They said: “It’s good that they are there!” We know where they are going, “the woman says.
There, where drug dealers are in charge, police rarely come.
This is No go zone – which means: You can not walk here! This name was given to this area by the police. That is, they officially admitted: here with you anything can happen, anything, and no one will save you.
To the journalist’s question: “Do you think this is a ghetto?”, A woman on the street responds: “I sometimes think so. The state does nothing to integrate people, simply sows them all together. It’s horrible!”
Outsiders here notice from afar. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Sweden tried to calm down the inhabitants. He was in Malmo on Monday, promised to clean up.
“We will punish the gang leaders for what they knew about the crimes being prepared, but they did not. Courts will work in Malmo 24 hours a day, and special services will be able to listen to the phones of bandits and read their messages in Votsap and Telegrams, “Swedish Interior Minister Anders Igeman promised.
The subordinate minister is blamed for everything in the leadership. Policemen write in social networks that they are forced to hide crimes committed by visitors from the public. And to attract migrants to responsibility is almost impossible.
Rape, brutal rape, racketeering, violence against police officers, drugs. Suspects: Ali Mohamad, Mahmoud, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali and so on. Half of the suspects are without documents. And this means, as a rule, that they lie about themselves. These crimes occupy 100% of our time.
For this revelation the policeman was accused of racism, instituted criminal proceedings. However, this week already the prosecutor Malmo made a shocking statement: the city has an underground justice system.
Prosecutor Malmo Per Anderson has information that suspects can pay witnesses half a million kronor (this is about 55 thousand euros) and thus avoid punishment for the murder!
Violence has given rise to new violence! In Malmo, a migrant was killed. He was suspected of raping a Swedish girl. Because of the lack of evidence released. The young man was shot and killed in front of everyone. However, the criminal can not be found.
“As a rule, criminals are killed. I do not have sympathy for them, there is no sympathy for what they did. It is, of course, a tragedy that a person was killed, but I can understand why people think that it is good when they are killed, “says Denis Juhonson, a resident of the city.
Opposition is growing. The problems are more serious. The private electric company refused to work in Malmo. Afraid for the lives of employees. Who can, leaves the city. In the evenings, residents try not to leave the house. The hospitable hosts turned into hostages of their guests.
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