The brilliance and poverty of Angola: overcoming the crisis.

The brilliance and poverty of Angola: overcoming the crisis.
In this country, almost 70% of the population lives on less than two dollars a day, and the cost of the basic consumer basket for a week is $ 50. This is one of those countries that consume the most champagne per capita and where the mountains of garbage in the streets are side by side with luxury cars. With the fall in oil prices, red flags appeared on the horizon, and the question arose on the agenda that “oil dependence” & raquo; can be fatal: analysts warn & mdash; it is necessary to urgently diversify the economy.
“There are agricultural lands, & raquo ;, & mdash; he shows us the family plots. “True, agriculture in Angola is outdated & raquo ;, & mdash; remarks the businessman, who makes for us an excursion into the Angolan economy.
Portugal’s exports to Angola experienced the biggest drop in the last five years, and February’s figures were so low that Angola moved from fourth to sixth place in Portugal’s top customer list. The Portuguese government even set up a 500 million euro credit line to support some of the approximately 10,000 companies exporting to Angola and experiencing difficulties in receiving payment.
& mdash; Despite the costs, the business pays off?
& mdash; What is the logic? If you buy 50 kilograms, I need to hire labor from local and create jobs in order to pack beans according to packages, stick labels and weigh on scales; If you import an already packed product, I need only one person who will take it out of the box.
With every braking, peddlers come running up to the car windows with all conceivable and unimaginable goods: cashews, fruits, maps for mobile communication, headphones with logos of famous brands, packets of drinking water, up to hoses with a shower head and unexpected items such as covers for toilets. In addition, it is on the street that it is most profitable to exchange the dollar & mdash; We managed to gain 140 kwanz, while in the bank the rate varies about 110 kz for the dollar.
In another area of Luanda, Talatone, where offices of corporations and shopping centers are located, Jaime Fidalgo Cardoso, editor of Exame Angola magazine, comments: “In Portugal, when we think about the crisis, we imagine cutting costs, paying debts & raquo ;, but nothing like this is happening here & raquo ;, & mdash; he argues. “There is no debt crisis, since Angola’s debt is extremely low, 36% of GDP. Also there are no reductions in the social sphere, because such expenses were not in sight. What is obvious is the liquidity crisis & mdash; it’s like in business: one thing is the economic balance, the other is & mdash; treasury & raquo ;.
Therefore, according to Rosado Carvalho, either Portuguese companies will choose another type of product for export, or there will be a natural decrease in the volume of exports. It is too early to assess how this will affect the Portuguese community. Portugal can not look at Angola as an opportunity. Angola has great potential, and if this potential materializes, there will naturally be more need for Portuguese and even Portuguese imports, but not for the same type of products that have been imported so far. We are talking about a country with 24 million inhabitants, with an area of 14.5 times the area of Portugal, and with GDP equal to half of Portuguese: the economy of Angola will grow. Now this growth depends on the diversification of the economy & raquo; which will take a long time & raquo ;.
The brilliance and poverty of Angola: overcoming the crisis.
Trump is going to reign until 3000. And Putin?
Russians come with grain and pork.
Investigation of the Smolensk disaster is close to collapse.
All comments.
but they do not write about Norway, SA, UAE, it’s weird, huh?
and maybe the whole point is that in Angola, TNCs are lusting, are not they?
And just do not have about 12 Armat, 10 S-400, 3 submarines and 1 PAK somehow incomprehensible way hand-sawed for some 700 billion.
but did not try to go to work?
About combs :), I bought a strainer plastic, completely plastic, including the mesh itself, and so I thought that as always from China, and was surprised when I saw what was done 150 km from my city.
Meat pie.
although he himself did not want to.
Chic living need to say? My grandmother lives in Kiev where now the Nazis ball rule so she lives on 74 hryvnia for a month (178 rubles or 3.68 dollars) if I had not helped long ago would have died from hunger, that’s what the fascists brought to Ukraine.
pension 1049 hryvnia for 2-room apartment fee was 575 hryvnia, the Nazis now also threw in 400 hryvnia or pay for the apartment and put the teeth on the shelf, or do not pay, but then they will be thrown out of the flat. Here it is the European fascist democracy.
Threat If the grandmother does not derail the train, then the accomplices of the Khazar invaders.
And they’ll make them work or study.
The former colonialists look with longing as their former colony lives without them.
Mentor of b.
Maybe Russia will change its mind.
And does Monsieur Oland know about the starving students in France?
And why are not the gentlemen journalists talking about the crisis in the EU?
The USSR-Russia has swelled into dozens of billions of dollars in Angola, if not hundreds. I sent Cuban troops to Angola to win the Mafia from the MPLA in Angola. The Bolshevik Mafia in Angola won. And she won in Syria. In Cuba, she won. In Nicaragua, too, the Bolshevik Mafia won. Unfortunately, Libya did not win. Few Russian money vbuhivali Bolsheviks in Gaddafi! But the Bolshevik mafia won in Ukraine, in the Baltic countries, in Poland, in Bulgaria, Hungary, in Czechoslovakia, and in Romania. Maybe it’s time to ask the Bolsheviks for a report? Or have they changed their names and grandmothers swam away?
Or are you like Yavlinsky want to sit in white gloves, and all the dirty work of some comrade. Beria must pull?
Have you read the article? they do not produce anything. NOTHING AT ALL. what’s there to steal? live purely on oil money as Saudi savages. and all. do not want to develop – their problems. all is talking. in ukraine, too, everything is there. and even more. and the exhaust is not enough. more precisely, no. The Bolsheviks in every hole seem to be?
so where is it going?
Are you hinting at America dirty?
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