The Argentine army and the Nazis in Argentina.

The Argentine army and the Nazis in Argentina.
It would seem, what could be the connection between such far-off things as the Argentine army and the Nazis? And you look at the photo.
In the photo, the Argentine military of the 1940s. And not what you thought.
The thing is that Argentina is a country of immigrants, and by the 1930s there was a fairly large German community in Argentina. In the army leadership was half the Germans, so it’s no wonder that the Argentine army borrowed samples from the Wehrmacht for uniforms. The weapon was also German.
The German community of Argentina was one of the largest in South America.
Here they are, Argentine heroes! Such any England will win!
Argentines can not live without various monuments and monuments, and in the post-Hitler period, they placed monuments to their soldiers. Notice how they tried to gently soften the vividly expressed Nazi features of this monument.
The Argentine army is now contracted. The call has been canceled since 1994.
In the early 1900s, Argentina was one of the richest powers in the world. Argentina has always maintained good relations with Germany, and by the beginning of the Second World War in Argentina there was already a fairly large German community. It was in those years that German towns such as Villa General Belgrano were founded. And by 1950 she had one of the most powerful armies in the world! So powerful that the United States has already begun to fear the creation of the fourth Reich in Argentina. Of course, this was facilitated primarily by a large number of Nazis who fled here. By the way, it’s fair to say that the Nazis fled not only to Argentina, but also to Paraguay, Brazil, and the same USA. Among the Nazis, one of the leaders of the Third Reich, Adolf Eichmann, fled to Argentina. During the war, he was in charge of concentration camps, and was the main implementer of the “final solution of the Jewish question.” He personally was responsible for the destruction of 4 million Jews, who died in the second world, as we know 6 million.
He moved to Argentina using the so-called “rat tracks”. They were organized by the secret order of the national hero of Argentina Juan Peron, and organized through the Catholic Church. I especially note that Juan Peron is still considered to be a national hero in Argentina, in honor of him are named streets and squares. Why did Argentina need the fascists, who at the end of the forties turned the whole world away? The Argentine government believed that these people are not poor, besides educated and disciplined. Why good things disappear? By the way, Argentina during the Second World War was neutral, but it was with the soul with Germany, and only on March 27, 1945 the country declared war on Germany and Japan, when everything was already so clear. So, Adya Eichmann after five years of secretive life in Europe, moved to Argentina with his family in 1950 among other fascists. He lived quietly under Buenos Aires. He lived more than modestly, in a very poor house. He worked for Mercedes, went to work by bus. Here it is, Adia during his years in Argentina.
He lived like this for 10 years, and he would have lived on like the rest of the Nazis, but his own son left him, not wanting that. The son got acquainted with a girl, a half-old half-Jewish (he was not aware of the Jewishness). And in the heat of revelations, he boasted to her that the Pope personally killed 4 million Jews. The girl told this to her dad (a Jew), he passed it on to someone else, and so the information reached the young but provocative state of Israel, whose intelligence the mossad was searching around the world for the Nazis. In the 1950s, the question of the punishment of the fascists who escaped justice was only worried about Israel. The rest of the world was deeply unaware. By that time Israel had been searching Eichmann for a long time and unsuccessfully, since for this country he was the personal enemy No. 1. And of course, Israel was very interested in information that Eichmann probably lives in Argentina. A reconnaissance group was sent, it was established that this was indeed Eichmann, and they decided to take him. It was decided to take him alive, take him to Israel and judge. But to do it openly, in cooperation with Argentina was very risky. Argentina could not give Eichmann, and it’s all a matter of hushing up. And this is logical, because Argentina herself took him among other fascists. Then it was decided to conduct a special operation in secret from the Argentine authorities. Eichmann was taken in the evening when he got off the bus and walked to the house. At first he was kept in a secret apartment, and then they decided to take him to Israel. For this purpose, an entire operation was developed, headed by the top leadership of Israel. Eichmann was stoned with drugs to an insane state, and dressed as a pilot in an Israeli airline. Special documents were made for him. And on passport control, “fellow pilots” said that their friend does not feel very well, but he will not control the aircraft. And so Eichmann was taken to Israel. When it all opened, Argentina protested that another state had conducted a special operation on its territory without informing it. To which Israel officially responded that he did not conduct any special operations and did not send anyone there, those who did it were volunteer volunteers.
They hanged him. And for all of Israel’s history, it was only two death sentences, both Nazis. Before his death, Adik sincerely thanked 3 “great” countries: Austria, Germany and Argentina.
History could have ended here, but it has a continuation. In 2000, the then president of Argentina, De la Rua, in the US on his knees asked for forgiveness on behalf of Argentina for helping the Nazis after the war.
There is an opinion that Hitler did not die at all in the 45th, but secretly fled to Argentina and died near Bariloche in the 70’s. But this is of course bullshit.
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