Meanwhile in Russia. The street named after the Soviet cosmonaut was divided in favor of the dead killer of Ukrainians.
The authorities of the city of Kyakhta (the Republic of Buryatia, the Russian Federation) divided into two parts a street bearing the name of the Soviet cosmonaut, to give the second half the name of the Russian general who killed Ukrainians in the Donbass and died ingloriously in Syria.
The Syrian accomplice of Putin again used chemical weapons.
On the outskirts of the Syrian capital of Damascus, controlled by the rebels, chlorine poison gas was dropped.
Player Putin loses Russia.
Every day Putin’s road to the finish is getting shorter, and once it’s over.
Syrian militiamen destroyed seven Russian aircraft. The helicopter crashed itself.
In Syria, the rebels fired mortars at the Russian air base Khmeimim, destroying six combat and one transport aircraft. Attack helicopter Mi-24 crashed on approach to the base.
“Peter” went to the Shaitan. The occupier, who killed Ukrainians in the Donbas, was killed in Syria (+ photo)
In Syria, the captain of the Russian Armed Forces found his death, leaving a bloody mark on the Ukrainian Donbass.
“He fought in the Donbas, was killed in Syria.” The lost Cossack “Didi” made his wife a widow (+ photo)
In Syria, a Russian mercenary met his death, who before the trip to the Middle East killed Ukrainians in the Donbass.
Turks traded members of the Mejlis from the occupants for Russian terrorists.
The scandalous details of the liberation of Akhtem Chiygoz and Ilmi Umerov from Russian torture chambers have become known.
Karma. Russian occupiers who fought in Syria, the death caught up at home (+ photos and video)
Four regular servicemen of the reconnaissance and landing company of the 35th separate motorized rifle brigade, who recently arrived on vacation from Syria, died at home in an accident.
The Russian mercenary “Musa”, who killed Ukrainians in the Donbas, was taken to his Shaitan (+ photo)
The mercenary who survived in the Donbas and went to bloody work in Syria turned into a “cargo 200”.
Militants and mercenaries flee from the poverty of the occupied Donbas to Syria over a long ruble.
In the Russian occupation forces in the Donbas, the number of servicemen who want to quit due to beggarly provision of money and go to Syria for work is growing.
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