Stories of moving to the USA on a green card

Stories of moving to the USA on a green card h1>
Most recently it was May 3, which means that many people checked their status in the Green Card Lottery. In this regard, I want to share my story of participating in the lottery. So.
Approximately September 2, 2014, we, or rather my then still a groom, received a very interesting call from the Moldovan intermediary company USA Immigration. The fact is that about 6 years ago, he filled in a questionnaire for participation in the lottery Green Card. Being young and inexperienced, he decided that this company was an official representative, not an intermediary, as it turned out over time. Of course, they have something to thank. Still, they have since 2008 registered my beloved in the lottery, until he, at last, won.
So that’s it. they call and invite to the office, where they later beautifully describe the sweet life in the US, but to make this life available to us, we must first pay them $ 1500 – FOR ONE PERSON! And since we are small, but still a family, then we need to shell out 3000 dollars. But that’s not all. except for this amount we will have to pay separately the consular fee, medical examination, all references. In short, in total it will be released.
4000 dollars for two. For Moldova, where we were lucky to be born, I must say, this amount is rather big.
We, despite the fact that the young, were already able to somehow get back on their feet, both work and therefore came to the conclusion that we do not have time for running around, on the waiting list and so on, and therefore we will pay the intermediary this money so that they can helped to get to America. Moreover, they promised to help with the process of adaptation, for which, incidentally, also need to be paid.
But one day, I thought about it and decided to study all the forums on the topic of the Green Card Lottery. And what did I find out for myself? Mmm. It turns out that everything the company does for the very $ 3000 will fill in the ON-LINE DS-260 form and click on the submit button. All! We must pass the medical examination, only we, diplomas, passports, passports, evidence of the defectiveness of the marriage should also take on us (this is necessary if necessary, since the marriage was made after the win).
And then I thought: what kind, sorry, x * ra?
These $ 3,000 to us Oh how useful in America. But there is one maaalenkoe BUT! To fill out the DS-260 form, we need a case number. And the case number lay in the office of this cunning company and we would receive it only after we signed a contract with them and, accordingly, paid all the necessary amount.
So the problem arose before us, what should we do? How to scratch our case?
The case number is all you need to know about your winnings. All other documents for filling you can find on official websites. This number stores your data in the winning KCC database. By this number it is very easy to restore all your documentation (if you, of course, won) by sending a request or by calling KCC. Also on this number you track when you will be assigned an interview on the Visa Bulletin page. Under this number, you will be in the computer at the American embassies where you will be interviewed.
In general, I continued to wool the forums and that I found out. It turned out that the US Embassy in Moldova can issue cases to those who send them a letter with a request and, of course, a scan of the passport will be attached. Apparently, we are far from the first to encounter such a problem. Why do I elaborate on Moldova? Yes, very simply – in other countries, the embassy does not know at all which cases, but we are special. were! Recently they stopped issuing cases, and now you can get it only in Kentucky 🙁
So, we sent a letter to the US Consulate in Moldova and after two nervous days finally received a cherished letter with our case number 37 ***.
After a few more months of waiting.
On June 22, we received a letter with an invitation to an interview with the consul. The interview was scheduled for August 9, 2015 at 8:00 in Chisinau.
The moral of this fable is this: do not play through intermediaries! And if all the same fate has not saved you, then do not rush them to unfasten money, read the forums and you will certainly find a way out of the situation.
If interested, a little later I’ll tell you how to get information on the criminal record and other documents.
If among the pikabushniki there are winners of the lottery, accept my sparkle congratulations! I will be glad to answer all questions 🙂
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Yes, there is no point in participating in the lottery through intermediaries. If you know the language so badly that you can not fill out the online form, then why do you need the states? In the form of questions from the category “mother’s maiden name” and “answer yes or no to the question: I’m going to bring a bucket of methamphetamine with me to the US.” The only thing that will require labor is to make and attach a photo that fits the standard. Any photo studio has long been aware of the standards of green cards.
Participation in the lottery is FREE, convenient and public (unless you are a grandmother who first sees a computer with the Internet). This is its main principle.
And in the subsequent design after the win, no one will be able to help in any way – still most of the things have to be done personally.
And in general – I congratulate you, you are very lucky, given that scanty chance of winning, which is now 🙂 we are here with my husband for about 5 years of attempts and did not win the card, they got it already in the states through the employer company.
I agree with you completely on all points.
Thanks for the compliments. And God be with her, with this lottery, since you and your husband all the same in the US got and settled 🙂
Yes, there was work in Moldova. My husband found a job in the US while still in Moldova and this company was waiting for him to come. He’s IT. And I’m a philologist by profession. My job search took some time, but now I’m teaching Russian. Money while you shovel not row, but the beginning is necessary 🙂
With language was tolerable, school knowledge, backed up by their own attempts to improve it. Now, of course, much better and easier.
Do not tell me that for CASE NUMBER? I filled in the questionnaire on the website ( *, I did not need it. and now for verification it was needed simply CONFIRMATION NUMBER, it was issued after filling out the questionnaire.
And I like my Rossiyska and in these foreign countries I do not need tries, well, I can only look at the tourist.
P.S. Of course it’s better to dump from the “decaying” homeland than to develop it. (here sarcasm of course)
This is a private matter for everyone. We decided that at least try, it’s necessary. And they were very satisfied with their decision 🙂
Z.Y. was like that in Turkey and argued with the guide about Russia, he has a bad life for you! A lot of Russians in Turkey work. on the dispute with him decided to check, we questioned with him all the Russian-speaking, to whom could reach, the result: 25 respondents for two days, of which 12 from Ukraine, 5 from Moldova, 3 from Uzbekistan, 1 Tajik in general, although everyone said that Russian , 1 from the Baltic, even, for one of Georgia and Azerbaijan and Only One person, or rather a dancer from Russia. And she left in the 90’s, and even Turks, although Muslims. but only freeze on the road & # x1F60A; & # x1F60A; & # x1F60A; & # x1F60A;
“lucky” do not blame the country, for what? if so everything is fine! I have over the past 15 years, none of my friends have not gone anywhere – not for anything :))). in the 90’s when it was. Well, very interesting, then yes, there was a reason, but now. The only thing I’m going to retire on my retirement, I’ll raise children and then after 65 years. if there is an opportunity I’ll send either to the Crimea or to Lazarevskaya, where it’s warmer :))). but abroad, so that children grow up incomprehensible by whom, lose their language, be a second-class person, in FIG.
Dear son, be proud that we bombed a bunch of countries on other continents, and they even could not give us the money. ”
Do you understand why I’m cloning? Yes, maybe Moldova is not a very good country, but so is Russia. Why not move into it?
Because the standard of living is lower, suddenly?
And since you are good in Russia, I’m happy for you. So we will stay with you on different continents, and we will rejoice every single one of our lives.
‘Losers’ ?! ETOGES how much should you have about the author to make such a conclusion? 🙂 Okay, let’s start in order!
1. ‘lose your language’ – ha ha! there seems to be written that the husband and wife are leaving, do you think in which language they will speak at home? this time! and two – for example, I acquired both friends of the Americans and Russian and Ukrainian. You will not believe! Communication is almost like home, only English is developing.
2. ‘being a man of the second grade’ is generally super, and you yourself in your own country what sort of variety are you considered? I somehow am more than confident that you are not the first grade. Probably it’s a shame to be in your native country not the first grade, right? 🙂 but in general the concept of a grade it is extremely relative, xs about what specifically you said. If the status of an expatriate, then I hasten to break you, being an emigrant, I live here better than most of the indigenous population.
3. ‘The children grew up incomprehensibly by whom’ – Vasilissa’s mother! here in general the carcass is light: D firstly my children who were born here they are automatically citizens, in the second since they are children they will perfectly know 2 languages and even 3, it depends on the school, but 2 exactly – native – rus and one more native – angl 🙂 in the third – in any place it all depends on parents, education, environment, etc. So my children have a chance to become something, not worse than children from my own country.
Now in general terms – in emigration, of course there are disadvantages, and for everyone they are different, for me, huge disadvantages are the distance from family and friends, it’s mega cons, but that’s it! In the rest after moving I got some pluses.
In general, like that, next time think about how to write nastiness, especially not what is not backed up. Do you want to sit in your comfort zone? Sit and do not rock, others choose the movement 🙂

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