Start a business in England. Open a company in the UK.

Start a business in England. Open a company in the UK.
Each your order ends with the full registration of your company.
We do not do half the robot. We try to help our customers and get future partners.
We have nothing to hide, we inform you about all the stages of work and about the problems that arise. We can talk to you without an interpreter in Russian and Ukrainian.
Your business in England. Open a company in the UK and start it!
Great Britain has long and deservedly occupied one of the leading places among the great world powers and the world’s largest financial centers, the economy of England is the second largest among the countries of Western Europe (immediately after Germany, which is the leader). The UK is far from being a tax haven, but, nevertheless, compared to other European countries, tax rates are quite reasonable and small (relative to other countries). In principle, if a British company is an integral part of an international group of companies, has the correct structure, then English taxes can legitimately be reduced to a very small amount or in some cases may be completely absent.
British companies are usually structured as follows:
Holding companies are companies that can receive dividends from overseas subsidiaries and can pay dividends to any offshore beneficiary without becoming an object of British taxation in any form. Agency companies are companies that conduct international trade as agents on behalf of offshore or other foreign (non-British) principals and receive income solely in the form of commission payments. Parent companies are companies that serve as asset protection tools, in other words, owners of property or other assets on behalf of a third party. Intermediary companies (payment of royalties or copyrights) are companies that receive royalties related to foreign (non-British) copyright, while not being subject to British taxation on interest income or dividends. Affiliated companies with limited liability are companies that are not subject to taxation in respect of the profits generated within the partnership company. The profit of such companies is taxed in the form of taxes on personal incomes of participants (partners). If participants are not residents and the company is not operating within the United Kingdom, local taxes may be excluded completely.
At least one of the directors must be a private person; in the secretary there is no need. The minimum statutory company is capital: 2 Obtaining the VAT number (if necessary): to obtain this number, you need an office in the country and an account with a British bank.
Creation and registration of the company, assistance in opening a bank account and leasing a legal address for the first year will be: 350 EUR. Creation and registration of the company without opening a bank account will cost – EUR 99 Further maintenance of the company, lease of the legal address during the 2nd year, submission of the annual tax return and the “sleeping” financial report: 3 50 EUR. The company’s registration plan, which includes the services of a nominee director or founder, opening a bank account, leasing a legal address during the first year, a power of attorney with an apostille: 1330 + courier fee. Further maintenance of the company, services of a nominal director or founder, lease of a legal address during the 2nd year, a power of attorney with an apostille, filing an annual tax return and a “sleeping” financial report: 9 50 + courier service fee.
The process of company registration and apostilization of the required documents usually takes up to 10 working days (it is necessary to add more from 3 to 5 days for delivery of documents by courier mail)
We recommend that you open an account with one of the largest banks in Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus, or Denmark. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.
Acceptance and transfer of postal correspondence: 300 per year, deposit required for unanticipated postage Virtual office (includes telephone, fax, reception and mail correspondence): 100 per month. The service is paid in advance, usually once a quarter. In addition, a one-time payment of 150 is provided for the provision of communications, as well as a deposit of 600, which will be returned within 30 working days in the event of the termination of the virtual service agreement. The cost of a real office with a staff is very dependent on the individual preferences of the customer and can vary widely.
British companies are required to provide a financial report for each fiscal year of their activities. The cost of accounting support (operations performed under the agency scheme) will be from 650 per year, guided by the approximate number of accounting entries or accounts per month, and also depending on the planned annual turnover of the company. For more information, please feel free to contact us.
To start the process of company registration, you need the following:
To pay 100% of the cost of company registration Fill in the form Send us a copy of the passport of the person who will receive the income (the beneficiary) and his trustee Send us a copy of the utility bill no older than 3 months ago, in which there is the address of the beneficiary’s residence and his authorized representative.
In the process of registration, you may need notarized copies of apostilled copies of documents.

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