Specificity of business and work in Serbia.

Specificity of business and work in Serbia.
Serbia is a developing Balkan state, which in the near future will become a member of the European Union, which opens up broad prospects for the population. Stable economic level, low rates of corruption and crime, as well as democratic real estate prices attract hundreds of thousands of immigrants to the country annually. Working in Serbia and registering your own company are the most convenient and quick ways to integrate into European society.
Moving to Serbia is possible if you have a long-term visa. After crossing the border, a residence permit should be issued. It is issued for up to 1 year with the right of extension. Living and working in the country can only be with the knowledge of the state language. Serbian mentality is close to Russian, and you can learn the language pretty quickly.
The advantage for foreigners who plan to work or open their business in Serbia is the possession not only of the state dialect, but also of English.
Features of the labor legislation of Serbia.
Serbs are an extremely hospitable and friendly people. The common Soviet past provided mutual understanding and respect between the citizens of the Russian Federation and Serbia. There are three variants of employment in this Balkan state for Russians:
Contract job. The conclusion of the preliminary contract with the Serbian employer allows the foreigner to move as quickly as possible and to count on comfortable working conditions, as well as a high-paying position. It is the employer in this situation that deals with the registration for the employee of a special permit for the performance of work. A foreign highly qualified specialist also has the right to a full package of social and health insurance. Search for a job on a general basis. In this case, the foreigner enters Serbia, and only when he is in the country, he begins his job search. The most common positions that foreigners can claim are teachers, chemists, biologists, pharmacists, IT specialists, etc. Seasonal activity. Work on time in Serbia is an excellent option for those who want to get acquainted with the life and living conditions in the country. In the summer, you can find vacancies in the direction of the restaurant or tourist business, as well as in the service sector.
To live and work in Serbia, a foreign worker must meet a number of requirements and criteria, namely: to be of legal age and capable; have a temporary residence permit and work permit; Stay in the country on the basis of any visa, except for the tourist category.
It should be noted that if there are friends or relatives in the state, finding a job is much easier. Recommendations of local residents and their guarantee is a guarantee of obtaining a highly paid job in Serbia.
The advantages of business immigration to Serbia.
Moving to the Balkans for the purpose of registering your own enterprise is an optimal solution for businessmen who are looking for ways of profitable investment. The advantage of business immigration to Serbia is the minimum costs to establish a business. All conditions are created in the country, allowing to make profit at low costs. To move here under this program, it is enough to provide the necessary amount of financial resources and a developed business plan.
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The co-founders of the company can be several people, the maximum number of participants is 50 people. In order for the company to make a profit, it is important to get acquainted with the country’s market in advance, analyze the supply and demand, and choose the optimal direction. Today, the bulk of foreign investors are investing in tourism. it is this sphere that is at the stage of intensive development.
passport; constituent documents; lease or ownership of real estate.
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In addition to taxes, businessmen are obliged to pay contributions for medical and pension insurance.

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