Soviet actors who left for America.

Soviet actors who left for America.
It was very difficult for ordinary Soviet citizens to go abroad. However, precedents still happened. Mostly representatives of the creative intelligentsia went to emigrate. recalled some famous Soviet film artists who moved from the USSR to the United States.
Saveliy Kramarov.
The famous Soviet film critic Saveliy Kramarov left his homeland in 1981. He was released from the USSR after he wrote a letter to Ronald Reagan. Above the ocean, he could not find a decent job – for a while he played episodic roles in second-rate low-budget American films, but friends said that he was all right and his life in America he was very pleased. Savely Viktorovich after the “perestroika” began in the Soviet Union, he got the opportunity to return, but this did not happen – the artist died in 1995 in San Francisco.
Elena Solovey.
The actress left for America when she was at the peak of her popularity, in 1991. For many directors, who were very fond of Elena Nightingale, this news was a complete surprise. The fact is that the country has come troubled times – Elena Solovei and her husband, the artist Yuri Pugach, decided to emigrate to the United States for the sake of children. Actress initially engaged exclusively in domestic affairs and the upbringing of children and granddaughters. Later, she began to teach acting at the University of New York and conduct a broadcast on one of the Russian-language radio stations. In the beginning of 2000 Elena Solovey created a children’s studio for practicing art.
Ilya Baskin.
The most famous work of Baskin in Soviet cinema is the role of one of Nestor Petrovich Severov’s pupils in the television series “Big Change”. Baskin is one of the few Soviet actors who have developed a professional career in the United States. He left for America in 1976. At first he had to work in a restaurant, in an insurance company and in a newspaper, but then he got it – the directors began to invite him to the set. In the filmography of Ilya Baskin many successful works – the actor played in such films as “The Name of the Rose”, “Thirteen Days”, “Spiderman 2” and many others. He worked on filming with many Hollywood celebrities. Saveliy Viktorovich Kramarov was able to leave for the United States thanks to the invitation sent to him by Baskin.
Boris Sichkin.
Legendary Buba Kastorsky from the “Elusive Avengers” left the USSR in 1979. He had to leave because of the criminal case on embezzlement of state property, which was brought against the actor. Subsequently, Sichkina was acquitted, but his reputation was damp. He and his family settled in New York. The famous artist lived very quietly and modestly. In 1994, after the collapse of the USSR, he was able to return home for the first time after his departure. The artist died in 2002.
Victor Ilyichev.
Well-known and popular film actor Ilyichev practically lost his job in the 90s, like many of his colleagues at that difficult time for the country. His wife (she worked in the theater as a ballerina) received from her acquaintances an invitation to the post of teacher at the ballet school and the family of Ilyichevs went to the USA. Over the ocean, the artist did not have a career – he could not find an opportunity to realize his talent and apply a colossal acting experience. He was very worried because his wife earned far more money than he did. Victor Ilyichev was engaged in house affairs and education of the son. The actor passed away in 2010.
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