Some features of life in Argentina.

Some features of life in Argentina.
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Some might think that Argentina is an earthly paradise. Especially similar ideas can be for those who have visited this country by travel, as a tourist or simply seen the colorful pictures on the Internet: the eye is pleased with bright colors, the eternal sun, warm sea and a pleasant climate. In this case, immigration to such an amazing place is indeed considered to be the only right decision, especially in the light of the fact that Argentina belongs to those countries in which it is easy to immigrate. But it can not be overlooked that moving to any country in the world is always a hard and long-term labor, on the part of every foreigner there will certainly be hundreds of claims to the country, its traditions and habits, the way of life of the inhabitants and the inherent character traits. Without throwing seeds in the ground, it is impossible to obtain favorable results of their labors and to receive real pleasure from immigration.
So, what is Argentina?
Undoubtedly, this is a special country with a unique color and a special way of life. Its unique feature is that most of the population is emigrants and their descendants. The big one in this case is really impressive figure and in a percentage ratio is 1: 9. Thus, almost every Argentinean – either recently immigrating, or keeps in memory the stories of his ancestors about how hard it was for him in a foreign country. By the way, this is precisely what is misleading some foreign citizens who are going to continue their life in Argentina: here they have a wonderful attitude towards visitors, but only from the same local people, and not from the government. It makes it ambiguous at the entrance to the country that it does not It is worth waiting for help from him in the form of subsidies, lifting and other.
The next feature of life in Argentina is that, despite a fairly significant number of Russians in the country, it is almost impossible to run into the Russian community. All natives of Russia (rather, even from the USSR) are individuals who, in some cases, are slightly familiar with each other. Therefore (and not only) every emigrant, before collecting suitcases in Argentina, it is not necessary to learn English (as most ignorant foreigners believe that this language is universal), and Spanish. Without knowledge of this, adaptation in a new country will take place several times heavier.
The bulk of the Russian-speaking population lives in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and in San Carlos de Bariloche. Here you can meet and Russian churches, and a couple of Russian shops, and several restaurants (not at all popular among Argentines). But even though Russian speakers are familiar with each other, they rarely communicate – and although this can be attributed to the characteristics of the people themselves, it is worth noting that in most other countries of the third world, the Russians are trying to unite.
In general, in order to exist normally in Argentina, it is necessary to follow local laws, adapt to the Argentines, understand their worldview and the general attitude to life. A special feature of local residents is their innate benevolence, which is accompanied by indispensable smiles, warm embraces and constant promises of help. So every newcomer to the territory of the Argentine Republic will have to get used to the fact that new acquaintances, encounters and farewells are accompanied by kisses on the cheek – if we take into account that a countless number of such events per day occur, then in a few days such behavior becomes a way of life: kissed – smiled – moved on.
In various sources you can find information that in Argentina they love Russians. This is not so – indeed, the locals love all emigrants and sincerely sympathize with them, mercy forces them to promise help, give innumerable advice and demand to address them for everything necessary. However, such behavior does not at all mean that real help will really be provided – for the most part, these are just promises that do not mean anything in just a few hours. And the Argentines do so not at all with evil, it’s just their distinctive trait and words for them that mean little. There is even a theory: if an Argentinian says “yes”, in fact it means “possible”, if he says “it is possible”, then it is “most likely not”; if “no” is not an Argentinian.
Russians are loved for their ability to work, especially those who are in the country recently. The fact is that Argentina is famous for its unhurried pace of life, which is set by the Argentines themselves – they do everything slowly, with special slowness. Worrying about time, both foreign and domestic, is not at all part of the plans of local residents, which, of course, affects the work. We can say that Argentines are first-class masters of imitation of working conditions. Immigrants to Argentina can only advise that they get patience and know how not to pay attention to it, because offending every Argentine can be left completely alone.
However, the deliberate slowness of local residents does not at all extend to the “length” of their language-it is worth doing a reckless or rash act, as the whole country will literally know about it. Rumors in Argentina are spreading at the speed of light, and everyone has to get used to it.
A characteristic feature of local residents is the reluctance to delve into many subtleties, to study what is hardly touched by them and to try to understand the complexities and intricacies of the law. To solve many problems, they have a gestion – it is a person who is something between a detective, a lawyer and an expert. Immigrants to his services resort much less often, trying to save money and solve their problems on their own.
Argentine cities are mostly similar: the city center and 10-20 blocks away from it are asphalted roads, from which there is no further trace: dust, bumps, dirt and other “delights” of dirt roads. By the way, all the Argentines are born racers, they manage to accelerate at 150 meters, pushing each other at traffic lights to braked sharply at the next turn or traffic light. In this country, traffic rules are often violated – few people even pay attention to road signs placed at all intersections, and therefore the death rate in automobile accidents in Argentina is the highest in the world and is more than 10 thousand people a year.
Life in Argentina is difficult only at first – until people get used to the slow flow of life, defined by rules and laws. The main indicator of the success of Argentine existence is the availability of work. It is quite difficult to get a job in the country – for any free place, several dozen wishing to work for 12-15 hours a day for only 1-2 pesos per hour. To be more precise, it is difficult to find a job in Argentina for permanent work, which is appreciated by the fact that such an employee is provided with social, medical and insurance protection, in addition, he has the possibility of a loan. By the way, those who got a job, we should remember that in Argentina, it is very important how a person has proven himself. And this is important not only in the immediate workplace, but also in where it is going to be located in the future – in this country practice is common when the employer calls the previous owner to find out his opinion about the person, nature and ability to work of the employee.
In general, Argentina can be called the place on the planet where it is possible to start life from scratch. The truth is only if a person is full of energy, enthusiasm, strength and health.
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