Social security in Sweden.

Social security in Sweden.
In Sweden, a social democratic or solidarity model of social protection of the population is established, where the state has a leading role. The task of the state is to create conditions for universal employment, equalization and stabilization of the income level of the population. Social spheres are financed by a rather developed economic sector of the state and a high level of taxation.
In the GDP of Sweden, a portion of government spending reaches 66% (Finland – 56%, Denmark -61%).
Adopted in 1862, Swedish legislation on local self-government on the division of secular and church affairs, and still works today. The church is occupied with church affairs within the boundaries of its parishes, and rural and municipal municipalities-communes-have been created for local government. The regional level is represented by the county councils. The communes are entrusted with the functions of social security for Swedish citizens (social welfare, guardianship and trusteeship, youth programs, etc.) education, ecology, etc. In recent years, they have been given the responsibility to adapt refugees and emigrants arriving in Sweden, for which they receive compensation from the state.
Terms of reference for the county are already, but, nevertheless, they are responsible for health and regional development, including. for the work of inpatient and outpatient medical institutions. Expenditures of communes and county councils are very large – 20% of the state’s GDP. The income of the county and counties is the income tax from the population. Over the past decades, this tax has been growing steadily in 1970, 21%, and in 2007 already 31, 5%, while the revenue of communes is 20.8%, the county’s budget is 10.8%. All residents of the country are guaranteed social benefits, even if they do not work and do not pay insurance premiums.
The Swedish pension system gives the right to a pension at the age of 61-67 years. The pension security has the following components: state pension, pension from the employer, professional pension and personal pension savings. The right to state pension comes at the age of 65, it depends on income. A small part of it is considered the basic guaranteed pension, it is paid to people income, which were small and those who did not have them.
Social insurance is one of the elements of social security in Sweden. It provides for the following types of insurance: parental and sickness insurance (parental benefit and sickness benefit, compulsory dental and medical insurance, etc.), a system of people’s and supplementary pensions. All residents of the country regardless of their nationality from the age of 16 are registered in one of the offices of social insurance. Social provision and care for the disabled, the elderly and mentally ill are assigned to municipalities.
At the heart of health care for all residents of the country are laid equal conditions and access to medical care. At present, the main direction of Swedish medicine is not the treatment process, the main focus is on the prevention of diseases.
The social package is not only for residents of the state. For refugees and immigrants there is a block of free social benefits (medical care, study, etc.). Any resident of the country from the age of 18 is entitled to receive material assistance (for food, footwear and clothing, sanitation and hygiene, etc.), if his income does not exceed the state standard.
The state has committed itself to provide its citizens with security and protection in critical situations, the leadership and organization undertakes. In Sweden, from the moment of birth until the last day, the state worries about residents.
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If you do not mind, I would like to read more specifically on the social package, in figures. Only not average figures, but on specific examples. Well there & # 8212; fitter, engineer, seller (in the state system!) how much salary, pension from this salary, how many hours a slave a day. How much paid leave. Prices, utilities, Travel, etc. Can be in the table. Insurance is mandatory! And who pays for insurance and how much? And everything is not universal but in figures (in euros), Thank you!
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