Site for those who want to leave

Site for those who want to leave h1>
It’s time to bring down. But where and how? is a site about emigration from Russia from the authors of the community “It’s time to lose?”.
Bad Arkhangelsk, bad Ufa, Moscow? We all know that Russia & # 8211; this is a bad country for a living and it will not be better.
Especially for those who decided to start with themselves and do not wait when in Russia everything will be adjusted again & # 8221; we already have half a thousand people of successful emigrants who came to the site with a single goal & # 8211; HELP YOU TO LEAVE FROM RUSSIA.
Q: So that’s me and help?
A: There are a lot of people in the world for whom the word mutual aid & # 8211; this is not an empty sound. One of them is writing this text for you now. For the past five years, I spend almost all my free time to help potential emigrants, administer the community “It’s time to lose?” (Top5 LJ) VK and FB, and now I’m also doing the site.
And I see that the main problem is for those who want to, but can not leave Russia. # 8211; usual lack of information.
At, living people answer your most important questions about emigration. First-hand information!
Q: Oh, well, is this some kind of another kickalo cho you vparivesh?
A: Yes, yes, kidalovo, it is very good that you understood this so quickly. have a nice day!
Q: Yes, it’s worth the money!
A: No, with any consultant you can communicate for free. No one can make you pay a penny.
Q: But is the price written there?
A: Yes, as in the shoe store, but for some reason you can try on shoes without paying a penny.
Many consultants set a price for their services, but no one forbids you to ask them: “What exactly is this price for?” And what will I get for my 20 euros? ”
Communicate with any and every consultant you can freely and none of the consultants can not force you to pay at least a penny. Any payments are made only by your own will and only if you are satisfied with the results.
Q: And where is there any guarantee?
A: No, there is no guarantee and can not be. If someone in matters of emigration gives you some kind of guarantee & # 8211; run. Our task is & # 8211; give you information and help assess your chances.
Your main warranty is & # 8211; your prudence and your own test. Do not put all the eggs in one basket, talk with several consultants (it’s not worth the money), check all the facts. We help you get out of Russia, but do not drag you on the couch.
Q: And why do you need this yourself?
A: Someone must do this? It so happened that my simple question in 2010, “how do you even live there in such conditions?” Grew into a multi-million community about emigration.
For five years of community management, our team (jokes-jokes, and we are already a dozen people) became experts in the issue of emigration. According to Levada’s estimates, in Russia there are at least 16 million people who want to leave Russia, sixteen million, Karl! Someone should help them? And this is clearly not power.
Q: Yes, you are not a patriot, you betrayed your Motherland!
A: Yes, that’s right. The next question.
Q: Yes, the site is damp at all!
A: Right now we are working on the site, and will continue to work on. There are a lot of plans.
But right now you can find consultants.
Next will be the ratings of consultants, more detailed descriptions of the methods of emigration, detailed background information on countries, instructions, not only consulting, but also real services.
Our task is & # 8211; with the help of people who have successfully passed the emigration path to answer all your emigration questions in the most detail and insure you at all stages of emigration, from choosing “where can I go”, to “buy me a house or apartment” in a new place. All this will be.
Are there any questions, ideas on the site? Ask in the comments & # 8211; we will correspond.

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