Should I leave for a permanent residence from town to village?

Should I leave for a permanent residence from town to village?
Tired of living in a bustling city. It began to draw on nature. Mushrooms fishing hunting garden vegetable garden. The thought crept in to sell the apartment and go to the village on the river bank. I will be able to live, – the legs have hands Does this make sense?
Good day! Probably everyone has his own in this life. Much depends on work, hobbies, views on life and age. Let’s say I lived all my life in a city in an apartment. Yes, I, too, am bored with the apartment, I will not hide it. The nature also pulls often. But to live somewhere in the distance from the city and civilization all the time, I probably could not. I would be overcome with melancholy. So my option is average. I would really like to have my home and live in my house, but that he was not in the village, but in close proximity to the city. Well, if you’re fishing or hunting, the car is always at hand. If you want, you can always escape.
Of course, it’s worth it! I moved to the countryside, I already have experience. For mushrooms, however, has not yet gone to even 2 years, because there is no time. I went fishing several times. But the garden and the garden are simply terrific and useful lessons. In the village there are minuses, but the huge advantages that there are among the villagers, outweigh all the disadvantages. In a city to live – you can go crazy. First, fuss is not a useful phenomenon, the heart hardly has to beat on such rhythms. Secondly, the noise level in the city is huge, which can also negatively affect the psyche. Third, in the city you feel more like a slave. You were fired from your job – even die. In the village there is a garden and their animals. I used to think that the land is so, it’s fun, but 2 seasons seriously planting a vegetable garden, I’m sure that the earth is feeding! I have so much food in the cellar accumulating in the fall, that all uncertainty in the future disappears!
I’m rustic. I’ll tell the truth. The village is good. However, after plundering the power of our logging enterprise, for example, there is no work and we are scattered all over who can. I myself went to the city. I had to work without labor book on construction sites as a guest worker for a kiddah salary. Last year, I picked up the “mouse”. The eyesight and hearing returned. However, until now I can not work physically. Before the mouse was a tick, the place of his sucking was swollen, urgently had to run to buy medicines so that there was no encephalitis. Until then, the rat at the time of sleep rubbed my little finger, I had to go to an antirabic injection (against rabies). Raging foxes here also go. The hunter was attacked by a hare, the benefit of his mother-in-law was a paramedic, made him go for the same anti-rabies injections. Think, do you need this? If necessary, then welcome. I will be glad to increase the population of my village. Chelyabinsk region. Ashinsky district. The village of Novostroy. My name is Mars.
It is worthwhile if there are a number of conditions in the village, for example:
children’s institutions, such as a garden and school, if the family has small children; there is at least some kind of work, this is relevant for families where not all pensioners, since not everyone can only provide labor for their families in their households, in addition, they still need cash to pay for the communal, buying clothes, household goods and much more; nearby there is a medical institution where they can not only make and measure the temperature; the possibility of bringing gas, water, electricity to the house, because I think that it is everywhere now; there are at least dirt roads to the village and in it itself, and then in the fall you can drown in mud walking or even trying somewhere to go by car; In winter, snow is removed in rural streets.
if you are hardworking, do not have addictions to alcohol and are confident that you can become a full-fledged master, then go ahead. If there are doubts, then it is better not to. life in the countryside is not romantic, it’s not limited to fishing alone.
Worked and lived with his wife working years in the city, there and retired. Could and continue to live the same way, surrounded by habits of things and relatives, a few, frankly, already bored. We decided not only to leave the city in the village, but also from the Far East – to the Ryazan region. We drove through the foreign car, the Japanese, to the whole of Russia, and came to our village in our own way, where we bought an old but solid brick house with an old garden. We lived in the village for 6 years. Of course, the air is fresh, mushrooms, berries, fishing, hunting. This does not take away. But the extreme and the difficulties of life in the village are not less, if not more, than in the city. Of course, you will receive for yourself organic food, but the cost of them is many times more than what you buy in the store. And one can go to the old people to live in the village only when they are already quite tired of living. The truth is from overwork (and it is impossible to stand when a huge garden and garden is overgrown) can break down and not even rise from the bed to death. Young people in the village can not be dragged out, and they do it right. The village can now be revived, only by re-introducing serfdom in it. It was impossible to ruin agricultural enterprises. Yeltsin and Gorbachev need to be handed over to the huge Sutulov Order! And we again thought, and ran off with his wife to live on the beaches in Bulgaria.
And I think you just need a good rest and everything will fall into place, it’s better to buy a house in a nearby village and use it as a dacha, and in the city to earn money, for one thing and understand if you like the village or just needed a rest. If there is an apartment in the city, you can, by the way, experiment, for example, rent an apartment for a while while in the village you live – on 10t.r. from the delivery of an apartment in the village you can get a good start. If you need advice – my advice is not to rush, but first everything is good to think and try, and only then burn the bridges and sell the city apartment.
Ideally, of course, so that you and the apartment will remain, and the house could be bought, then you could first try to live there for a while to understand – yours is it or not. And there would be an opportunity to return to the city if you are not there ponravilos.A so .. We must think carefully about what connects you to the city. If there are no very important reasons why you could not leave it, then I think you can leave. Think about what you would not be able to do without in life, and if all this is available to you in the countryside, then I see no reason to stay.
The best option is six months in the village (in summer) and six months in the city. So, by the way, the landlords once lived) In the summer in the estate, and in the winter the city and balls) My husband and I live in the village all the time, he soon retires, he, the only one in the village, has a permanent job – labor. We will probably rent an apartment in the city for the winter.

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