Should I go to Vinnitsa?

Should I go to Vinnitsa?
Vinnytsia is the pearl of the entire Podolsky region. This city is located on the banks of the Southern Bug River in the heart of Ukraine. For 659 years this area has been growing and developing, being one of the most respectable in our country. For me, this city is special, because each of us feels an amazing connection with our native lands. It was here that I experienced all my ups and downs, grew up, nurtured my individuality. At the same time, I always felt some sort of magical connection with my native city. That’s why I would like, so that more tourists learn about this incredibly attractive zest among Ukrainian sights.
I remember this city from a small age, when it was a Soviet guise and nothing radically different from its relatives. But in recent years, Vinnitsa has changed to not recognizing. Many times I watched the emotions of the emigrants who had left abroad ten years ago and, having returned to their native abode, were simply unable to contain their enthusiasm. And it really is so – the city is not one by one, but by the hour it acquires European features. And as a native inhabitant, it makes me feel proud pride for all those events, the witness of which I am becoming.
Traveling on my time was a lot, always admired the beauty and splendor of foreign countries. But it’s nice, after wanderings, to return to native penates and realize that it’s better not to find places in the whole world. I know every corner, every street, every monument … But I will never get tired of discovering Vinnitsa from the new side. After all, the city can give unforgettable experiences at any time of the year. And each time there will be a drop of freshness and novelty in those emotions that you experience in familiar places.
In Ukraine there are many powerful tourist centers, which are also worth a visit. This city has its own charm – it is compact and calm. Here, every person, even when in a public place, feels comfortable and protected because of the lack of bustle of megacities. By the way, last year our city was recognized as the best for life in the whole country, having overtaken even a solid capital. When choosing the winner, the following parameters were taken into account: business activity, culture, crime, real estate, ecology, medicine, budget, infrastructure and, of course, attractiveness for tourists. It is on the basis of these modest results and my subjective opinion that I can confidently say that it is absolutely necessary to visit Vinnitsa.
Now a little about the comparison with other tourist options. As I already wrote, here you can relax from the turmoil and the frenzied rhythm of large cities. But here is not a quiet creek, in which I want to howl with boredom. Depending on the purpose of the visit, every tourist, from the smallest to the experienced aksakal, will be able to entertain himself to taste. In the city there are options for active and quiet rest. An important advantage of the trip to Vinnitsa is the relative price availability. Prices in the city are significantly different from those that exist in large cities. That is, the purse will not be exhausted in the end, and for a fairly nominal fee it will be possible to spend pleasant time.
A disadvantage for those who travel by their own car, may seem the state of roads in our country. In my city, this problem has already been solved, so it’s a pleasure to ride a new asphalt for the citizens and visitors of the city. I repeat that the city in all strive to meet European standards. And further solid pluses – amazing landscapes, magnificent nature, many interesting places, hospitable people, positive emotions.
If the question of whether it is worth taking with you on a trip to the younger generation, I will venture to give an affirmative answer. Children, in principle, unpretentious people, if properly brought up, so it is easy for kids to rest everywhere. But if the child has an elevated level of capriciousness, then it is worth while to wait with travel and to work out a little correction of upbringing. For children in Vinnytsia there are many interesting things, they will not be bored for sure. Particularly enough entertainment in the warm season, it is better to come with children this season.
On the question of the security of this area I will also answer in a positive way – there is nothing to be afraid of. According to the rating Vinnytsia occupies the lowest place in crime. But even completely disconnect the sense of self-preservation is not necessary – supervision of personal things is useful in any case. Girls should keep in mind that there are many foreign students here who are distinguished by their ardent temperament. Going alone here, you should not succumb to provocation. And even better – take along a partner / companion, thereby doubling the amount of pleasant emotions.
The result of my story is one – Vinnitsa definitely worthy of attention of tourists. And I’m not a bit afraid that someone after deciding to decide to come and will be dissatisfied with their choice. Because, it’s simply unreal. The main thing is to reserve yourself with the right attitude and go boldly. I wish everyone who visits Vinnitsa a pleasant pastime and only joyful experiences!
It is always very interesting and interesting to read articles written by local people about their native lands. So kindly presented with material that immediately very much wanted to visit your wonderful city, with the nice name of Vinnitsa. Wander through the streets, sit in some cafe, and I heard that you have singing fountains. At such a show I really want to go and admire.
Can you please tell if these fountains are functioning at the moment? Is there a seasonal restriction and which show is the most interesting of those that show? I would also like to know the pricing policy for adults and children. Thanks in advance.
Vinnitsa Answers to the most.
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