Saturated yoga adventure in 9 cities of India to choose from!

Saturated yoga adventure in 9 cities of India to choose from!
Why go to a yoga tour in India?
To distract from business cares, to have a rest from the chief, problems with clients and other vanity. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that changing scenery is the best rest and an excellent opportunity to start thinking in other categories, or maybe not to think at all, but to enjoy new species. After rebooting the mind, you can return to work with new forces and ideas.
To get acquainted with new acquaintances and a lot of opportunities, to get in touch with English in practice, as well as to receive an unlimited number of chances to communicate not only with Indians, but also with foreigners coming here from all corners of the world.
To get acquainted with local traditions, Indian mythology and philosophy, to get the opportunity to stay in traditional Indian clothes for the entire period of stay in the country. After all, India & # 8212; it’s summer all year round!
To get acquainted with yoga, if there is no experience, and plunge into its depth for those who own the basics. To feel the taste of group singing of mantras and meditations. To touch yoga at a practical level: from ethical principles and asanas to breathing practices and meditations.
To enjoy delicious local cuisine, and also it is possible to brighten your vegetarian diet with an incredible assortment of natural fruits, vegetables and greens.
Our route through the cities and states of the coast of India.
Why India?
The atmosphere of the country will clear your mind, fill your life with new bright colors.
You will plunge into an incredible ocean and find peace here.
Amazing Indian cuisine, spicy, varied! And in this country you can enjoy a wide variety of fruits all year round!
In India, the happiest people live, it’s no secret! And now you will also learn to rejoice at every moment “here and now”
Thousands of temples, spirituality in every moment. India definitely helps to find yourself and understand your own place in life.
In India, summer is year round! Here lives the sun! And a sea of monkeys and unusual birds! And all this world lives under the slender palm trees and the most unusual trees.
Yoga for the soul and body, for beginners and experienced, to know yourself and calm the mind.
Anastasia Musina is a certified and experienced yoga teacher, a certified yoga therapist, a specialist in women’s practice, the creator of her own unique technique that allows you to quickly and qualitatively immerse yourself in a literate yoga practice that changes life for the better.
He has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years, teaching for the past 10 years. Teaches classical Hatha Yoga, and also has experience in its various directions. He has the certificate of the International Yoga Alliance of India (RYS 500), has been trained in the Yoga system of Iyengar in YogaPractika, is a regular teacher of yoga therapy in Russian-language international courses for yoga instructors.
Based on her knowledge and practical research, Anastasia developed her own internal system, in which one of the main accents is working with students to understand her body, all its features and awareness of its place in life, which helps to choose the necessary vector of development in the future.
What awaits you in our warm adventure?
The brightest events on our tour.
Tours that we created earlier.
Anastasia Musina.
Yoga teacher, organizer, yoga therapist.
Graduate in Eastern philosophy and yoga, she studied for a long time in India, leading travel in various directions. He has extensive experience in many years of yoga practice, the founder and head of the school of yoga, INDIA & # 187 ;. Sensitive and fair, generator of ideas, inspirer and motivator.
During the trip we will conduct a series of useful practices and master classes on yoga, personal development, proper nutrition and tell about all the intricacies of organizing independent travel around the world.
Metey of Straubelsberg.
A traveler with experience. I traveled all over Russia and half the world. He knows all the secrets for a full-fledged tourism: where, how, with whom, for what and how to do it, having any amount of money in his pocket. It will help you to realize that you & # 8212; already a traveler, you should just start, and you will never be able to stop.
Why can we trust.
Our project is a combination of comfort, super service, unusual content and high quality. All this helps when traveling the world to go on an inner journey – deep into yourself, into your own heart.
We painstakingly and lovingly compose each tour. Everything is painted and recorded by the minute. Perfectionism is our best friend) Sometimes it really drives us a little crazy, but we know for sure that you will be happy) And we, of course)
Participants of our tours live only in good hotels. We do not settle people in hostels. We are for comfort.
We totally immerse you in a new culture. Saturated program, interesting lectures. We prepare ourselves and, if necessary, we find the best guides. Every day of the tour is not a bloated boring rest. No, it is an active involvement in a new world. Time is just to write down important insights and take a picture of yourself. And it’s so cool!
Good yoga. This is our calling card. We do not add practice to the program only for entertainment. Classes bring a new meaning throughout the journey. Our yoga is changing people. “Yoga inside” is a new world, the Universe inside, allowing to see the meaning and depth of the Universe from the outside.
Feedback from the participants of our tours.
The first trip abroad required a special attitude and believe me, I got something that I could not even dream about. I’m still overwhelmed by the emotions of this amazing journey! After my decision to go, Anastasia picked up a cost-effective flight, her intuition helped save a round sum of money. Before the trip, Anastasia and Veronica, very thoroughly instructed on all issues, what, where and when you can do, and what not. After all, this is a completely different country, a different language and other customs! The trip was planned clearly, no one was waiting for anyone, the tour program was interesting, and everything happened on time. Thank you for a wonderful vacation! This journey will forever remain in my heart. ”
Many thanks to Nastya and Veronica for my trip! If it were not for their support, sensitivity and detailed preparation for the trip, I would not have made up my mind. They always have answers to even the most stupid questions, so the belief that everything will be fine, does not leave throughout the preparation for the trip. And I always know that I will have excellent tickets, a proven airline, the best route and all-all-everything. Special thanks to Nast for the deepest knowledge of the history and philosophy that she shares on the journey!
I know the school of yoga “India” for 2.5 years, however, not so long ago I discovered it on the other side: traveling. Tours are rich, all the days are always painted by the minute, everything is arranged to the smallest detail, these are wonderful incredible adventures! I am grateful for interesting, informative, fascinating excursions and for a lot of fun memorable adventures that left indelible impressions! For the care and support that you give us all, for the constant care and attention! With you I feel calm and safe! For me, every your tour miraculously becomes a reboot of spiritual and physical life! Now I know exactly what it means to open up life and live here and now & 171 ;! Thank you!
The word “sincerely” You can characterize every yoga tour from the school & India & # 187 ;. Going on a trip, I always know that I will spend time with good. All yoga tours are saturated, informative, in a wonderful company of like-minded people! Even weekend trips provide a feeling of fullness and reboot. Interesting program, versatile people, unity with nature & # 8212; A guarantor of a well-spent time and self-knowledge. Thank you for coordinated organizational work!
At once I will say that to organized tours & # 187; I am very suspicious, because I got into unpleasant situations with unpaid hotels, imposed tours, unfulfilled promises and other hassle. I prefer to book everything myself and always have the opportunity to influence the situation. An exception to this rule over the past few years, about 10 were just trips with a studio of yoga – India & # 187; because I have known Nastya and Veronica for a long time as extremely scrupulous people. And I’m always sure that everything is thought out and will go according to plan. It is not easy to be a responsible organizer, and I do not even know how Nastya and Veronica manage it, apparently the chanting of mantras helps not to go insane.
I want to say many thanks to the organizers of travel, the yoga school in India, I liked the organization of the event itself, everything went on at the highest level, besides each person had his own approach of opinion, and everyone’s requests were taken into account. I also liked lectures and fellowship, where everyone could express his point of view. After such tours you feel like a new, inexpressible feeling, just a surge of vivacity!
What is included in the tour price?
Comfortable accommodation in hotels in all cities along the route;
All internal transfers by taxi, jeeps, trains and rickshaws;
Transfer from the airport to the hotel there and back;
Entrance tickets to all attractions;
Daily excursions and visits to temples;
Regular classes on the practice and theory of yoga;
Lectures on the history, philosophy and mythology of India;
Escort 24/7 and translation services from the organizers;
For their own.
until 15 August.
Hot offer.
before September 1.
Last chance.
after September 1.
& # 8212; tickets to India. We will help you to buy them for free at the lowest price;
You can always contact us.
+79185018434 (Viber, WhatsApp)
+7 (918) 522-64-47 (Viber, WhatsApp)
Yoga school “INDIA” in Rostov-on-Don.
Address: Semashko 48�.
Leave a request.
Question & # 8212; answer.
What will change the yoga trip to India in my life?
This holiday, first of all, will change you. With the help of new discoveries, visits to interesting places, useful and interesting practices, a good environment, an incredible beautiful space, you will restore yourself. And if you find a quiet and peaceful happiness, then your life will naturally begin to change, because now you will already radiate only pure energy, joy and smiles.
I want to go alone? Is this possible? Do others do that, and will I feel comfortable?
More than 50% of participants join our travels in this format. But during the rest in our friendly team all of them find a lot of new friends for themselves not only during the tour, but also for many years to come. In our travels there is always a friendly warm atmosphere, and you definitely will not have a reason and reasons to feel lonely.
What should be the level of my yoga practice in order to participate in the tour?
Our trip will suit absolutely everything, since its program is very extensive and diverse. If you have never done yoga before, or are just beginning to embark on this path, practice with us will lay a solid and competent foundation for future studies in the future. After the journey, you will be able to realize and feel your body, helping him to move in the right direction with the help of the right techniques that we will give to you. If you have been practicing yoga for a long time and have a lot of experience, fine. A large amount of material in this journey is designed specifically for experienced practitioners and yoga teachers. In the class you will learn the material that can not always be found in popular literature and yoga centers.
How is payment made? What do I need to do to register?
You send an advance payment of 15 thousand rubles to the Savings Bank card. Next, we help you find the best airplane tickets. The remaining amount you pay with dollars at the rate of the Central Bank on the first day of the trip. In case of refusal to travel, the prepayment is not refundable.
Can you help me buy tickets for the plane?
Required. Always for the participants of our travels we choose the optimal flights for free. We regularly monitor price changes in all airlines, and we know when and how to find the cheapest and most convenient tickets. If you can not make a purchase yourself, we will do it for you. Those who can easily understand all the nuances of buying tickets, we will send a link to the best flights.
Each participant of our travels we send a special memo, which details everything you need to take for a comfortable rest: from clothes to documents. We will send you this list after your registration.
Is it possible to stay with me on vacation longer than foreseen by the tour program and leave later?
Of course, you can do it. In addition, we will certainly help you organize everything in a way that is budget-friendly, and you feel comfortable even after the official program. Also we will be happy to tell you how to have a good time and advise interesting excursions and inspiring exotic places.
For residents of the Russian Federation, a visa is required to India. It is very easy to arrange, and we will help you in this.

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