Russian & quot; night butterfly & quot; in China: “This is so easy a salary that I could not resist”

Russian & quot; night butterfly & quot; in China: “This is so easy a salary that I could not resist”
Their services in the Middle Kingdom are in great demand. Revelations of a Russian woman working in a special nightclub.
Foreigners in China lead a variety of reasons. Someone comes here for work or study, others are driven by love or even a passion for Asian culture. But there is a certain category of expats from Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe, whose services in the Middle Kingdom are in great demand. It is our compatriots who make up the majority of foreign workers in the sphere of intimate services and consumption in China. The most popular direction is working in clubs and KTV. One of the girls anonymously told the ECD how she got into this sphere, why the Chinese go to KTV, and what services they have there.
About what is KTV.
In China, like many, I came to study. All my life I was engaged in dancing and gymnastics, and therefore work as a model or dancer was very fast. Especially 5 years ago, when foreigners here were much less, and the demand for them & mdash; considerably higher. All offers for work in KTV then for me seemed absolutely wild, as these institutions were associated with something dirty and immoral, but it’s so easy and quick money that I could not resist.
Usually KTV (Karaoke TV) is a two-three-story building with many separate rooms, which have large tables, TVs and an audio system. Companies of Chinese from 4-5 people come here to drink, play dice and sing in karaoke. Often in this they are made up of Chinese and foreign girls who are trying in every possible way to bring profit to the institution, prompting customers to order more and more drinks or food. This is called consumption. Of course, for a certain amount, some girls agree on more, more on this a little later.
The most profitable evening & mdash; it’s, oddly enough, Monday. On the first working day of the week, usually contracts are signed or important customers come, who are led to KTV. Few people come here just to have fun with friends. Usually a party in KTV & mdash; this is the traditional way of the Chinese to show their hospitality, to respect the business partner or to celebrate a successful transaction. For them, pay the foreign company in KTV & mdash; means to show your status and authority. Very often the guests instead of pawing girls or getting drunk, just play with them in dice, discuss work and talk about their family. Of course, we do not understand this, but such pastime & mdash; is really an important part of their culture.
About the types of KTV and their services.
There are many different types of KTV. There are models where the girl performs the role of a live dummy & mdash; you can not communicate with the client on personal topics, smoke or use the phone. Just sit all at the parade and smile. And there are places dirty and even scary. In similar KTV, there is a great demand for the service & laquo; races & raquo; when female Chinese workers undress and naked jump on the client’s lap. Then they change and so on a circle & will skip & raquo; all guests. And, of course, there are our girls who also agree to this. As far as I know, on & laquo; races & raquo; in the institution does not go. If the client wants to continue, then the girl goes & laquo; to the exit & raquo; & mdash; To the hotel or home to the man. I worked in KTV in the center of Shanghai, where if a client aggressively insists on something, tries to get you drunk, then you have every right to leave.
About how a typical evening is.
The working evening starts at 8 pm. The girls are led out into the room to clients, where they choose those who like them. They have very specific tastes: at whatever age there was a man, they all are attracted by baby-face. That is, a Chinaman will always choose the one that looks most like a child. It’s disgusting, but I think it’s like this all over Asia. If we talk about some dress code, it’s straight hair, a cocktail dress, you can even closed and long. If you do not want hints of continuation, it’s better to wear something simple. The Chinese will not & ldquo; roll up & rdquo ;, if you will look humble.
On special services and trends.
A year and a half ago, not a single Chinese in a decent KTV had any idea of calling a girl & laquo; on the way out & raquo; just like that, no one touched us and offered no bawdry. Pat on the shoulder or kiss a girl’s hand & mdash; this is all that the client could afford. But after the crisis began in Russia and Ukraine, a huge number of girls came to China, who turned their heads so much that they allow themselves to be touched for minimal amounts in any accessible and hard-to-reach places.
Such an abundance greatly spoiled the Chinese. For example, a client can say: “Listen, I came here a week ago and your girlfriend did this for me with the same amount of money, and you sit and touch your hand even if you can not.” If this goes on, then it seems to me that in a year the consummation in China will be bent. This can be called easier & ndash; prostitution.
I also noticed that usually well-off Chinese people will never bother, but rather show their concern, try to start a small talk and no more. But the subordinates and small office workers, whose bosses are invited to relax with them, is much worse. The lower the position of the Chinese, the more free and loathsome he behaves.
About who works in KTV.
95% of foreign girls working in KTV came from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. Sometimes I see girls from Georgia or Armenia, and even less often & mdash; from Spain or the countries of Latin America. Everything is driven by a lack of work and banal laziness. It’s very easy money & mdash; for a couple of hours you can usually earn from 800 yuan ($ 120). In general, we get 1,500 yuan ($ 230) for the evening, but the part should always be given to the booker. Booker (from the English booker) & mdash; this is an agent that finds girls for similar places and customers. Regulates all organizational issues and ensures the safety of the girl.
I had cases when the Chinese sat in KTV for only forty minutes, and I still received my 1,000 yuan. Of course, not all girls working in KTV or clubs are engaged in prostitution, but most begin in these institutions. Very often our girls become the keepers of wealthy Chinese who pay their apartment, clothes and trips abroad. Sometimes it’s a nice and decent man, but there are also disgusting perverts who realize their dirty fantasies at the expense of the girl.
Very rarely a girl needs money so much that she, having iron principles, crosses herself and goes to the keepers or prostitutes. Most often these are just girls, whose morality has given way to greed. Having arrived from the Ukrainian or Russian village, they start buying up expensive branded things, flying to Bali several times a year or saving themselves in an apartment in a very easy way.
The average interest rate for an intimate is 8-9 thousand yuan at a time ($ 1200-1300). There are customers who offer you up to 30 thousand yuan (more than $ 4,500), if you really liked. For wealthy Chinese this is a small amount.
If he called you & laquo; on the exit & raquo; from an institution where you communicated with him, and your bookers know about it, then you must give them a percentage. For example, you get 8500 yuan, but give a thousand to the booker. Chinese women who work at KTV usually combine this with day work or even study at the university. 90% of them are engaged in prostitution. I’m no longer surprised that many girls are not yet eighteen, but the most disgusting & mdash; often you can see in KTV a pregnant young Chinese woman who not only drinks and smokes, but also naked participates in & ldquo; jumps & rdquo; on clients.
About security.
There are different stories. Girls are soldered to such a state that they creep out of the clubs and KTV, forgetting about the money. They are expelled without giving the full amount. Many girls purposefully come to work in KTV at the age of 18-19. She is suggested to go to the exit & raquo; for 12 thousand yuan, which she agrees, but the booker does not give her a penny or takes a large part of the amount.
In Shanghai, not so many bookers, seventy percent of girls work with the three most tested, but come across and disgusting. In one of the biggest and most popular KTV Shanghai booker beat a girl for the fact that she without her permission independently led to the institution of the client and did not give his interest. After this incident, the booker placed in WeChat her photos and offered one thousand yuan for the information where she lives. It is clear why. Mafia! This is the standard. It’s most dangerous to work with them. Usually a whole crowd comes, hang out until the morning, scattering cocaine everywhere and arranging disassemblies. More than once in our KTV came the police, but, in fact, not in the fight for morality or to catch foreign women.
Everything is simpler: KTV pay a certain percentage to the police, and if the amount does not suit them, then constant checks begin. In such situations, we are simply hiding in one room, turning off the light, if anything, output through the black exit.
About relationships and guys.
Many girls think of KTV as a one-off work-in-progress, but once having tried it, realizing what a simple salary is, they come back again. Throwing madly difficult. How to build a personal relationship by working in KTV? Maybe I’m shocking someone, but there are girls, guys who know perfectly well what their second half are doing. This is by the way that everyone blames the Slavs for their swagger and debauchery, but our guys often quite calmly live with the idea that their apartment, a trip to Thailand and a new phone is paid for by some lascivious Chinese. And in general & hellip; Recently, men’s consummation or gigolos are gaining popularity when guys find themselves a wealthy married middle-aged Chinese woman. I’m shocked again, but pay a lot more guys! Chinese women bathe them in presents, give their Porsche, rent apartments, carry on vacation. Girls even envy.
Bitter precipitate.
There are girls who have been doing this for a very long time. I do not think that one of them wakes up one day with the desire to get a job as a manager or to get an education. No, they usually marry Chinese or, after accumulating a certain amount, return to their homeland, where they are sometimes waiting for a husband with a child. The most sad sight & mdash; women are 30-35 years old, for whom life goes on: she wakes up at five in the evening, arrives at eight at KTV or a club, spends the whole night here, and goes to bed in the morning. And so many years in a row.
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