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Obama suggested changing the rules of immigration in the United States.
“But now our immigration system is destroyed,” the president said. “And everyone knows this.”
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Larisa Gershtein recorded the album of songs of Bulat Okudzhava in two discs in Russian and Hebrew “Two roads”, as well as the disk “End of summer” with the songs of V.Vysotsky, A.Galich and Israeli authors.
58 Wise and useful.
Do not put off your plans, if it’s raining outside, a strong wind. Do not give up on a dream, if people do not believe in you. There are no unattainable goals – there is a high coefficient of laziness, a lack of ingenuity and a reserve of excuses.
Intelligent thoughts, wise.
The ability to express one’s thoughts is no less important than these thoughts themselves, for most people have a rumor that should be delighted, and only a few have a mind capable of judging what has been said. Philip Chesterfield.
Shame or pride.
Look at the deck of this ship – it is empty. But the aircraft carrier is red! Of course, in a storm campaign they are downstairs, on the hangar deck, but the sea, as you can see, is quiet.
Handwriting and character.
Handwriting. Or another way to determine the character.
You want to know the nature of the person you are interested in – take a closer look at his handwriting … There is such an entertaining science as graphology.
Ancient Japanese.
I’ve always wondered where the tradition came from eating sushi from the body of a naked girl. Tradition in the United States was revived in 1941 by Salvador Dali, who laid the table for the secular society of New York on. the body of his wife Galya, though she had covered her with a sheet beforehand. But about the ritual:
Sternomantiya: The form.
Exciting forms of the female breast from the age of the world drive men crazy, lighting a fire and a foggy head in the chest, which results in a natural turn of their lives on the path of unquestioning worship of the beautiful.
Forgotten “black.
For the first time the legend of Volodya-sniper, or as it was called – Yakut I heard in the 95th. They told her in different ways, along with legends about the Eternal Tank, the girl-Death and other army folklore.
How to love and How.
Frankness, which no one expected. The most famous woman astrologer first told about how she loved, how they loved and betrayed her.
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