Russian Chinese War. The US-Europe-China Treaty on the dismemberment of Russia is inevitable.

Russian Chinese War. The US-Europe-China Treaty on the dismemberment of Russia is inevitable.
“. Excises on vodka, excises on tobacco, excise taxes on gasoline will also grow. ”
20 views on blogs American authorities charged 11 suspected of espionage in favor of Russia, 10 of them were arrested. Radio Mayak 06:08.
It’s not just the thoughts of the enemies – it would be half bad if only enemies – these are the thoughts of dangerous psychopaths with the perverted and turned inside out logic (however present!) Of psychopaths, vested with status, influence, authority and the opportunity to enter experts in high spheres.
– automatic provision of an early residence permit, and if desired, granting citizenship under a simplified scheme to all immigrants who graduated from high schools and specialized secondary schools in the southern regions of Eastern Siberia and the Far East (….)
– development of a mechanism for attracting and using funds from budgets of all levels, as well as extrabudgetary funds allocated for the reception and arrangement of immigrants;
– creation of conditions for the integration of immigrants in the labor market, housing and social amenities, (…)
– ensuring a balance of interests of the local population and migrants, taking into account their ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious differences, developing and implementing special programs for their ethno-cultural and linguistic adaptation; (…)
– (…) A child born in a mixed family automatically receives the right to Russian citizenship.
– Carry out a one-time amnesty; granting citizenship to all citizens of the former USSR who have lived in Russia for at least 3 years, even if they are citizens of other countries or stateless persons.
– Strengthen the simplified granting of citizenship for persons serving under contract in the law enforcement agencies. At the end of the contract, citizenship is granted to both employees and their families.
– When opening your own business (…) to merchants from the new abroad, knowing the state language of Russia and the established minimum of the invested capital in 3 years to provide Russian citizenship.
– To establish that for migrant workers who have worked at least 3 years at Russian enterprises, in order to obtain citizenship, knowledge of the Russian language, the existence of a profession, confirmed by a labor contract and the absence of offenses (…) are necessary.
– to ensure the elimination of the gap in the preparation of applicants from the CIS countries, i.e. to create a wide network of preparatory departments, study in which will allow to close the gap in the training programs on the basis of secondary school, incl. In Russian;
– ensure the right of legal residence (registration) in the territory of the Russian Federation for the entire period of study;
– Provide temporary housing (hostel) for the entire period of study. ”
� The Moscow Post, 28.06.2010.
Bound by one purpose.
Buying in 2005 a non-residential premises on the Great Communist Street, entrepreneur Elena Skvortsova did not suspect that in five years the building would cost five times more expensive, and the Skvortsovs themselves would be forced to part. She is in exile, he is in the remand prison.
Realizing that the new owners, with the help of police officers, are trying to take away the conscientiously acquired property, the Skvortsovs tried to protest – and in vain. In April 2007, an official letter of the deputy chairman of the State Duma Security Committee, Viktor Ilyukhin, appeared on the criminal case against Vladimir Leus, former CEO and principal shareholder of OAO StekloMontazh. In a message addressed to the chairman of the FSB Patrushev, Ilyukhin accused the acting officers of the Service for the Protection of the Constitutional Order and the Fight Against Terrorism I.Chertakov and A.Kondratiev in raiding.
A bona fide buyer – a year of SIZO as a gift!
In March 2008, Vladimir Leus was sentenced to 4 years in prison. And “restless” Elena Skvortsova meanwhile tried to defend her right to legal ownership. Then, a faultless reception was used against the spouses – Helen Skvortsov was forced to leave the country after numerous threats, and Mikhail Skvortsov was taken into custody in July 2009 on charges of … colluding with Vladimir Leus for fraud while buying a building on the Great Communist. 18
In the past six months, the patient recently undergone two operations on the heart of Mikhail Skvortsov’s state of health has sharply worsened. Doctors of isolator �772 gave investigators a written opinion about the need for immediate hospitalization of the person under investigation. However, the investigation team was inexorable – as a result, on June 11, 2010, right before the eyes of the investigator Guskov, Mikhail Skvortsov had a hypertensive crisis.
The situation with the investigative group in the Skvortsov case was unenviable. To carry out an explicit “order”, investigators can only successfully close the criminal case – or having achieved a real term for Skvortsov, or, God forbid, in connection with the death of the suspect. In any case, the grossest violations of all written laws and job descriptions by the employees of the investigation department of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the CAO will sooner or later come to the surface together with other “registered” criminal cases, and another scandal with the generals’ resignations will occur in the Moscow GUVD. And phantom raiders with a “roof” in the form of equally ghostly officers of the antiterrorist or other FSB management will simply disappear – together with “Steklomontazh” and its buildings, which in their value system mean much more than human lives.
This is not a guide, it’s a monkey playing with a grenade.
The volume of Russia’s debt is above the country’s gold and foreign currency reserves by almost $ 30 billion.
Moscow, January 14 (New Region, Anastasia Smirnova) – As of January 1, 2010, Russia’s external debt, according to the Central Bank of Russia, is $ 469.7 billion, down by almost 2% over the year. Meanwhile, as the correspondent of RIA Novy Region reports, this amount is almost $ 30 billion higher than the country’s gold and currency reserves, which by the beginning of the year amounted to $ 440.6 billion.
The press service of the current democratic Ministry of Internal Affairs, without any embarrassment to human rights activists, frankly reported that during the exercises “special attention will be paid to solving problems of joint actions (with the army) in the course of countering illegal armed formations and large armed gangs.

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