Rules of entry into Israel, which documents are needed for entry.

Rules of entry into Israel, which documents are needed for entry.
The agreement on the abolition of the visa regime between the two countries, Israel and the Russian Federation, entered into force in September 2008. Since that day, all citizens of Russia and adults and minors who have foreign passports have acquired a unique opportunity not to waste time on issuing a visa without making out other documents, repeatedly or single entry into Israel or leave, travel in transit or stay on the territory of the State of Israel without a visa for 90/18 days.
The official website of the Embassy of Israel states that any citizen of the Russian Federation now has the right to cross the Israeli border, while staying on the territory of the country should not exceed 3 months. within six months. To enter Israel, you need a foreign passport, the validity of which must not be less than six months from the date of entry into the country. This condition must be observed, otherwise already at Israel’s international airport Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv, a trip to the Promised Land can quickly end. This is one of the first rules for entering Israel.
The final decision on the entry of a person into Israel, regardless of visa or visa-free regime between the State of Israel and the country from which a citizen of another state comes, is accepted by the country’s border service or other competent services involved in permission to enter when a foreigner crosses state borders Israel.
Even if there is a visa-free regime between the two states of Israel, for example, and Russia, many specialists and those who have already visited the country recommend that they have at their disposal a full package of documents for entering Israel, which will convince the Israeli border service when passing the passport control about honesty and good intentions and will urge her to make a positive decision about you personally about permission to cross the state border.
Under the rules of entry into Israel, it is necessary to provide a list of documents that are recommended by the Embassy of the State of Israel to Russian citizens for crossing the border: it is necessary to have a foreign passport, not less than 6 months from the date of entry into the country. Be sure to pay attention to the validity of your passport when you make a tour. When crossing the border of Israel on passport control it will be necessary to provide an air ticket to one side and the other, that is, to enter Israel and travel with specific dates. This requirement is official. Those citizens who have air tickets with empty dates, where the departure date is not determined at the border while passing passport control, can meet with difficulties, and will also be literally covered with additional questions when entering the country, and this is unnecessary time and nerves, again, there is no guarantee that the border service will give permission to enter Israel.
When presenting documents for passport control, you will need to show medical insurance for the provision of medical services abroad. Earlier, when there was a visa regime, and when applying for a visa, medical insurance was not considered mandatory, now – it is necessary to arrange it. In the list of documents required for a problem-free border crossing, you must have a document confirming the reservation of the hotel room if the purpose of the trip to Israel is tourism. As you can see, booking a room in a hotel is necessary in Israel in advance.
If a citizen of Russia or another country travels to Israel for medical treatment in Israel’s medical centers or clinics, then it is necessary to have an invitation from a medical clinic or center in accordance with the rules of entry to Israel. That is, the procedure is the following: first you need to contact the medical center or the clinic where the treatment is planned, consult the specialists of the clinic about the documents, diagnoses and everything else, and if the Israeli experts agreed to solve the patient’s problem, assess it realistically all financial costs of treatment and receive a special specific invitation from the clinic.
If the entry to Israel is planned to visit relatives, acquaintances, friends, or business meetings, then according to the rules of entry into Israel, the necessary document in this case should be an invitation from the same relatives or friends and so on.
In this case, the invitation can be either in the original, or sent by fax or e-mail. The form of the invitation is unchanged. But to the copy of the identity card of the person who invites, attach the text of the invitation, drawn up in an arbitrary form. However, the text must necessarily contain clear information about the inviter, who he is invited to, the time period for which the person is invited, and information about who will financially support and provide the trip to Israel.
If a trip to Israel with a small child is planned, the original of the birth certificate is the necessary document for crossing the border with the child. If both parents accompany the trip of a minor child, then the birth certificate will be enough.
If you enter Israel with one parent, then surely from the second you need permission to cross the state border, certified by a notary. If a child travels abroad as a member of a tourist group or accompanied by other persons, then notarized authorizations of both parents with copies of the first pages of their passports are required.
We considered options for documents to enter Israel, if there is a visa-free regime between states. But I must say that the abolition of visas does not apply to all citizens who are going to Israel. Visa is required for those who travel to Israel on diplomatic matters with diplomatic or service passports, visas for entry to the country are required for students planning to study at Israeli universities, and visas are issued by ministers of religious faiths who travel to Israel at the invitation of religious institutions The Holy Land requires visas for volunteers who are going to Israel to work in kibbutzim, monasteries and so on.
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The pleasant news for many travelers is that since February of last year 2011. to enter Israel were abolished for citizens of Ukraine.
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Since 2008, a visa-free regime has been established between Russia and Israel, if the registration concerns guest and tourist visas. If the trip to Israel.
What is a visa? Visa – translated from Latin means “seen.” In fact, today a visa is a document that allows entry into that one.
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