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How to get a residence permit in Latvia when buying a property in Latvia?
The opportunity to obtain a residence permit will be available to foreigners who acquire real property in the territory of Latvia:
– in Riga (Jurmala), the Riga region and the republican cities – one object with a value of at least 250 000 euros;
– beyond the mentioned territories – two objects worth not less than 250 000 euros;
– The cadastral value of the object / facilities must be at least 80,000 euros (if less, an estimate will be required according to which the market value is not less than 250,000 euros).
-to obtain a residence permit (with or without family), a one-time fee is collected / budget – 5% of the value of the property (at least 12,500 euros)
What documents are needed for obtaining a residence permit when buying a property in Latvia?
– the questionnaire of the established sample;
– a photo of 3×4 cm;
– a certificate of the results of a fluorographic or radiographic examination from a Latvian medical institution (valid for 1 year);
– certificate of marriage, if the residence permit is issued for the spouse;
– a birth certificate of a child, if the residence permit is issued for a minor child;
– Certificate of criminal record issued by the competent institution of the country of citizenship or residence (for foreign citizens over 14 years of age), if the alien stayed there longer than 12 months (valid for 6 months);
– a document confirming the provision of the necessary subsistence minimum: a certificate of the status of the bank account (if a credit institution is not registered in Latvia, an international payment card is required that is valid for use in Latvia), travel checks, some other documents;
– these documents must confirm the existence of a foreigner’s subsistence minimum. 4560 EUR per year for every adult member of the family (minimum monthly wage 380 EUR X 12 months) + 2736 EUR – for each minor child (228 EUR X 12 months);
– a document confirming the intended place of residence in the Republic of Latvia; in the case if the address of residence differs from the address of the acquired immovable property – the lease or lease of immovable property;
– the permission (consent) of the owner to whom the immovable property belongs, on the declaration of the alien’s residence in the property belonging to the owner,
– a document certifying that the payment for the purchase of real estate is made by bank transfer and with all the conditions at cost;
– document on payment of state fee;
– a document confirming that the alien has no debt to pay real estate tax if the property belongs to him for more than one year. This document is necessary in case you are requesting a residence permit not simultaneously with the acquisition of real estate;
– a valid health insurance policy.
I already had a property in Latvia, can I get a residence permit on this grounds?
The right to obtain residence permits in Latvia appeared only among those who purchased / purchased real estate (concluded / conclude a purchase / sale transaction) after July 1, 2010. It should be borne in mind that from September 1, 2014 new conditions are in effect (they are indicated above).
Why do I need a residence permit in Latvia?
The residence permit in Latvia, as one of the EU countries, gives the foreigner:
– with the residence permit in Latvia you can work, study or start a business in the country;
– A residence permit can also be obtained by the spouse of the holder of the residence permit, his underage children;
– the children of the holders of residence permit receive the right to free treatment, attend kindergartens and study in schools. Enroll in the university of any EU state will also be easier, because for third-country nationals, there are often quotas that can be avoided if there is a residence permit;
– the right to stay permanently in the territory of Latvia;
– You can apply for an invitation to the Schengen visa for relatives or friends in Latvia;
– it is easier to obtain visas for travel to countries outside the Schengen area.
– the right to receive or exchange your driving license for a Latvian (European model), having lived on the territory of Latvia for 183 consecutive days.
– The right to travel freely (without visas) and stay up to 90 days in other EU countries (excluding Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania), and the right to travel and stay up to 90 days in Norway, Iceland and Switzerland;
– the right to obtain a permanent residence permit in Latvia – after 5 years, 10 years later – Latvian citizenship.
If I get a residence permit, do I always have to stay in Latvia?
The legislation does not provide for restrictions to be on the territory of Latvia as a condition for maintaining residence permit. You can just come here every year to renew your documents.
ATTENTION! If you plan to change temporary residence permit in 5 years to a permanent residence permit in Latvia, then the presence in the country should be considered. Since within 5 years you can not be absent in Latvia for more than 6 months in a row and in the amount outside the country you can stay no more than 1 year for the whole period.
Do I need a representative to conduct the procedure for obtaining a residence permit?
As a rule, it is not needed. But if the applicant can not attend himself – then you can use the services of a lawyer. An advocate has the right to file documents on behalf of the person requesting a residence permit. For the preparation and processing of documents, it is also recommended to involve a lawyer, since This procedure requires accurate registration, provision of all necessary applications and compliance with deadlines.
How to authenticate documents?
Documents issued in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan need not be reassured.
The expiration date of documents for residence permit in Latvia.
– a call to obtain a residence permit – six months from the date of its approval;
– documents confirming the availability of the necessary financial security and the proposed place of residence in the Republic of Latvia – three months from the date of issue;
– references, letters and other documents, except for documents certifying the civil status, court decisions, certificates from the archive and documents on education – six months from the date of issue;
– A certificate of the results of an X-ray or fluorographic examination – a year from the date of issue.
Where can I apply for a residence permit in Latvia?
Documents for a residence permit a foreigner must submit to the diplomatic or consular representation of Latvia outside the Schengen area.
If a foreigner already has a valid residence permit in one of the member states of the Schengen agreement, documents for requesting a residence permit can be submitted to the Representative Office located in the country of the Schengen agreement.
How long does the registration procedure take?
The time for consideration of documents is from 5 to 30 days, depending on the amount of the fee paid. By this time, time should be added to send documents by diplomatic mail. The period during which it is necessary to arrive in Latvia to obtain a residence permit (it is issued in the form of a plastic card): 3 months from the date of the positive decision.
How much does it take to get a residence permit in Latvia?
The state fee for the examination of documents upon the request of a residence permit depends on the speed:
99.60 � – consideration of documents within 30 days;
241.82 � – 10 working days;
384.18 � – 5 working days.
For how long is the residence permit issued?
A residence permit in Latvia is granted for a period of 1 year (for family reunification) to 5 years (when buying real estate, investment, etc.). The period for which the residence permit is issued depends on the grounds on which the residence permit was issued.
ATTENTION! It is necessary to confirm and prolong the residence permit every year! Plastic crust VNZH has a validity of DO – that’s until this deadline and you need to provide documents (they are already less than when the first request for residence permit).
In what cases can they not issue or deny a residence permit in Latvia?
How can I challenge a decision to refuse a residence permit?
A foreign citizen or an inviter has the right to challenge a decision to refuse to issue a residence permit to the head of the Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs within 30 days after receiving this decision.
In which cases can the issued residence permit be annulled in Latvia?
Where can I get more information about the issuance of residence permit?
By phone – 8300 (from Latvia) or +371 67588675 (from abroad).
By e-mail – [email protected]
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