Residence permit of France.

Residence permit of France.
If you have sufficient income and are thinking about obtaining a second citizenship, buying a property or just want to be able to live in France and travel to EU countries, then the residence permit for an independent person is ideal for you.
The residence permit for financially independent persons in France is a residence permit issued directly by the Ministry of the Interior at the place of registration of the foreigner, which allows a citizen from a non-EU country to reside in France continuously 365 days a year.
Years of this residence permit are counted in calculating the years of stay in the country when obtaining permanent residence permit and citizenship, in contrast to the multivisa.
Primarily, a residence permit is issued for a period of 1 year with the right to further extension. After 5 years you have the right to file a request for permanent residence, and in the future – citizenship.
Possibilities of residence permit for financially independent persons in France.
A reliable way to obtain citizenship The right of family residence in the country. High standard of living Visa-free visits to EU countries The right to children’s education in the EU countries Buying a property Opening your own business.
List of documents for obtaining residence permits without the right to work in France.
Documents confirming the availability of income or financial means for living in France during the year (based on a minimum of � 19,000 per applicant and for each dependent over 18 years of age). The money can be presented either by the applicant himself or by a third person, a citizen of France). This residence permit does not imply that you are going to work in France. Other documents confirming your reliability, for example, shares, bonds, documents that you are renting out your property, copyrights agreements and fees, etc. Documents proving the reason why you chose to live in France.
The consulate also has the right to request any other additional document confirming your financial independence and reliability. Most often an appointment is given.
Procedure for registration of residence permit for financially independent persons in France.
The whole process takes 2-6 months.
It begins with the collection of documents at home and in France. After that, you need to prepare and arrange a package of documents from France, among them you will need to confirm the place of your residence. Further, at the consulate at the place of residence, you apply for a national French visa of category D (it allows you to request a residence permit and the waiting period of up to two months). And after arriving in France, you submit a package of documents for a residence permit in the Municipality. From now on you are considered legal residents of France. If you are traveling with your spouse and children, then all documents are submitted simultaneously to both you, as the main applicant, and to dependents. In 2-4 months after filing (in some regions longer) you get a residence permit.
EUeasy provides support at all stages of registration, advises on the package of documents, helps with obtaining a visa and draws up a part of the documents by proxy, increasing your chances for comfortable execution of documents at the desired time and obtaining a positive result. EUEasy can not guarantee you obtaining a residence permit – however, properly issued documents act as a filter, on which inexperienced applicants are eliminated.
Services Eueasy.
The residence permit of the FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT PERSON – FRANCE.
General examination of your situation, grounds for filing documents for residence permit and drawing up the procedure for filing.
15-20 hours of operation.
Consultations on the collection of documents at home and in France, as well as in the order of their assurance for submission to the consulate.
15-20 hours of operation.
Checking the package of documents on the financial condition and availability of housing in France.
Checking the package of documents for all dependents.
20 hours of operation.
Consultations on the filing of documents for residence permits in France (after receiving a visa at home), information support for six months.
The employee’s work hour is � 50 / hour.
The package “Consulting” does not imply the work of an employee outside the package (search for housing, meetings at the airport, etc.)
The package is designed for people who want to comfortably obtain a residence permit for a financially independent person without the right to work in France.
EUeasy provided for a lot of small things that make the complicated process – unnoticeable, difficult moving – pleasant, and the arrangement in a new place – joyful! Everything – from the SIM-card of the local mobile phone with the registered in it number of your personal assistant in the country, before meeting at the airport and presenting the full package of documents for the visa and residence permit.
Prepayment of 200 euros – initial consultations, drawing up of the plan of works. Second payment � 2000 – documents processing, documentation support in France or registration without attendance, � 2000 – receipt of documents from the client and processing of the documents for the visa of France, � 3000 – upon receipt of the visa, a meeting on arrival, escort on filing for residence permit .
The cost includes translations and transfer of documents. Part of the work is done by proxy without the presence of the customer.
The price does not include duties, insurance, rental housing.
General examination of your situation, grounds for filing documents for residence permit and drawing up the procedure for filing. Instructions on the full and correct execution of documents at home. Further receipt of documents from you for verification and their translation / certification (requirements for a visa are changed annually). Collection and registration on your behalf of documents in France, justifying the reason for your move. Filling for you all the necessary forms at home and in France. The selection of the lease on your request and the formulation of the contract for you by proxy. Consultations and filling out forms for obtaining a French visa. Recording you to the consulate for filing documents Keeping your question in the French Consulate and the Immigration Service and reporting on the progress of your issue. Transfer from the airport and accommodation you at your apartment. Three days of a personal interpreter accompanying you in France, who will also answer your questions (bank, tax office, Municipality). Support phone for 6 months, on which you can ask any questions about studying, renting and working in France.
Certification of translations. Government fees (consulate + minicipation) � 400 per adult. Insurance (from � 200-600 per year per person) Rental housing and real estate services (from � 600 per month). Additional days of accompanying employee at the rate of � 200 a day (optional).
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