Residence permit for financially independent persons in Montenegro.

Residence permit for financially independent persons in Montenegro.
Montenegrin immigration program is designed for the following categories of clients:
You plan to get a residence permit in Montenegro to do business in this country. After receiving a residence permit, you will live on income from your homeland, for example, from renting a property. You, after obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro, will work on the Internet (freelancer).
The residence permit in Montenegro is issued for one year and is renewed annually until you receive permanent residence. This status gives you the right to live in Montenegro, study at universities, use free medical services, conduct business activities, or simply live on income from your homeland or the Internet. The same rights are given to members of your family.
At the same time, prices for living in Montenegro are very moderate and much lower than in Western Europe and Russia. For example, an apartment can be rented for only 150 – 200 euros per month.
The condition of obtaining residence permit in Montenegro.
To obtain a residence permit in Montenegro, you must register a company in the country. What are the requirements for the company at the moment in principle is not presented: the statutory fund can be 1 euro; it is possible to extend the residence permit when passing zero balance sheets; there are no requirements to the level of investment, etc.
After the registration of the company, you are issued consistently – a work permit and residence permit in Montenegro.
Very important are the following features:
Simplicity of registration. You do not need to visit the consulate and worry about whether you will get a visa. All that is required of you is to prepare a package of documents (birth certificates, certificates of criminal record, passport, marriage certificate), collect things for permanent residence and come to us in Montenegro. Visa for Russians is not required for entry! So, if you want to immigrate, literally TOMORROW – there’s no problem, buy an air ticket and take the documents that you wrote above with you. Cheap. The cost of our services and additional costs is several times lower than when immigrating to other countries.
Our company provides a full range of services that immigrants may need:

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