Residence permit Bulgaria.

Residence permit Bulgaria.
Residence permit in Bulgaria.
The Republic of Bulgaria belongs to developed countries with high investment attractiveness. The main motives for most Russian citizens wishing to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria are:
& # 8212; low price policy;
& # 8212; favorable climatic conditions;
& # 8212; friendly attitude of the local population;
& # 8212; absence of language restrictions;
& # 8212; standard of living of European standards.
According to the current regulations, foreign citizens can purchase property in Bulgaria on a simplified procedure and at lower prices (in comparison with neighboring countries). The number of Russians – owners of Bulgarian real estate is growing every year. Most migrants visit the republic to relax in their own house or apartment, but every year the number of people wishing to move to a quiet and comfortable country of Bulgaria increases.
One of the main advantages for entrepreneurs is the government’s incentive policy for the business segment and the possibility of legal commercial activity. The owners of companies are given the opportunity to expand the market for the sale of goods / services in an international format.
The main advantages of the status of a residence permit in the republic.
Migrants can get a number of benefits from living in Bulgaria:
The possibility of entering the territory of the state without additional visa permission. Access to the European system of education for children in educational institutions and kindergartens. Buying an automobile vehicle without a special tax burden for foreign citizens. Education in higher educational institutions of the country on a fee basis. Unhindered organization of business in the territory of the state. Making a documentary call for visiting the country by relatives. Simplified mechanism for obtaining a Schengen visa. After the expiration of five years of the status of the residence permit, with subsequent extension, you can expect to obtain permanent residence and subsequently Bulgarian citizenship.
Category of foreigners who can apply for a residence permit.
To obtain the status of a residence permit, the applicant must belong to one of the following population groups:
& # 8212; wishing to obtain employment in the territory of Bulgaria;
& # 8212; concluded a marriage union with a person legally residing in the republic on a permanent basis;
& # 8212; owners of the company, in which ten or more citizens of the country officially work;
& # 8212; representatives of commercial structures. The data on the institution are entered in the single register of the CCI;
& # 8212; Journalists hired by the publishing houses of the republic with a confirmatory level of accreditation;
& # 8212; owners of property with a total value of more than two hundred and fifty thousand euros;
& # 8212; patients of Bulgarian medical institutions;
& # 8212; investors of the state economy with a minimum deposit amount of two hundred and fifty thousand euros;
& # 8212; students of higher educational institutions;
& # 8212; secured persons with a sufficient amount of savings provided for by the current legislation of the country;
& # 8212; the parents of a migrant with the right of permanent residence in Bulgaria;
& # 8212; specialists with a concluded international labor contract;
& # 8212; witnesses and other non-residents that fall under guaranteed state protection.
The specialists of the company “PRIVET FINANCIAL SERVICES” will undertake the entire organizational procedure, eliminate the need to study the current legislation of the country, will help choose the appropriate grounds for obtaining a residence permit, and will get rid of bureaucratic costs. The client does not need to worry about the correctness of the completed documents, form a package of papers and be distracted from the main activity.
To obtain the status of a residence permit in Bulgaria, the business unit of the legal form – the branch of a foreign limited liability company – is most often opened. After the registration procedure is completed, up to seven foreign citizens can be registered in accordance with the conditions of the current regulations. In addition, the legal right to transfer to the state of all dependents without additional investment is provided. The cost of the procedure varies depending on the number of participants in the procedure. The standard amount of registration is about seven hundred euros.
The main condition for the opening of a representative office is a functioning functioning enterprise in the territory of Russia. In fact, for the business owner, the branch design does not bear any serious obligations. The owner of the enterprise, according to the terms of the current legislation, has no legitimate grounds for carrying out commercial activities. However, an open business facilitates the receipt and prolongation of the status of residence permits for all members of the entrepreneur’s family.
Annually in authorized structures it is necessary to send financial statements of a foreign company, displaying a zero balance.
The management team of the firm needs to show the calculation of wages and the subsequent payment of taxes. The retention can be transferred to the fiscal authorities on the basis of a full prepayment for a calendar period (three hundred and sixty-five days).
List of documents required for the formation of the company.
& # 8212; the set of government regulations governing the activities of the organization (form of the national charter) with mandatory confirmation by the notary;
& # 8212; contract of founders, with notarial signature;
& # 8212; the minutes of the meeting of the founders of the company on the decision to open a branch in the territory of Bulgaria, notarized;
& # 8212; appointment of the head of the firm, notarized;
& # 8212; notarially certified signatures of the head and managers of funds placed on bank accounts;
& # 8212; certified power of attorney from the parent company for a representative of an enterprise in the republic to rent an office or office, housing for a manager, registration procedure, opening a bank account.
The term of organization and registration of representation in the territory of Bulgaria takes about three to four months.
The policy of the government of the country is based on attracting foreign capital, so an equally advantageous condition for obtaining the status of a residence permit is the acquisition of property within the republic. The only restriction for the potential owner of real estate is the established minimum amount of money invested in the economy of the state (regardless of the number of types of property received).
A special attitude towards pensioners, who are provided with a sufficient level of income for existence. The specified category of the population the government provides allocation of the monetary help and granting of a full social package.
According to the conditions of the program for wealthy elderly people, the documentation package for obtaining a visa of the appropriate category includes the following papers:
& # 8212; valid foreign passport;
& # 8212; documents of ownership of real estate or long-term lease of rented housing;
& # 8212; documents confirming the documents on an open bank account in the financial and credit institution of Bulgaria (with the appropriate license) in the name of the applicant;
& # 8212; presence of funds on the account at least one thousand five hundred euros, as a fact of confirmation of solvency and a sufficient number of savings for residence in the state for a period of not less than one year;
& # 8212; the concluded agreement on the transfer of pension provision from the authorized structures of the Russian Federation to the republic to the details of the said account;
& # 8212; legalized statement of the amount of the benefit received in Russia for the last three months. The certificate must be translated from Russian into Bulgarian, put the signature of the notary.
Conditions for registration of the status of a residence permit.
According to experts’ estimates, during the last two years (2015-2016) the number of those wishing to move to the republic has increased significantly and the rate of growth of the indicator will only increase in the future.
The main condition for obtaining a Bulgarian residence permit is the availability of a long-term visa for category D. According to the conditions of the permit, the holder of the visa can reside in Bulgaria for three hundred and sixty-five days without limiting the number of entries and departure from the country.
Personal presence in Bulgaria for obtaining a visa permit will not be required. Representatives of the company “PRIVET FINANCIAL SERVICES” will undertake all organizational procedures.
At the next stage of registration of the transaction it is necessary to form a set of documentation. In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, all papers must necessarily be:
& # 8212; translated from Russian into Bulgarian by qualified experts;
& # 8212; confirmed by signatures of authorized persons.
To apply for a residence permit, you must prepare the following set of documents:
& # 8212; signed application – application for a residence permit;
& # 8212; the original and a copy of the foreign passport, the validity of which is not less than one and a half years;
& # 8212; color photos (format 3,5 & # 215; 4,5) of the applicant and the child whose data are entered in the passport;
& # 8212; medical policy. The insurance company must act on the basis of a license that extends to all European countries. The amount of security must equal or exceed thirty thousand euros and should cover all medical services, including emergency assistance and transportation to the home country in an emergency. The period of validity of the policy can not be less than the period of stay in the territory of Bulgaria;
& # 8212; a certificate of the absence of previous convictions and problems with the law. The requirement is put forward to persons over eighteen years old, with the exception of those who do not have citizenship. The document can be requested from the information office of law enforcement agencies and be sure to carry out a qualified translation into Bulgarian;
& # 8212; documentary confirmation of solvency in accordance with the established level of the minimum wage or pension provision in the republic for the whole period of residence in the country (the amount is about one thousand two hundred ninety euros);
& # 8212; Reinforced evidence of the actual residence in the country (pravoustanovitelnye documents or a lease of housing);
& # 8212; a receipt certifying payment of the state fee in the amount prescribed by law;
& # 8212; bank statements confirming financial soundness and security (per one person about two thousand euros).
The above list of documents is not final and fixed. For different categories of citizens, separate types of additional certificates and acts are provided. For example, migrants of advanced age can request data on the total amount of government charges over the past six months.
Features and nuances.
In the Bulgarian legislation there are a number of peculiarities and nuances that must be taken into account when submitting an application. To create a property right, a specially created company is often used, that is, the legal entity is the owner of the property. After completion of the transaction, it is necessary to provide the authorized migration office with supporting documents confirming the foreign citizen’s belonging to the organization.
Representatives of the migration service can request information about the actual place of residence. The specified information will be checked for reliability, therefore all data should correspond to the validity.
Regardless of belonging to any status and category, qualified representatives of the company “PRIVET FINANCIAL SERVICES” will cope with all the tasks set, prepare a set of documents and send requests for the necessary information.
Clients do not need to collect information and study the existing norms of the legislative framework.
The consulting firm knows all the “pitfalls” of the Bulgarian regulatory and legal acts, the “bottlenecks” of government decrees and helps to avoid the bureaucratic costs of the organizational process.
The status of a residence permit is different from the rights received by the owner of a permanent place of residence. However, if all obligations and conditions are fulfilled, the migrant can count on receiving not only permanent residence, but also become a candidate for Bulgarian citizenship.
The main benefits of a consulting firm.
The main benefits and advantages of the provided services of the company “PRIVET FINANCIAL SERVICES”
For about twenty years, PRIVET Financial Services has been successfully operating in the consulting market. In addition to consulting and information support, clients can receive financial and legal assistance in all countries of the world.
The firm has an impeccable business reputation, vast experience of qualified specialists and a high completion rate of all deals with a positive outcome.
Representatives guarantee accurate knowledge of all the nuances of Bulgaria’s legislation, precise interaction with all authorized state structures, comprehensive transaction support, timely advice.
The main advantages of concluding a contract with the company:
& # 8212; full legal support;
& # 8212; affordable pricing and tariff rates;
& # 8212; wide range of services;
& # 8212; prompt response to client statements and questions;
& # 8212; legal and financial literacy;
& # 8212; practical experience and accumulated theoretical knowledge;
& # 8212; continuous training and monitoring of changes in the current legislation of all countries;
& # 8212; Certified activities in accordance with international requirements and quality standards of the services provided;
& # 8212; interaction with foreign representations, state structures, consulting centers, credit and financial institutions, audit companies and many other contractors.

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